March 2018 - Diary of a Super Wealthy Affiliate in Training

Last Update: April 09, 2018

How Was March?

Challenging since my routine was severely disrupted with me having to spend 2 weeks at sea for work.

I was still able to get some things done but at much slower pace due to the slow Internet connection, plus which it was not that easy to work as I usually do when everybody around me was in vacation mode!

I wrote two WA blog posts about this:

Cruising, Learning & Blogging on a Cruise in the South Pacific

Proof You Can Run Your Business From Just About Anywhere

There was a lot of catching up when I returned to land but only once I managed to settle back into my routine which took another few days. I blogged about that too:

How to Fire up Your Business Routine When It Goes AWOL

March Requirements

There were 21 action tasks across 4 focus areas:

Focus 1 - Content Efficiency, Maximize Your Writing

Focus 2 - Comments and Engagement

Focus 3 - Content Design (Making it Beautiful)

Focus 4 - Content Intent

How Successful Was I?

I completed 18 of the 21 tasks by the due date. I'm still working on the others, two of which have to do with getting comments and engagement.

Takeaways Moving Forward

I particularly liked working on Kyle's suggested way to approach content for the month. Basically you come up with all keywords, create all the titles and scope out the framework for each post. Then when you come to write each you already have the basics in place.

I wasn't able to get it done that way for all the posts but I managed to do it for eight of them. I'll keep working on it.

There was not used SiteComments much before. I offered 32 comments but I found getting comments back very slow so I have not yet managed to get all the required comments on posts. Maybe getting comments this way is always this slow?

I definitely have to work on engagement some more. I also realize that I was hardly active in the SWAG thread, not for any reason other than with everything else to do, I just forget to go there. This is something I will work on this new month.

I am also still working on being more active in chat. I have not yet managed to be consistent for more than a couple of days in succession. Time to create a daily habit.

I am definitely achieving more than I would have had I not been part of the challenge and for that I am very grateful.

The overall theme for April is social media oriented which is another big opportunity for improvement waiting for me to tackle.

Wishing you all a fantastic month ahead!

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LeeMcQuay Premium
You did an awesome job my friend.
As for SiteComments, I will now only use it for feedback.
We don;t have time to let a post sit there for days to receive 1 comment.
Here is a link to a thread Kyle also created in order to get comments as well as give them. I have gotten much better results in a lot less time.
Keep up the good work.
Best Of Luck In All You Do
MarkBa Premium
Thanks Lee. I thought people just didn't want to comment on my posts. Ha ha ...

Thanks for the website comments link. I am going to use that too.

Appreciate your encouragement. Have a great April Lee.

~Mark :)
buffetearns Premium
Well done Mark! You did well!

MarkBa Premium
Thanks Wayne!

~Mark :)
marmar463 Premium
Considering what you been through, I think you did great, keep up the great work.

MarkBa Premium
Thank you Mary. Yes April might be quite easy in comparison.

~Mark :)
Symanica Premium
Congratulations on what you accomplished Mark!
MarkBa Premium
Thanks Shell. Much appreciated.

~Mark :)
fleurallen Premium
Congratulations Mark wow you achieved so much and were away as well - well done - here's to an awesome April!
MarkBa Premium
Thanks Fleur. Some days I thought I was going to go quite mad. :) Hope April he's gonna be fantastic for you too.

~Mark :)