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Last Update: Dec 21, 2016


Hello wealthy affiliate it's still a struggle with making a sale, but I'm still building websites I'm still training and learning everything that I can, and I'm still focus to be successful, im making pages for my Facebook and Twitter accounts I got my page for my website on my Facebook account set up, nothing is going to stop my vision I will engage with people to bring that Traffic to make all of this possible!

We all have to stay motivated and bring in new ideas to the table to help ourselves pursue our dreams. As a business owner, I have learned that nothing happens unless something moves. Progress is important to growing your business, and you must take daily action in order to make progress. The key is pacing yourself. Get a clear vision of where you want to go and then determine what you can do daily to get you closer to your goals.

Determine each day to implement something new into your business. Do it first thing in the morning, before you get caught up in answering emails, unimportant phone calls and social media. Take new actions while you are at your sharpest. This is how you will develop a new, next-level routine. Make your list at night before bed and set your intentions to take action as soon as you start your day.

There is always something that we can do to move forward in our online business. We cannot fall victim to the ‘I’m done’ mentality. If we just closed a sale, that’s great, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to take the rest of the day off. If we follow the steps on what it takes to be successful in this online world, you’ll see that, as an entrepreneur, your work is never truly done. When you can always do something to make progress in your business, you can always move yourself toward greater success.

We have to decide to decide to take action, and set goals and continue to learn and read built our confidence and just keep striving for whats best for our business. I just read an article and a guy who has his own online businesses said that he seen many people fail who always try to start they business with low price products. He mentioned you will not make it if you put all of your items at a low price.

This was my problem with my first website but now with my two new website I've set new goals and new ideas in order to maintain and survive with my own online businesses. So let's all progress and have more success stories with this great program that Kyle and Carson have invented for passionate people who wants Financial Freedom all across the globe Hope everyone enjoyed reading Thanks and Take Care!

Marsean Morgan,

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Keep up the great work Marsean, your perseverance is sure to 'pay off' in 2017

Thank you so much for your comment Gaylene

I agree with you, we must stay motivated. As we continue to learn, we will continue to grow. Merry Christmas.

You're right Merry Christmas to you as well

Thanks for the information... Lets keep moving... Never Give up.... Focus...

You're right thank you for your comment

Best of luck with your 2 new websites

Keep going, Marsean!

Thank you reanna

Many thanks for the inspiring share :)

Thanks Toshmack

Great Marsean .. Cheers, William.

Thanks William

Doing the training and staying focused on your goals and you will have the success. Keep on keeping on.

YOU are correct

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