Tips On Writing A Blog Post

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Tips on Writing A Blog Post

For many of us here at Wealthy Affiliate starting out it was impossible to think we could write a good blog post.

Especially for me considering I had graduated over 40 years ago. Yes, I am in the senior generation looking to supplement my retirement income.

But that is not all, this has been something I had wanted to accomplish earlier in life. Only problem was I found all those "shiny objects" wasting time and money.

Other than selecting a niche this is probably the second thing most members have trouble investing their time into - writing posts for their website.

Simply put you can embrace the task or dread it, for me I prefer to embrace it. "Why?" you may ask.

Because writing a blog post gives you as the author the freedom to express your opinion on numerous topics to the whole world.


Once published, indexed, and ranked on the major search engines you have the ability to change people's lives.

Not just that but in your own way leave behind a legacy for your family with what you have written.

My Tips For Writing A Post

Your niche has been selected along with the theme, domain name, and title for your website now it needs tons of content (posts). "Content is King!"

First, you need to find the very best keywords that fits what you want to write a post about. Using Jaaxy will enable you to find all the alternatives to the most popular keyword.

Remember the better your keyword the better your chances of ranking #1 on the major search engines. I will take first place over others who might select a keyword that is more popular.

Have traffic (Over 0) with a low QSR (Competing websites under 50) and a high SEO score (Larger the score to 100 the better) use these to your advantage always.

After this I go to Google and place the keyword into the search box. Depending on how many websites come up you might want to check with quotation marks around the keyword search.

I always check both ways. What I am looking for is the exact keyword I am planning to use for my post. Is it in the title? What about the URL? Meta Description?

Depending on the websites I am competing with will determine if this keyword is going to rank well or not along with my content.

Next, I go to the website(s) of my competition seeing what they have included in their post. I take the time to read at least two getting a good idea if I can rank higher than them.

How can I determine this? I will make sure my post has keyword as the title, keyword in the URL, and the Meta Description without missing any of these.

After that I will check the word count of my competition along with their content thoroughly sort of like a fact checker.

Make sure you have all your facts right before drawing a conclusion about any products or services and always let your readers know this is your opinion about said product or service.

Clearly Google is the strictest English teacher in the world. Using proper English with correct spelling and punctuation is a must and will help with ranking over other websites.

Never copy from your competition always use your own words and thoughts when creating your post.

When writing your post engage your audience ask questions that they might be thinking just as you were carrying on a conversation with them. Give them the answers.

Make them feel like they are a part of what you are writing your post about and you have written it just for them.

Think of it this way we communicate daily with people in our lives, writing a post should be no different. Communicate with your audience as if they were sitting right beside you.

Explain things thoroughly but do not get technical with them that is not what they are after especially if you go over their head with language they do not understand.

Images for a Post

Using images is encouraged it breaks up the content of your article, but make sure these are relevant to what you are writing about.

Do not overload your website with images or banners. I have made it a habit to use only one image per heading, unless more are needed to bring clarity to the content I am writing.

Creating your own "Call To Action" is one of the images that can be used in the content of your post. Why create your own? Individuality stands out creating your own brand.

Just like your Logo for your website creating your own "Call To Action" banner or button shows individuality instead of using what others have created or use.

Placing advertisements all over a website only takes your reader away from your content.

Think of it this way putting advertisements on your site can cause readers to become either irritated or they will click away from your website to the advertiser's website.

You can lose higher commission payouts over making a few cents by that reader clicking away from your content and the point you are trying to make.

That is a call you will need to decide eventually down the road to advertise for others or keep the reader on your content and possibly earn a higher commission because they stayed.

In Conclusion

Two other vital things that must be included on each post are the internal link and external link from an authority website such as Wikipedia.

Not sure if this will help some of you but was worth giving you my thoughts on how I do my own posts for my websites.

Ranking is hard enough so anything I could do to possibly help any of the members is something that I have always tried to do.

Thank you for taking the time to read my "Tips on Writing a Blog Post".

Please show some love and give me a like below,



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Hi Marley,
These are excellent tips. I've been behind on posting on my site due to a cross country move. Still in boxes and our daughter and boyfriend wanted to visit for the week-end, which has been great but another distraction. I'm excited to post something this week after they clear out and will keep these in mind.

Thank you. Do not feel bad I have been absent from
WA for the past three months had some personal issues
to deal with. They are taken care of and I am really
behind with posting.
No fears we can catch up it just takes time.
Thank you again,

I had my son at 43, the first 15 years were great, hes amazing . An Honor Roll student, plays baseball,in the band and 4 years of ROTC. I'm so proud. Even when he messes up. Love and support, no matter what.

That is wonderful, my baby is going to be 36 in December
and I miss having my boys at home but they grow up and
leave the nest we must fill out time. Hence WA for me!

I love your post !! That will help me a lot. Thank you!

Thank you. Very kind of you, so happy to help any
of our members.

Wow and thank you for sharing! I am happy to meet you and am an "older mother" (baby over 40) and looking to supplement my spouse's income as I stay at home. Thank you again.


Thank you. It has taken me over a year but I am earning commissions finally! I did select two of the most competitive
niches possible LOL

Just keep following the training it will come it takes work, time,
and most of all patience.
Thanks again,

Thank you Susan, wonderful advice, I am a relative newcomer and suck up all the good advice I can get.
Thank you for taking the time..👍


Thank you. We were all new once LOL
I have given you a follow should you need any
assistance please do not hesitate to ask. I am
not always visible on WA but my PM box is always

Thanks again hope this helps a little,

That is very gracious and kind, thank you

You are most welcome it is my pleasure :)

Hi Susan, good to see you.

I hope all is well with you, where have you been hiding?

It is so refreshing to read a post about someone's experience and ways of creating content.

One of the things, I have been paying attention to of late is spelling, grammar and writing style.

I used to be in the it didn't matter club, but have come to realize it is incredibly important.

Thank you for sharing your insights.


Thank you so much, you are one of the members I have
always looked up to and will continue to do so.

I had to take a little time off for personal matters, not
that I wanted to. Now that I am back trying to dig in
and work even harder on my websites.

I hope all is well with you have missed all my WA family.

Once again, thank you,

Great advice Susan!

Thank you. When I get compliments from the experienced
members it makes me appreciate even more my member-
ship here with WA.

Hello Susan,
You have given us great advice. Thank you!

Thank you, coming from an experienced member as your-
self that is much appreciated.

Susan, great post with loads of good information. Looks like you have a good handle on it.
Thanks for a great job.

Thank you. Practice makes perfect is what I have
been taught LOL

Very nice article, Marley, good to remember we should do the research part carefully and not to rush. Content is king, I agree. Me, I'm still struggling with the structure of my posts, highlighting etc. But practice makes perfect so I hope I'll get there one day!


Thank you. I see you are new to WA welcome to the
family I have given you a follow if you ever need any
assistance, please do not hesitate to ask. I might not
be as visual as I once was on WA but my PM box is
always open.

Once again, thank you, hope it helps,

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