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Last Update: Apr 9, 2014


So far so good. i just wish to thank every one that has been helpful in this journey i have embarked on. Who said that one day I will get my hands dirty and build a website!!

Well, there you are I just managed to achieve that and that is a big step.

Now that I have done that, what next. You see the aim of all this is not just to put up a beautiful website to decorate the cyber space. Rather it is to earn me some dough. I must say though, even if I have not seen financial benefits, I stand proud to rank on the first page of google when you google my website. Now what that translates into in the real financial world remain to be seen.

That brings me to the ultimate goal of this whole process. I have not see where or how to direct affiliates to my website, so I believe I am still far away to making any cash.

In terms of referring others, which is one of my aim/goal; I have to have a convincing result to sell actively. This makes me want to work harder to get everything in place in order to maximise my rewards.

Like I said before, my real time goal is to replace my day job income, double it, move on to retire and open another chapter in my life.

For those of you who are interested in folk tales of African stories, take a look at the website. Or simply let someone interested know. The site is still under decoration/development but this will give you a rough idea of what I am on about at this point in time.

Thanks for reading.


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Hi Marcy, I just went to check your lovely site and found that your three most recent posts have text that looks like you were trying to add html, but you must have been on the Visual tab. You need to cut the test out in visual mode, swap to text mode and paste it back in, then it will render the video or image you were intending! HTH

You should be proud of having built a website by yourself. It's a great accomplishment

indeed i am and i love it. it is a matter of improving it now and maximising my efforts to earn from it. thanks gordi

YAY, Marcy....great work! Just keep adding interesting/useful information and you will develop a following. Love what you've done so far.


this is encouraging sue and thanks a great deal for that. time allowing, i will certainly improve. you guys are all stars here. thanks a lot marcy

Congratulations on your new website! This a great start and insirational for me since I do not have a website yet, but I look forward to joining you soon.

arise and as your name suggest, move girl you will certainly have one. if i who is not the best at computers and programs can do this, you certainly will excel. just find yourself some time. thanks for visiting my site and the encouragement and see you around marcy

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