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Last Update: Sep 6, 2022

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For those who have been following along with me, I wanted to post an update and share some training I have provided to hopefully assist you all.

I now have several blog posts that are providing detailed steps I take to operate my niche website/s.

On August 8 I discovered Prince Partha's Potions

I spent an obscene amount of time reading his posts and piecing his plethora of information together. I then built a crazy website that is so bizarre to me, that I can't stop laughing with it yet.

I wanted to TEST his methods.....just to see what kind of results I would get. Now, I do not easily trust others' methods, but another WA member here whom I regard in high esteem trusted his methods....so I figured I would give it a go.

On August 14th I posted my first official post on my brand new website, after researching keywords following Prince Partha's Strategies.

On August 16 I posted a quick post for starter members, explaining how they can make money using their free Site Rubix account. I have regularly seen many new members ask if it's possible, and that post was written to explain exactly how it CAN be possible if one puts in the work needed to get it done.

On August 19th I submitted my new website to AdSense, not expecting it to get approved while thinking it would take 2 or more weeks for approval. Two weeks would give me plenty of time to add 14 more articles, which would be more than enough content I was hoping.

On August 24th, AdSense approved my new website. This literally blew me away a tad bit, things were odd, what should NOT happen, had actually happened...odd for sure...but I would keep on keeping on.

On August 26th the new website made money! I have never had a site make money this fast, in all the decades I have been working online. This lit a huge fire under me, Prince Partha was onto something.

Was it a lot of money, no, but it was enough to buy myself a cup of coffee. That's certainly better than no money!

That is when I started my Walk With Me Post


I had a lot of people asking questions, and so I invited all to follow me as I started a second website.

The site is being updated daily, I am writing an article per day for it, and in the meantime, I developed a strategy that I am going to be using to promote the snot out of WA so I can finally make that trip to VEGAS!

The last time I was making the effort, I got ploughed by a drunk driver...and eh, well now I am back at it again.

One never fails unless they give up, and I am NOT A QUITTER!

Now for the purpose of this post, all of this before now was to eliminate confusion because now I have about 5 other blog posts that all correlate with each other in an odd fashion.

On September 3rd I posted about my "Maria's Mad Masterpiece", a plan that I am implementing so that I can promote WA from MANY DIFFERENT niche websites, not just one.

The intent is to funnel site visitors to my mailing list website (already up and running, link is in my profile).

Now that the mailing list is up and running, the next phase was to get 10 more niche websites going.

I overdid it a bit and started 21 I think, I have lost count by now. 3 of them I am keeping to myself, I can be a little bit stingy can't I?

I am NOT about to post the links to all of these websites in my profile, instead, I tossed up a single page that links to them and THAT link is in my profile instead.

The reason I am sharing the websites is that I want to show how one can promote WA no matter what niche they are blogging about!

All of those websites already have a pitch for my mailing list on the "About Me" pages. I will be sharing a strategy soon that involves enticing site visitors to comment on my posts, and in turn, they will be added to my mailing list AUTOMATICALLY just for commenting.

All of that will be explained later, right now, I have logos to complete.

It does not matter if you operate one single blog, or many, the goal is to add as much HIGH-QUALITY CONTENT as possible to each blog that you have.

Now, with that being said, I tossed all of these websites up within a day (excluding logos and colour themes, still working on that and should be done by tonight).

I have created a video that explains the exact steps I take, every time I created a new blog.

Once I select a theme (Generatepress or PressBook, these are the only two I use for new sites) I leave the theme alone until I have typically 50 articles, 10 in 5 separate categories.

Then I may change the design, or I may not, it's according to how I feel at any given moment.

The video I posted that shows the steps I take is located at


I also have a video up that shows how to configure generate press


I won't make this a long drawn-out post, I'm off to update the madness post instead. I just wanted to share information about my latest training, and explain why I am operating so many websites.

In the end, the results are going to be AMAZING!

You can keep up with me at


And if anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask!

