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Last Update: May 06, 2019

Fran Kelso (thank you, Fran!) put up this interesting blog the other day, which I commented on:


She thanked me for the addendum to her remarks and suggested she hoped more people read them... so....

I'm re-posting the comment here -- with some additional comments about emotional memories.

"If we were really in control of our thoughts [and emotions], negative thoughts [or emotions] would not arise unbidden. Basically, most people are not in control of their thoughts [or emotions] 80% of the time, whether they are positive or negative. These can be described as temporary thought[/emotion]-objects flitting across our field of consciousness.

Aware of them, we can choose to act upon them or not, as we please. It makes absolutely no difference if they are positive or negative in this case.

But one has to be strong enough to maintain awareness and not be captured by the undesirable thought [or emotion] and instead be captured by the desirable ones.

Hence, replacing a negative thought pattern with an arbitrary positive one is helpful but it isn't enough. We have to make sure the desirable thought arises with as much strength as the negative one. [Also, because emotions arise in the body, it's impossible to replace the emotion with a positive one without great effort, so it's better to live through and fully experience the emotion, instead of shunting it off with an ego-strategy that often replaces it with another emotion -- for example, shame replaced by anger.]

By the way, who is the 'you' that you say is taking control of your thoughts and doing this replacing? What is that part of us deciding if a thought is positive or negative?

Whatever it is, that must mean there must be a higher agency in place in each of us -- higher than the part that of us thinks!

And that's true.

So the necessary process is more accurately described as being consciously aware enough that whatever thought flits across our minds [or emotions that arise in our bodies], we don't have to be captured by [them].

Only then, through observation, can we begin to diminish this unwanted pattern of thought [and deplete the emotions of past events that no longer exist]. After that (or concurrently) we can put in place a new pattern of thought.

But it has to be a desired pattern, not just a positive one of any kind."


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MKearns Premium
Gotta let it out!
marchanna Premium
Speak freely, your consciousness knows what you're thinking :)
trymetoday Premium
Hi Marc, Getting the negativity out of our souls, taking control and giving ourselves the boost of positivity, we all need from time to time. Appreciate your post, thanks. Paul
marchanna Premium
Interesting viewpoint!

I know what consciousness is and I have spoken of it; the soul is another matter and I haven't spoken of it.

Definitely not speaking of control, but letting go of it.

Some say time is an illusion, some say time is the fire in which we burn.
FKelso Premium
Good added information. Thanks.
AlexEvans Premium
Some soulful reflections there Marc, if we didn't have that emotional base we would surely float away, the thoughts come to us through the day as if welling up from a spring, finding it better to be the observer, like when the sea tries to merge with the shore, they battle endlessly, even when no one is looking.

The more we observe those deep-seated emotions, they will dissolve over time and let in the flow from the well, the two are separate and come from different places it can be a case of remembering because at the end of the day we have probably created the whole thing.

Not sure who said it but if one controls the breath then one merges with the surrounding environment, a sure way to bring those desired outcomes into the flow.
marchanna Premium

"The more we observe those deep-seated emotions, they will dissolve over time and let in the flow from the well"

very apt thank you Alex!
LouiseBT Premium Plus
Hi Marc

This is such an exceptionally powerful aspect of our lives, and the sad thing is that no schooling system seems to cover it.

Just last week I reacted to something in a way my younger sister described as OTT, it took me 24 hours to figure out why I did that. Since I have, so much good has resulted! We do not even know what we do not know - and how liberated we can become once we do. Sounds like a riddle but I am sure you can understand.

Thank you for the share.

marchanna Premium
Hi Louise,

these emotions from the past run deep inside us and stick out like hot buttons to be pressed -- and underneath is a volcano!

Or it seems to be....

Until we immerse ourselves into the emotions and let them sweep through us, without struggling to stop them, assess them or judge them.

However, this is a very difficult practice to start. The process of imploding these old emotions becomes easier with time.

The very strongest and suppressed ones can make someone weep for hours...which we've been trained not to do since childhood.

Kudos for you to sit in that emotion and derive its origin!

Through deriving the origin of the original emotion, you were able to liberate the subconscious part of the memory that was underneath that 'hot button!

That's really awesome and yes, I get what you are saying. Thank YOU for sharing :) Marc