Depression bipolar and PTSD is rearing its head

Last Update: April 23, 2019

This is an unual blog because I am talking about mental illness today because many of you know that I have depression, bipolar, and PTSD. I am so sorry that I haven't been really active lately because it has been rearing it ugly head. I have been having a hard time and I haven't been working because of it or even blogging.

My doctor say it has to do with the change of weather which it does because the weather does have an effect on bipolar patiences along with depression as far as the PTSD is concern it just jumps on the wagon for the ride.

It is hard to describe how it feels because you really don't feel anything just going through the motions. It is hard to come of it but I am coming out of it because of my medication. My doctor and therapist already know and I just have to continue what I am doing. It could be worse but it is not.

I just wanted to touch base and let everyone know why I haven't been on lately or posting any blogs. My rank has suffered because of it too. But I am not worry because I am focussing on my site more so then anything else.

Right now I am not feeling anything because I can't I am just going through the motions like I said earlier in my post. The one thing is I am always good at being postive and encouraging and inspiring to others but I am not for myself and that is one thing that I have to work for me.

I am happy for others and I am happy to encourage others because I love and enjoy helping others that is the key to our business. What I am saying that I can't help myself. I never could and I am in the process of changing that because I am working on helping me. I have to because having mental illness is not easy to deal with.

People in general don't understand mental illness at all. They put a stigma on people with mental illness and they shouldn't. If you want to know something ask questions because that is how we learn. Please don't put a stigma on people with mental illness. It makes the illness worse.

And we shouldn't judge people with mental illness. Like I said ask questions that will help you understand about mental illness. I am challenging anyone here at WA to ask questions to help you understand about mental illness.

If I don't have the answer I will find out the answe for you. And one more thing don't ever be afraid of mental illness. There is nothing to be afraid of just the not knowing is cause of fear. But knowing is half the battle.

I will encourage questions and comments about this subjects because knowing is half the battle. Thank you in advance for your questions and comments. I appreciate your concern and your love and your support. You are my WA family and you all needed to know what is going on.

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DCDT Premium
Thank you for sharing! This is such an important issue, and I think the more people can learn about pain like what you are dealing with right now, the more people can understand. Knowledge is power. I too struggle with depression, and it is so difficult to talk about with people who don't understand and want you just to "snap out of it". They don't understand that isn't possible.

Just please be good to yourself right now, and know that you have lots of love and support here at WA.

Thank you for being open and vulnerable,
marmar463 Premium
Yes, I agree with you they can learn if they want to. That is the problem people don't want to learn about mental illnesses. They don't understand the pain that we are in.

If more people would listen and want to learn about mental illness things would be a lot better in this world. You are right knowledge is power.

Yes it is because they think we can shrug it off or just snap out of it but we can't we need time and the right medication to do that. But we can live very productive lives in society.

Thank you I am being good to myself by getting lots of rest and taking it easy once again. And thank you for the love and support I really appreciate that so very much.

You are so very welcome
CandP Premium
Mary, we truly understand.
Each of us has a sibling who is bi-polar. My mother (Colette) also had depression for which she did not seek out help and she suffered her entire life with it. Depression is not something you can "just get over" or "snap out of".
The thing with it is that people can't see it when they look at you, but it is there nevertheless.
Our hearts are with you and we send you a big hug.
Colette and Philip
marmar463 Premium
Thank you so much, Colette and Philip, I am so happy that you understand about depression and bipolar because the general public doesn't and that is very bothersome to me.

So many people suffer from both illnesses or just one or other. You are so right you can't just get over it or snap out it because it is something that takes time with the right medication if you are with a good doctor that is.

So many people can't afford the doctor's or the medication so they do without and they get worse and that is when society shunned them.

That is why we have to do more for the mentally ill by getting the word out about there illnesses and encourage them to talk for themselves too.

The more the public is aware of the issues they will want to help more people out with mental illnesses then. That is a hope and dream of mine anyway.

That is why I talk about it so much here so people are aware of the issues.

Debs66 Premium
Hi, Mary,
Just lets say I am thinking of you. It is an awful time when you have those bad moments. I know how it feels and it is no laughing matter. I can almost see it in your writing.

You have my support and I am thinking of you. Need to chat you know I am here. Just want to send you a Big E hug. Take care. Mary thinking of you right now. x

Debs 😘
marmar463 Premium
Thank you so much, Debs, I really appreciate that because sometimes it the hugs that help the most. Yes, it is very bad when you have those moments because you don't want to do anything you can't function at all.

Yes, I can't hide anything that is why I like to write so much. My writing says it all because that is how I get my feelings out sometimes when I up to it.

That is why I enjoy WA so much because I can write all the time and as much as I want to. Thank you so much for the support that helps too alot. Because many people don't have that support and that is very bad.

You are a great friend Debs and I really appreciate you too.

Thank you for the E hug
Mary xoxo
Debs66 Premium
I am a PTSD so I totally relate to you. You know where I am if you need me right there in our PM. I get you.

I am always going to be there for you Mary x

Debs :))
marmar463 Premium
Thank you, Debs, I appreciate that so very much and I will be there for you as well.

Mary xoxo
Rich908 Premium
Most people run a mile when they hear a family member or friend has depression. I have several friends who suffer from depression and I am okay with that. It gets heavy sometimes but I can handle it.

There are times when words are not needed. Just a hug or hugs will do but keep in touch constantly.

Depression is not an infectious disease. Showing empathy helps that person feel that he or she is not alone

You and any person who suffer from depression are very brave to talk openly about it

Thanks for sharing

SuzChar Premium
You are very good not to run away when a friend needs you.
marmar463 Premium
Thank you for your kind words Richard I really appreciate that so very much it gives me hope in people. And you are so right sometimes words are not needed but people run away from it thinking they can catch it but you can't catch something like this.

It is an illness like anything else in this world. I am so glad that you are not the one that runs away from it. That is why so many people that has depression talks about it to makes awareness about it.

The more education the public will have about it the more they will accept it and won't run away from it. I have been bipolar and have had depression since my twenties so I have had it for over thirties years.

I am still learning about depression and bipolar I have to so that I can educate others about it. We need to start embracing people with mental illness and realize that they are in need of help and not be shunned from society.

I apologize for being on my soapbox but this is something that I am passionate about because I have seen it first hand not only from my own experience.

I have seen it in the veterans who are having a hard time with this especially with PTSD many people don't want to learn about it but it is an illness just like everything else.

It is sad because there is nothing wrong with it you are only sick that's all.

Thank you once again
Rich908 Premium
I value friendship and I know they would support me if I was suffering from depression
Twack Premium
A great share and a huge deal. Your candor is exceptional. I think the stigma, although not gone, is receding in some areas. Posts like yours only help to strengthen resolve when it comes to making people aware. Like you say, a lack of understanding needs to be addressed. Thoughts are with you.
marmar463 Premium
Thank you for your thoughts and yes it is a huge deal. I have to be candor because it helps me also not to be afraid and run away from this because in the past I would run away until I got the right medication in my system.

Yes, that is why I posted this particular post to help make people aware.