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Recent Comments



I was just thinking that I should have followed you and worked along with you, step by step.
But, I am already along my path.

I AM following VERY closely and will implement a few things on this website that I am currently building.

You have given me some GREAT ideas for the other 15 domains that I own.
Who knows?
We may be hugging each other in Vegas soon. 😉

Keep bringing it on!!


Hello Cassi, I will be 100% honest, as I typically am.....I was going to just do ten websites lol.

Then I logged into GoDaddy to change the DNS on some of the names I had bought but had not used yet. I was going to flip them one day and never got around to it.

When all was said and done, I had added them here and by time I got Wordpress installed I was like "Um....eh....biting off a bit more than you can handle there are ye?"

But, when reading Parth's 10,000 per day post, I felt yeah....I can do this.

I then went and tried google docs for the speech-to-text, and realized that it was a very grand tool to use to pump out articles.

I then used google docs to create my first article, this one was right off the bat just me speaking knowledge I had about a topic I am familiar with.

It turned out well enough that I now say yep, 20 sites I can do....I just need to do a bit more research so I can form a plan on how I will complete my daily tasks to cover all of these websites, in as minimal amount of time as possible.

Right now, the sites are up and running, simply ageing for now. I am still waiting for AdSense to approve the Survivey website.

All-in-all, it's been a great month! I started this journey, on August 8th, and I must say....this has been a very productive month for me!

Hugging in Vegas is a DEFINATE MUST!!!!! I can't wait for that day to arrive, I need a VACATION with friends!!

Maria, I am in your head!

Speech-to-Text IS the answer.
I have been practising with it and will be full on by next week.
There are 3 websites that I am "aging" and I want to start building them out at the end of September.

Right now, I am studying your linking process and I will be implementing it across my websites.
Such a great strategy!

Thank you for all of your support and everything that you are sharing with us.

We WILL meet in Vegas!
The Gods are with us.


Cassi, the linking strategy is very important, as is the social marketing aspect. I just posted another blog post about that, I am currently adding blog2social to all my 20+ websites, and am about to start the SM campaign.

Or rather, I will start probably Monday, it will ake a wee bit of time to get the blog2social configured on all of these websites lol.

And yes, VEGAS HERE WE COME !!!!

I have to research blog2social and understand it, Maria.

That will be my weekend homework.


I think you will find it rather easy to use, it makes posting to social media platforms a breeze! Once you give it a try, you'll get addicted to it lol.

I will, Maria.

Holy cow, you're on fire!
Will check you links and see what youve been up to...exciting stuff!


Rudy, I completed the logos and colour structure for all the sites last night, and I have to say I'm pretty pleased with how most of them turned out.

It will be a bit longer before I add content, I still need to do a ton of keyword research for them all.

Wow...Ive been reworking my e-commerce and am almost done. I was smazed at the difference and improvement since learning what I have here at WA.

I will take a look tomorrow...grin.


Excuse some of the niches, I can be a bit bizarre sometimes lol.

You never know, they might be inspiring...grin.


Yeah...well one of them I am still considering if I should use it. I think if done properly, it may be ok...but you are right, it could be inspiring!

You never know...grin.


Awesome stuff, Maria! I'll have to take a look when I have some more time! How exciting!


Thank you Jeff, I am currently still adding logos to all of these websites lol. Almost done, and will be moving on to the next phase soon!

You're very welcome, Maria! You are a dynamo!


Thanks, Maria. I'm loving your blog series - I do appreciate you sharing your thoughts with the community.

You are truly welcome Mia...I am so pleased that you are finding the information useful!

I will certainly have question very soon, but I first want to get to a point in training (and also reading Partha's posts) to again the proper footing.

Thank you so much for sharing, Maria!

I am always grateful!


You are very welcome Mike, I will be honest, I do not expect others to keep up. This is a work at your own pace kinda thing :)

Parthas posts are going to keep you busy for at least a week :)

Yes, I understand and agree, but at least I see a great path now!


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