Who watched Kyle's First Webinar?

Last Update: Dec 31, 2016


Whats up community I just watched the last 20 minutes of Kyle's First Webinar I didn't catch it from the beginning due to working on my websites but I just wanted to know who did catch everything and what did you think I must say the last 20 minutes I got from it was very Informative and some were some of the basics that he mentioned before and I Focus on that information alot whIch is trying not to write this essay of a Blog, but to speak to the people who are going to be the lifeblood of my website's, I try to engage with the people as much as possible to make them to be able to understand where I'm coming from and Kyle is 100 percent correct with this information I think he is basically saying in my words if you trying to convince yourself that you're this intellectual complex writer how are you going to convince your audience? it's all about engaging with them in order to succeed so I'm asking everyone who did get a chance to see the entire Webinar and what did you get from It?

Marsean Morgan,

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I did, I have a couple of new ideas for 2017. Thanks for sharing Marsean.

Unfortunately, I am at my parent house and I didn't!

Personally Marsean, I found he reignited inspiration in reminding that a niche is the people out there that you can share your knowledge and your interest with. He said money is there as ultimate goal, but your drive should be your 'speaking' to your audience humanely.

Try watching the recording again tonight, you'll enjoy it!!


I did, and loved it! It was great to see him step out from behind the scenes:). The thing he kept reiterating, that I totally agreed with, is to communicate with your audience. It's not all about the money. It's about making connections, and helping people find answers for what they need:). Everything else will follow:)

Great comment suzzziq

Hi Marsean

I watched it and I got a business mind thinking from the webinar. And I think this is the most important thing to get. I will watch the replay too. Cheers, and happy new year, Jeff

Happy new year to you as well and thanks for your comment

It will have replay for sure. You can catch it more.

Thanks for commenting Goson

I watched and totally enjoyed it. I'll have to watch it again to fully absorb everything though. I find it a bit disappointing that several people seemed more intent on chatting than paying attention and that was distracting.

Yeah I hear you. I just ended up full screening it so I didn't see all that chatting haha.

I Most definitely understand where you're coming from I will catch it from the beginning as well with no distractions

Yes I totally understand what you're saying Craig thanks for your comment

Yes I totally agree, the chatting was a bit distracting. I'm definitely going to watch the recording tomorrow. Feel like I might have missed some valuable information.

I tried but it keeps on freezing on me so I will watch the replay.

Hate when that happens and thank you for your comment

Thanks for your insights, Marsean. I plan on watching it later, if available.

You're welcome

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