What's Next with Search? Voice!

Last Update: May 12, 2018

Google, as the "bringer" of cutting-edge technology, has apparently raised the bar yet again. Lately, Bing and Google have been working on changing the way we search to include voice search in the mix. I happened across an article from SEMRush that gets into more detail. In the article, they create a sense of urgency for us by advising us to get our respective sites in order sooner than later.

Voice search will add another twist to perfecting SEO. It should be very interesting to see the changes coming. It looks like we get to learn even more about SEO and creating great content!

Above is a pic from the article that clearly shows that by the late 2020s, it's possible that 70% of all searches will be performed with voice. According to their data, this means that desktop searches drop to 10%, and mobile to 20%. Is this possible? Will we change our search preferences that much to favor voice in the next few years?

Care to chime in?


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louisaparson Premium

I believe so. Voice is the new wave of the future.

I write my blog posts with voice typing tool in Google Docs and I started audio recordings on my Facebook Business Page.

It is the natural way to get things done especially for seniors who have no experience with technology. My current blog posts are about voice typing tools and I was indexed fairly quickly on Google.

Voice is where the trend is going, because it is easier to master and get what you need quickly verses typing on a screen you can't see most of the time and scrolling through text.

I believe will be listening or watching websites through videos rather than reading them in the near future.
HowardJaros Premium
Sounds realistic to me. Thanks for sharing Tom!
AlanJE Premium Plus
Hi Tom, I hadn´t really focussed on this yet, but thanks for making me aware, Best Alan
Steven-A Premium
yes they are implementing voice search on an accelerated schedule and it will change things for ranking
Memorylaneuk Premium
I have a post, mostly written on this subject and what we need to consider as Affiliate Marketers. It’s one of those subjects that is starting to gain interest.
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