52 + Reasons to Join The Wealthy Affiliate University

Last Update: April 20, 2018

Why Do I Love The Wealthy Affiliate University?

Let me Count The Reasons .... In no particular order, here they are:

  1. Completely free to get started - no credit card details required.
  2. Two free beautifully designed websites when you start for free.
  3. Starter level is always free, you never have to upgrade if that's your choice.
  4. Discounted first month if you decide to upgrade to premium level.
  5. Pay monthly or annually and pay even less.
  6. The best University education you'll ever get for the price.
  7. Direct access to the owners Kyle and Carson for 1-on-1 support.
  8. Access to your referring member to help you 1-on-1
  9. Access to thousands of helpful community members
  10. Live, interactive chat feature - 24/7 help when you need it.
  11. You can create an online affiliate marketing business around your passions and interests.
  12. 13+ fully interactive training classrooms.
  13. Weekly, live interactive webinars with no sales pitch at the end.
  14. Library of recorded past webinars covering every subject you can think of.
  15. Online entrepreneur certification - 50 lessons.
  16. Affiliate Bootcamp training in the make money niche - 70 lessons.
  17. Can't see training you need, just request it and a community expert will create it.
  18. Training continually updated so you have access to the latest industry developments.
  19. Training caters for a variety of learning styles - text, image, videos.
  20. Access to expert mentoring focus groups.
  21. Earn extra money creating your own training as a premium member after 3 months.
  22. Your own authority WA blog - get your posts ranked in Google
  23. If someone joins via your WA blog post you get the referral credit
  24. Share other member's brilliant blog posts online via your own affiliate link.
  25. Question tool - Ask a question and get it answered instantly by the community
  26. Access to the wonderful Jaaxy keyword tool
  27. Access to some pre-made keywords lists if you need them.
  28. Fast secure website hosting included for up to 50 self hosted websites.
  29. Fast website builder - build websites in under 30 seconds.
  30. Access to 3000+ website designs.
  31. Access to 50 000+ website functionality add on applications called plugins.
  32. Buy your domains on the platform for a flat rate that include everything, also SSL.
  33. SiteSpeed feature helping your website to load fast so it ranks higher in Google
  34. SiteProtect - increased website security for peace of mind.
  35. SiteHealth - tool showing you exactly where your website needs help.
  36. SiteComments - tool to get comments on your blog posts.
  37. SiteFeedback - community feedback about how to improve your website.
  38. SiteRank - tools that ranks where your website is ranked in search engines
  39. Link tracking tool.
  40. 24/7/365 Technical support help desk - average response time 5 minutes.
  41. Content writing platform - publish direct to your blog.
  42. Direct access to 1,000,000 royalty free, optimized images on the writing platform
  43. Writing platform spelling and grammar checker.
  44. Writing platform duplicate content checker
  45. Access to content writing templates and you create your own.
  46. Promote WA and earn handsome commissions.
  47. The opportunity to qualify for the prestigious, all paid annual conference in Las Vegas
  48. Don't promote WA if you don't want to.
  49. A one stop business platform that is continually evolving - new release imminent.
  50. Network with community experts and online business millionaires.
  51. Reward system for being an active member and helping others.
  52. Completely spam free environment.
  53. ...

If you have more reasons of your own to add, leave them in the comments section below.


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Steven-A Premium
great list. how long did it take to make?
MarkBa Premium
Ha ha Steve not that long actually.. maybe about half an hour.

~Mark :)
LDawkins1 Premium
Yes! I Love It! All Excellent reasons, think you covered all the best reasons! :)
MarkBa Premium
Thanks Linda!

~Mark :)
MSnargrass Premium
Great reasons!
MarkBa Premium
Thanks Marcus.
~Mark :)
MiaL Premium Plus
There is no better value than what is provided at WA! It is truly an impressive list.

There’s also another that you can’t put a price on - confidence to start a new career.

Thanks Mark. Have a great Saturday :)
MarkBa Premium
That's a great add. Thanks Melissa and hope you're having a great weekend too.
~Mark :)
WendaSue Premium
Excellent Mark. Great post
MarkBa Premium
Thanks Wendi. :)

~Mark :)