If Kyle and Carson are real, do they sleep?

Last Update: Apr 7, 2014


So what makes you think I ask this question?

A day or two ago Eddy did confirm that these guys are real and he showed us pictures of him and the real people. When I first began this program, that question has been reeling in my mind. It seems these two are always there to chip in when ever one is faced with a question.

I know the time differences we all have, depending on where we are on this globe. I have done early mornings and late nights and say times and I still meet these and a few others on line.

My question is does Kyle ever sleep? Lol....

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Hey Marcelina,

Both Kyle and Carson have infants now. So the answer is no, they don't sleep. :)

Best Regards,

Lol, quite true!

ok. i will still get back to kyle to teach me the robes - of how to have a cake and still eat it. lol marcy

Funny, Jim....and oh so true....

lol, good one Jim

good to know kyle and thanks for the response. i like the new role you have. no wonder you have the time to be here!!! multi tasking whilst on call for the little one lol God bless you

LOL It's great you got a response from Kyle. Can't get a better response than that!

I wonder this as well, do they have robots that do there house chores? lol that's the only way I see them being able to dedicate so much time.

i still think that. if not then this thing is in their blood so they just do it at an impulse marcy

I have totally thought the same question

We are very active here within WA. Not only are we passionate about helping others, we love the folks here within the community.

I am always connected and whether I am actually sitting down to my computer or I am jogging on the treadmill, I am connected and likely getting back to folks.

In saying this, we do try to take breaks as well as they are important. :)

ok, reading this i can now see is a human response kyle. at one point i was convinced that i was dealing with a robot!! lol marcy

Yeah, but you didn't say that you sleep Kyle! lol

I definitely sleep just not as much now that I have a little one! ;)

Yes, I wonder how they have time for everything .

so i am not alone in thinking so

i think there is a pill to take that down loads every info one wants to communicate lol
lets get serious and learn the trade. marcy

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