Migraine headaches worse

Last Update: Jan 31, 2019

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My update today is that my headaches are worse and I have contacted my doctor about the matter and he wrote me another prescription for medication that I will take twice instead day once day and we will take it from there.

I wanted to let anyone know that has been concern about me thank you for all your advice and thank you for commenting on my last blog. I am sorry that I haven't felt up to answering any blogs or taking so long for answering your comments but these headaches have gotten worse.

So bad that I have been sleeping and resting a lot and not doing anything but staying in bed. I can't even do anything except cry myself to sleep because these headaches have gotten worse and they are so painful.

It is effecting my vision to the point of blurring vision where I am having a hard time seeing, and now the nausea has set in so that is starting to get bad as well. So I am in pretty bad shape for right now. I miss communicating with everyone and working but there is nothing that I can do right now.

I am riding it out till I get my new medication and I hope that it works. It is the same medication but I take it twice a day instead of once a day it is a lower dosage but the same amount of medicine. It will ease up on the side effects this way.

I am hoping to be back will soon and again I wanted to thank everyone that is in contact with me and for their support and concern. I really appreciate all of their love and support. I am going to try to do some work but I am not going to promise anything because of these headaches.

I have to do something because I am going crazy not being able to anything except for resting and sleeping. You get tired of resting and sleeping and have to something but can't because the pain and nausea is so bad you can't do anything.

You have to force yourself to work while you work through the pain because it is almost like giving up and not caring anymore. You have to get rededicate to your job and get back in the game and start getting back some excitement that you have from the start.

Right now I am discouraged because I haven't been able to work. It is like I want to give up because I am not being able to do anything but I can't because I want to be able to live that comfortable life and not worry about anything.

The only thing that is keeping me going right now is my dreams of living worry free. And purchasing that RV that my husband and I want and living on the road worry free. I am having to get back to those goals and dreams and make them come true. My biggest dream is living on the road and having no worries and seeing this country.

I have to come back to reality and start working on making these dreams come true. I working on somethings that can be causing these headaches. I have an appointment with an eye doctor then after that I have to get an appointment with a dentist so then when that gets taken care of then we can determine what is causing these headaches.

But anyway thank you all again for your advice, support and love I really appreciate it that I just can say enough about that.

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Recent Comments


Hi Marry,

Almost 90% of the money making opportunities online ... are ..scams.
You are now wondering what it has to do with migraines.
Scammers are trying to sell you a product that does not work. Right??
About your migraine.
You listened to expert advice and tried the product ... which of course does not work.

If the product does not work..It might be.. What ???

It seems to me that it is more than 90% is a scam except for WA. That is why I am careful about what I buy online. Thank you for the advice anyway I really appreciate that. I will be extra careful in buying things and being more alert to scams online.


Too bad you did not understand the point ... Scammers are experts in white coats.
Do you use their product? ..Yes .... Did they cure your migraine? .. No.

What was the definition of a scam?

I am sorry that I had misunderstood what you were trying to say. We are still working on trying to find the cause of the migraines.


I can help you find the real cause..and the real cause comes through your mouth ... Wrang diet Marry..100% .. Change your diet and you will see improvement ...or trust scammers in white coats..

Thank you for your advice I appreciate that so very much. But I have changed my diet due to the bariatric surgery. I have to be careful on what I eat and drink as it is now. So I know it is not my diet because I am eating plenty of protein and drinking plenty of water.


O, my dear Marry..One of my niches is wealth and health scams...They do not know anything smart but just cut ...please search on youtube dr. Morse migraine .... this will be a piece of open eye information.

Okay, I will check it out thank you for the information I really appreciate that and I will look up your site as well.


What you need most apart from medication to relieve your symptom but most important is to have a very good and quality rest, not only one or two days but a long term event.
Also, always stay happy as it will secret a ‘happy’ hormones which will help to heal your body too.
Remember to exercise too and have a healthy proper diet/food.
Do take care, Mary! :o)

Thank you for the advice I really appreciate that so very much. I have been doing alot of sleeping and resting since this all started. I haven't been able to work because of the light on the computer it is just too much for me right now.

I am only answering some of my emails and that is it. I am eating okay I haven't changed my diet in any way. I am on the bariatric diet so I can't deviate from that. I have the surgery a year ago so I have to stick to that.

I am drinking plenty of water with the single juice packets that is all I am allowed to drink no caffeine, no high sugar only allowed 15 grams of sugar allowed so I am very careful about that.

Getting plenty of rest sleeping most of the time. Doing alot of walking and climbing the steps so that is my exercise for right now until I get these headaches under control.

So I don't know what else I can do in that aspect.


Oh, I see, Mary. You take care. I also have migraine, quite serious but for the past 14 years, the issue seems gone. The only thing I can see is my change of lifestyle, especially on diet. I try to avoid all kinds of meat and avoid fried/oily/salty/sweet food. Taking as plain as possible. Of course, there are times when I pampered myself with my favorite fried stuff and fast food. Also, to have quality uninterrupted 6-8 hours sleep plus moderate exercise.
It all takes time, same like building our business and human relationships.
Ok, I shall stop here.
Do take care, Mary! :o)

Thank you for commenting on my blog I really appreciate that. And thank you for the advice too. Yes, I had to change my diet due to the surgery last year but I eat lots of protein, fewer carbs as possible and more vegetables.

That was due to the bariatric surgery so I still have to be careful what I eat on that aspect. I do a lot of walking and climbing steps so that is my exercise. And I drink a lot of water with juice packets.that is all I am allowed to drink besides hot tea but that is about it.

