Do you want to be rich?

Last Update: Apr 29, 2014


Don't tell me no you don't. Because if you have even bothered to read this far, then you definitely so much want to. You might have come to find answers to how you can do that! I came to propose to you that yes you can get rich and you are already on board. The answer to the blog question is simply this: "The richest people in the world look for and build networks. Every one else looks for work," Robert Kiyosaki.

By being in WA, you have just done that!


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Yes!!!! I want to be rich!!!! Lol. Absolutely right, Marcy. WA is a great networking place, where you get lots of help and support. Getting rich (hopefully), is just a nice bonus

good morning and i hope it is morning for you as well. the whole thing is believing in one's self. the rich said they look for network to get rich while the aspiring rich look for work to get rich ( at least according to my understanding). so the now the interesting thing is did they start by looking for contacts or did they start by working before focusing on network!! which one is which lol!!! once we have put in the effort (webs up) the rest it to network and hopefully get rich have a nice day marcy


Networking here has been a pleasure.. Writing my thoughts onto a screen or paper has always been very convenient for me.. Somehow when I start speaking my brain slows down haha

I'm glad I can network with people who have similar goals

Yes, wealthy affiliate takes you step by step. It differentiates between what is real and what is scam.

Hi Marcy,

Very inspirational. I believe what you put in is what you is what you will get out of everything thing we do in life.

Good thing will come to those who wait

I wish you great success in your online business.

That's a really great statement Marcy. This WA Network is one of the most important ones that will help our websites to spread their messages.

very true indeed. thanks a great deal for all your help and encouraging words. i have a snail's speed at the moment due to work commitment but i know i will one day soon turn that around. thanks marcy

once the checks start clearing in big numbers, it will tick the wealthy box. but the checks come through the networks thanks for your comments marcy

I just want each and every check I fill out to clear the bank. I guess that means wealthy!

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