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Whats up community I just watched the last 20 minutes of Kyle's First Webinar I didn't catch it from the beginning due to working on my websites but I just wanted to know who did catch everything and what did you think I must say the last 20 minutes I got from it was very Informative and some were some of the basics that he mentioned before and I Focus on that information alot whIch is trying not to write this essay of a Blog, but to speak to the people who are going to be the lifeblood of my w
December 29, 2016
Hello wealthy affiliate I want to talk to you Today about a Topic that's been going through my mind since I joined wealthy affiliate, and I have even mentioned this topic in previous posts of mine about how to stay motivated with our businesses but I also liked to use a term that we use in Hip Hop which is Staying Hungry meaning the exact same thing as staying motivated or Staying Humble and staying on top of your business. Staying Hungry is one of the most important points for us business owne
December 27, 2016
Hello wealthy affiliate I know sometimes it's get hectic Meaning on how we have to deal with other things in our life's such as Taking care of home, taking care of the kids, and also keeping up on taking care of our businesses. I know we as site owners have to multitask our minds to stay on board with our dreams to have a successful online business.Now even though I borrowed this title from the Legendary movie SCARFACE Starring AL Pacino I used this because what I'm addressing is the fact that
December 26, 2016
Hello community what motivates you to do wealthy affiliate? What drives you to login Everyday and try out this great program, is it the money?, is it the opportunity to be apart of something?, or is it the Freedom?My first answer will be the Freedom and the Independence to one day be successful at something that you created with the help from people who are already there (Kyle and Carson) you see I feel every single human being dead or alive was put on this earth for a reason.It's just that man
December 24, 2016
Hows it going community hope everyone enjoys there Holiday I want to discuss with everybody about how I feel that our businesses should also be fun, because I believe one of the signs of a life well lived is the fact that we wake up every morning and get out of bed because we can’t wait to spend our time focusing on something that makes every part of Us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually satisfied. I know that it is going to be different for everyone.Building a financial w
Hello community just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year, I plan to Go Hard in the Paint come 2017 and even starting right now but I have to enjoy my family and my wife.You see this has been one of Dreams my entire Life to run my own business and even though it's a struggle to get there I am willing to go through whatever obstacles come in my path but I am determined to overcome them.So to everyone once again have a safe holiday with your families and plan on seeing m
Hello everyone I want to speak about the reason I joined this great well put together program. You see like I mentioned in several posts before I have always wanted to be a entrepreneur for quite some time.I took a college course on business and had a few ideas with offline businesses, but I could never get the funding for any of my ideas with the different companies that I tried in the past on getting funding for my business, but they all said even though your business plan has potential it's
December 21, 2016
Hows it going wealthy affiliate I been with this program for 3 months now and it's been a great journey on learning how to run your own online business. Ive made some progress such as completed the 5 course training, have 3 websites and working on the affiliate boot camp as we speak.I have always wanted to be a entrepreneur in anyway shape or form, eversince a young kid my dreams were being A Rap Artist or being A business man. I had a great start with 3 other guys growing up as a teenager to b
Hello wealthy affiliate it's still a struggle with making a sale, but I'm still building websites I'm still training and learning everything that I can, and I'm still focus to be successful, im making pages for my Facebook and Twitter accounts I got my page for my website on my Facebook account set up, nothing is going to stop my vision I will engage with people to bring that Traffic to make all of this possible!We all have to stay motivated and bring in new ideas to the table to help ourselves
December 19, 2016
Hello wealthy affiliate a post that I had recently spoke on about What Topics of posts Interest You might of rub some members the wrong way and that was not my intentions what so ever to offend anyone in any way shape or form.But anyway I understand that our Posts sometimes should not just be strictly about business. It should be also about having fun and speak on whatever is on our minds and sharing how we feel every now and then I mean after all we are all human and we all have good times and