I got some peppermint and I am trying that. It just so happen that I started to get a headache and put some on and it calmed the pain down so between that and the medication I think that I have a winner hopefully.


Ok good to hear that. Try to be less dependent on medicine when you are better. Do take care, Mary :o)

I will but for now I will take it and hopefully, it will help me out to get them under control and then I will feel better. Thank you so much for your advice and suggestions I really appreciate that so very much.




Relax. Just as we need time to spend energy, we also need time to regain vitality and vigor. This is part of the laws of nature.
The human being is a limited being: our strengths, our faculties, our abilities all have limits.

That is what I am doing is relaxing and sleeping alot and doing alot of resting because I can't seem to be able to do anything else.

The human body is an interesting specimen and it needs alot of attention and that is what I am giving it right now.

So I am trying to take care of myself the best I can so I am working on it,


Hi Mary
I suffered terribly with migraines until I finally saw a neurologist who put me through neuro testing and then into the MRI. The found numerous issues in my spine which were causing the migraines, I have been on control medication for years now and rarely have migraines at all.
Until you have had a migraine is very difficult to understand just how debilitating they are. Sending you lots of gentle hugs and love.

PS Maxalt is what I take when a migraine hits and generally, it takes a max of 2 hours to get rid of it. I am a bit wooly-headed after that, but no pain, nausea, vision problems etc. I can at least function.

Yes nobody knows how bad it can get unless you have them first hand. They can get very bad at times. But I am working through them though by doing alot of sleeping and resting.

The neurologist said that my MRI and CAT scans come out fine and there is nothing wrong so I am going to an ophthalmologist. first and then to a dentist and then if there is nothing wrong there then we have to figure it out from that point on.

They put me on propranolol the neurologist said that is the best medication for migraines so I am on that but they lower the dosage from 60mg once a day to 30mg twice a day to cut down on the side effects.


Thanks for sharing
Hopefully you will feeling better soon
Have a great day

Thank you, Tommy, for your kind words I am working on it so I can come back to work soon.


Migraines can be very painful, I know, as I used to get them quite often. I noticed I got them less often when I changed my diet. Also, one thing a nurse told me was to take some medication that helps you to relax before taking your pain medication. One example that I used was gravol, which really helped me! Good luck to you and I hope your new prescription will help you. Shawn

Thank you, Shawn, I really appreciate your kind words. I am tracking my food to see what I am eating that may be causing these headaches but I haven't changed my diet, I am eating the same food though but I don't know though. I will figure these out about the food though.

Thank you once again for your advice I really do appreciate that so very much.


My pleasure Mary! I hope you find something that helps alleviate your migraines.


I am working on that as we speak. The doctor gave me a new prescription for the same medication but at a lower dosage so he said it is the best for my headaches so I am going to be taking 30mg twice a day instead of the 60mg once a day.

Thank you so much for commenting on my post I really appreciate that.


Oh Mary, I am so sorry to hear you are struggling so much with migraine. I have never suffered with migraine but I have a son and daughter who both get severe migraines.
When you see your dentist ask him if your jaw is correctly aligned. Both of my children were in car accidents and it was after those that a dentist told me the jaw being out of alignment can cause severe migraine.
I know it is very debilitating and you cannot function normally while your are dealing with it.
We will pray for your healing and that an answer as to why is found.
Take care and God Bless

Thank you for your kind words I really appreciate that so much for the loving support that I have been shown first I see the ophthalmologist. and then I will make the appointment for the dentist.

But I will mention that though thank you once again I really appreciate that.


Can be cvs (computer vision syndrom)
and impact of blue lights
from television and computer screens.
Very painful

There are special glasses and food supplements
And limited time online as remedy

Thank you Fleeky I never thought about that. I do have an appointment with an ophthalmologist. eye doctor to see if there is any problem with my eyes,

Then if there is no problem with my eyes then I have to make an appointment with the dentist to see if there is a problem with my teeth.

The doctor is starting with those two things and then if that is not a problem then we have to figure something else out.

But in my own opinion, I believe it could be my eyes but I am praying it is neither my eyes or teeth but I don't know though. Thank you again Fleeky I am not on the computer that much anymore because of the headaches but I don't know though they are very painful.


They say the computer is cooking us like an egg...

Yes besides cell phones too but we still use them as well as the computer but I haven't been really using the computer because of the lights. That is why I haven't been really on that much or really working that much either at least not until these headaches get under control.


Better Reduce eye strain


Thank you Fleeky 👍👌💖💗💕





Sorry to hear you're having bad times with migraines, it happened to me and I know what a bad migraine is.
A few years I got back migraines after some time of good time with no migraines.
Last year as I was looking to find a way to solve this problem, I started to watch the trigger, I noticed when I eat some kind of food, the migraine was back, so I stopped to have that food and I have no more migraines.
You can talk with your doctor about this, I talked with my doctor and he told me as some food can do this.
Hope this helps!
Take care.

Thank you for the advice I will talk with my doctor and see about that I am so grateful for that advice. I am in contact with my doctor so I can bring them up to them about that.

But I am not eating anything different then I have been eating. So I don't know what that can be but I am tracking my eating habits so maybe I will figure this out.

I really appreciate your kind words and thank you once again.


I am so sorry that you are in pain! I hope the doctors are quick to find out what's causing it and that the medication is enough to get you through until they do.

We are working together to find a cause but I have had migraines before but never this bad and I just can't do anything and I have lost my rank here at WA because I haven't been able to work or do anything.

But I am hoping that this medication will be able to help and get these headaches under control again. Thank you for your kind words and I appreciate you stopping by and I am following you too.


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