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May 02, 2014
"You aren't wealthy until you have something money can't buy." Garth Brooks
April 29, 2014
Don't tell me no you don't. Because if you have even bothered to read this far, then you definitely so much want to. You might have come to find answers to how you can do that! I came to propose to you that yes you can get rich and you are already on board. The answer to the blog question is simply this: "The richest people in the world look for and build networks. Every one else looks for work," Robert Kiyosaki. By being in WA, you have just done that! Marcy
I have read very many interesting things on this program since my being here. It is amazing to see time fly by. The trainings are tough at times but i suppose it is because of my illiteracy in computer and computer language. Any way, that is a side issue I have to deal with. The question I paused to ask today is has any one realistically realised their goals so far? Honest speaking not wishful thoughts.
April 09, 2014
So far so good. i just wish to thank every one that has been helpful in this journey i have embarked on. Who said that one day I will get my hands dirty and build a website!! Well, there you are I just managed to achieve that and that is a big step. Now that I have done that, what next. You see the aim of all this is not just to put up a beautiful website to decorate the cyber space. Rather it is to earn me some dough. I must say though, even if I have not seen financial benefits, I stand
So what makes you think I ask this question? A day or two ago Eddy did confirm that these guys are real and he showed us pictures of him and the real people. When I first began this program, that question has been reeling in my mind. It seems these two are always there to chip in when ever one is faced with a question. I know the time differences we all have, depending on where we are on this globe. I have done early mornings and late nights and say times and I still meet these and a few others
Just managed to erect the pillars of my website. Please take a look and give me your feed back before I start filling it in. At a glance, is it what it say it is? Marcy
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Well! As you know some go for a walk in the park. I too went for a walk in the park but ended up getting lost! That was the lesson 2 park. I have been 'snailing' in the park!! And at long last, I managed to complete the task. Just a quick question, did any of you loose your way there? Any how, if I can find my way, am sure you all did with ease. Have a blessed night. marcy
If you are pressed by time coupled with the lack of the thing, the virtue thing sometimes refered to as patience, you do crazy things! so because I have very little change for the two i decided to cut corners. Want to know the results? Yeah... well, I managed to build a websit. I also managed to run out of fuel lol. No now I have had to go back to primary one and start all over again!! It is working better and wehre I got stuck as I retire now I hope to find answers awaiting me. But who said th
March 09, 2014
Well, this is it. At one point somewhere, somehow, one way or the other we have been conned. The con artist is the numer one conman. The art is swift and the players are swift. Back in the day, I even heard of an account of one buying a radiocassette player only to arrive home with a bloc of bricks in the Alexandrian city! But that is not the type of husle am talking about. Am talking about the big factor T word, time! That is the thing. In as much as I work hard, I barely go beyond checking
February 17, 2014
Ever heard of this? Well ideally North and South are two opposing ends that one would think will never meet! Defined in the geographical sense, that is the case. In the world of love, that is a possibility, a norm that we see and experience now and again. You might wonder what on earth am i going on about? It is all about Herpes Simplex Virus, simply put the cold sores commonly seen on the lips!. One time you wake up to find the same old cold sores sitting in the wrong place, or cold sores si
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