It's Been A Long Time!

Last Update: February 25, 2020

It's Been A Long Time!

Hello all, I have not posted a WA blog post in a couple of months so today I thought it would be a good idea to let ya all know how I have been doing.

It used to be I would spend hours in the WA community in Live Chat or helping other members, but that time has passed to other members who need the experience of answering the new members questions.

My PM is always open to anyone who needs help and I am always available to assist those who request information about WA.

So, what have I been doing with all my time? Working on my websites, of course, and finding new things that I am interested in promoting.

Unfortunately, I am still not happy with how my websites look and have been trying new themes and images on them.

A neat and easy to use website makes it best for your audience user experience. I feel that my menus are not as simple as they should be or organized. More work to be done.

Social Media

I have left my Social Media completely untouched over the past six months. Facebook had a problem and locked me out of all my business accounts now I must redo all these.

Thanks to Loes I am going to be able to delete all my accounts and start fresh with all new accounts for my websites.

She posted ways to permanently delete accounts that you can check out here:

My goals for March are to delete all my Social Media accounts that I am not using properly and set up all new ones with all the knowledge I have been learning.

Some people think that using Social Media is a waste of time, but if properly used it can drive traffic to you website and be highly beneficial in helping with ranking.


Here is where I lack experience even with researching new ways to write my blog posts conversions are not being made.

On average, I am getting Free Starter Membership referrals at nine per month. But to date have only two Premium Memberships from all the Free Starter Members who are under me.

Any suggestions from the WA community are most appreciated in helping me with what my problem is converting these members.

Suggesting following up with them will not help, because I do this on a personal basis with each one of them. Even though I have the prewritten posts to their profile.

This is another problem that I am going to be working on in the month of March and continually until I have it figured out.

Traffic to Websites

My traffic has been steadily increasing even if I do not check it often. I do try to check it once a week sometimes it is less than that even.

Any new members who come across my post, please know that this is not a get-rich-quick scam here at WA. With an online business it takes time to build and be recognized.

It is going on two years for me, and although in the beginning I was working 18 hours a day sometimes more I have cut back drastically due to burnout.

The one thing I do regret is not having yet set up my email capture landing page. This is a vital part of running a business online.

I have done research on how to accomplish this and still keep putting it off due to the difficulty I am having with it.

Mail Chimp is what I was attempting to use, but only got so far with it and gave up. Being technology challenged at times makes it hard for me to continue on certain aspects that need completed for running a successful online business.

In Conclusion

All I know is how fortunate I am to have found WA, just wish it had happened so much sooner than what it did.

Anyone needing proof this works I am here as living proof that WA does work no matter what your age or background. You CAN DO THIS!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, please give it a like and leave me a comment below!


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MurphysMom Premium Plus
Susan, I was thinking about you this week. I think just about everyone needs to step back from the platform sometimes.

I took a class years ago when I was working in education. “Don’t Be a Ghost to Your Followers.”

The premise is to be “professionally personal” on your website.

Do you like broccoli?
What is your ideal vacation?
Do you have pets?
Anyone have a super recipe for sugar cookies?
What’s your number 1 pet peeve?
....and the list goes on.
What brought you to my website?
Do you know there are billions of people on line at this moment?

I call this little section “Getting to know you.”

Life gets us sidetracked as it did me. Many times i was going to quit - You were one of the people that said “Don't quit.”

I took advantage of the Black Friday special and paid through 2021. Lol, I just paid for 2020, (Before the Black Friday special), then I found out I could use the Black Friday Deal to add another year, so I used funds I was saving to add a furry friend to the family to buy the Black Friday special....ahh another year.

I’m taking the training slow and don’t move on until I get it.

You have been an inspiring example to me and to others, I’m sure! Thank you and continued success!
Marley2016 Premium

Your kind and thoughtful words inspire me and make me
grateful I am a part of this community. I have made many
friends here that I consider more than friends today. You
are on that list.

You can do this without a doubt, and your new fur baby
will come to you sooner than you expect. I lost two of
mine last year, but I still have one left, she is my life at
this point.

I always tell everyone this is not a race but a marathon
take it slow pace yourself all will come together. Never
stay stuck you know my PM is always open, my friend.

Best wishes xxoo,
MurphysMom Premium Plus
SAWalden Premium Plus
Hi Susan (seems funny typing my own name!)

I'm also trying to install an email landing page but I keep getting a message that the plug in will not work with my current version of PHP - something that 1) I have no idea what PHP is except, 2) it is something that can only be updated through IT - site support.

So...even though WP is basically a read-to-go out of the box platform, when you begin to expand beyond the very basics, I feel I should have first followed through and taken a few courses in coding. Anytime I'm prompted to insert code into the editor it terrifies me!

You're not alone here - I feel we will find a way to figure all this out as long we keep at it!

Marley2016 Premium

You are 100% correct we will find a way to accomplish
what needs to be done! Shirley recommended Get
Response I have not looked at this yet, but just thought
I would mention it to you.

Thanks for the supporting words,
Twack Premium
Always good to hear from you Susan. You will always have a special place with me for commenting on my very first post.
Unfortunately I have nothing in regard to 'referrals' as I've had two, thus far.
When I do get round to pushing in that direction I will take heed of some of the tips I picked up when I binge watched about 15 hours of video, all about 'funnels'.
One thing most of the 'entrepreneurs' said, was finding out who your target audience was and where they hung out.
One day I shall revisit the notes I made and pursue that idea.
Marley2016 Premium

Thank you, that was one of the things I had forgotten
about the hangouts of my audience. See my post has
brought some information that I had buried in my mind.

Thank you, my friend,
Twack Premium
You are always very welcome.
sdawson Premium
Great post Susan. Keep working - it will eventually work. I'm in the middle of implementing a new WP template on a site also. I'm having to go through every post I've created for that site to change certain things. The template is more simple that the one I was using before. But this does give me a good way to look at every blog post again and change things up for the better.
I still need to work on my list and email sequencing. I use GetResponse and I'm learning how to use its new "funnel" capability but its kinda kicking my booty in the process to learn how to implement it - but I'll eventually figure it out. You will get that "capture" page done - keep working on it. -Shirley
Marley2016 Premium

Thank you, do you feel GetResponse is easier than
Mail Chimp? I have seen it around and was considering
trying it over the Mail Chimp. Let me know if you have

Best wishes,
sdawson Premium
I've tried Mail Chimp, Aweber and GetResponse and have settled on GetResponse.
Be careful with Mail Chimp if you plan a bootcamp site or make money online site because they blacklist make money online sites. -shirley
Marley2016 Premium
Thank you! Mail Chimp has to go then LOL
Waldmann Premium Plus
I am glad to see you are still working at it. I have a lot of catching back up and web cleaning to do as well. I hope we catch up soon. Best of luck to you for the new year.
Marley2016 Premium

So good to hear from you it has been forever! Great
that you are still a part of the community although I am
not visible here I am working in the background. Shoot
me a PM when you get a chance, would love to hear
how that grandbaby is doing.

Miss you, my friend,