This tutorial explains about the many features that the Free version of GeneratePress provides.

There are a few recommended guidelines that you should be aware of before you begin making changes to your site theme, you can read about those guidelines at: Working With WordPress Themes

To get started, login to your WordPress dashboard, install and activate the GeneratePress theme and then click the Customize link in the Appearance area.

In this area you will see several links that you can select, to customize your theme.

First, click the Site Identity link.

By Default, your themes headers will look like the image shown below, where your site Title and Tagline appear in text format.

In the Site Identity section, there are a couple of boxes that you can check off, to hide the title and / or tagline.

This is how your header will look once you check the Hide site title box and publish the change.

As you can see, the title has disappeared completely.

Now we'll uncheck the Hide site title box, and check the Hide site tagline box instead.

This is how your header will look once the change has been published, the title now shows but the tagline has disappeared.

You can also click the Select Logo link if you wish to upload a logo.

Once you click the link, you will be able to upload the logo that exact same way that you add images to your posts.

This is how your header will appear with your logo uploaded, while having the title and tagline hidden.

If your logo is too small or too large, you can use the Logo Width slider to change it's size.

Here's how my logo looks once I have increased the size a bit, it still looks sharp, crisp and professional.

You can also upload a retina logo if you wish, some webmasters do this, some find no need for it.

A Retina logo should be twice as large as your regular logo, so that it can be viewed more clearly on Retina displays.

You can also choose to change your site icon, this is not a necessary but it's something I always like to do if I can locate a site icon to match my niche.

Click the Select site icon link, and upload your icon as you would any other image.

Here's how the default site icon appears for every WordPress website. It's the tiny little located in the tab of your browser.

This is how my changed site icon appears after I changed it and clicked the Publish button to save my changes.

When I work with a site that uses the GeneratePress theme, I always configure the Site Identity with the following:

1. Added the Site Icon

2. Added a logo

3. Hide the Site Title

4. Hide the Site Tagline

5. Click the Publish button to save my changes.

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Recent messages
JackieB830 Premium
Hi Maria

Thanks for the training. I have a question.

Does the free version of GeneratePress have the author box?

Recently, I switched to GeneratePress (free version), and I no longer have the author box on my post.

The theme that I was using before had the author box.
I was informed that it is available in GP, and I was to add a new user (as an author).

I watched the video that was sent to me, and I tried several times, but was unsuccessful.

I am currently using an author box Plug in.

Thanks in advance for your help.

MariaDale Premium Plus
Hello Jackie, I am not sure if you got this figured out, and I apologize for my delayed reply. I was in an accident where a drunk driver plowed into me, and have not been online much until recently due to extensive PT.

I so apologize for missing this, I would have helped if I had been able!
daystarmm Premium
I just finished the basic setup of my site, following your tutorial step by step. I genuinely appreciate you providing it and now I look forward to fleshing out my content. Google has already indexed my site so you've headed me in the right direction. I wrote many training manuals and seminars during my career as a pastor so I know how long it can take to put a teaching together. Thanks again and best wishes.
Caruana Premium
Hi Maria, well done, you did a great job. It is very well explained.

I have a question: when you select content/sidebar for only one post and then create a widget with ads for the sidebar, would the ad appear only in that post or on any other post with the same format content/sidebar.

Thanks. Marisa
MariaDale Premium Plus
Hello Marisa, if the ad is added in the sidebar, it'll appear on all posts with a sidebar. Sorry for the delayed reply, life got the best of me for a bit there.
mbouteiller Premium Plus
Hi Maria,

This course is excellent and very easy to follow. Your images explain it all too! Thank you.

2 questions:

Not long ago, I was having trouble with not getting my logo to show up. Members and SiteSupport could see my logo but I couldn't see it at all on my laptop and my friends who live in remote locations also couldn't see it.

It was only after I put my logo in Retina Logo, I was finally able to see my logo and my friends could see it too.

Do you know why that is? I know I should just be content and be thankful my logo can be seen by people outside of WA but I just want to understand why I had to put my logo in Retina Logo.

My other question is, will you be doing a course on the Premium Generate Press?

I want to make my static page a little more elaborate with more helpful information. So I guess, my desire to make this page more diversified and I believe that comes with the design features of this theme.

Thank you, Maria and I look forward to more of your courses.

Have a Blessed day.

MariaDale Premium Plus
Monica, In answer to your first question; if you can see a Retina logo, and not your original logo, it means you have a Retina screen. Apple makes those, they have higher pixel density so larger images are needed so that you can see them well.

As for your second question, yes, I will be completing a course, maybe several, on using the Premium version of GeneratePress. That course will be added in May as next week I am going to complete 2 courses for 2 more free themes before I do any for the Premium.

And you are welcome, I am pleased that you are finding the information helpful.
mbouteiller Premium Plus
Hi Maria,

Oh, that's interesting. I had no idea, Apple had something to do with a Retina screen but I do get it now. Thank you... I have a Mac laptop so I guess that's why.

Nice, I look forward to your courses in May on the Premium Generate Press.

My goodness... you certainly have your work cut out for you.

I appreciate your quick response.

Thank you and have a Blessed day and weekend.

daystarmm Premium
Thank you for providing this tutorial. I have one quick question. I looked at the Premium version of GeneratePress and its quite formidable. I'm new to WA but have some experience building a few sites, nothing too elaborate but solid. Knowing myself as I do, I have no doubt I will want the Premium version sooner rather than later. Would it better to go ahead and get it into place? Thanks again.
LawrenceHill Premium
I've found this training through David's question. I was planning on changing from my current theme to generatepress in the near future. So would also be interested in the answer.
MariaDale Premium Plus
David, it would be better for you to go ahead and configure the free version the way you wish, and then when you feel comfortable with purchasing the Premium version, do it then.

The premium version will not cause any changes to be made for those who already have sights configured with the free version, it simply adds more bells and whistles to add a lot more dazzle and pizazz to your sites :)
MariaDale Premium Plus
Lawrence, free is great for smaller sites, as well as medium size sites. The premium version can always be purchased later, once you know for certain that you will want to stay with this theme.
daystarmm Premium
Thanks so much.