Selecting right niche for YOU, is all about your passion

Last Update: July 28, 2014

Now and then I see WA members especially new ones ask If that niche is good and so on.

This is really important question, but it is always asked wrong way.

Instead of asking

"Is ... niche good?" you should ask "Is .... niche good for ME" and you should ask this question yourself!

To be successful in your Niche you will need:


Obvious one, you can't convince any one to click a link or make a purchase of item or service you suggest if you wont be able to proof that you know what you are talking about it. You will have to do a lot of research and follow news and updates related to your niche.


Another obvious one, you will need to be committed to achieve previous point.


Probably not so obvious one, but look on it this way, If you will try to do niche you have no passion about, you will have way more difficulties achieving both pints above.

If you select a niche what is your passion, you will have natural motivation to learn to commit and to be good at it. You will have no problems to show you passion in your blog and users will feel it and will know they can trust you.

Don't worry if at this stage you do not have much knowledge about your niche, because if you have passion, you will have commitment and after a while you will become a guru.

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bazboy247 Premium
One of the main problems with this niche concept is called "me marketing"
The marketers who are successful do it the other way round, they concentrate on what the passion of others is and take advantage of this passion by giving the hungry crowd what it wants

I am sorry to disappoint you, but no one cares how qualified you are in your niche, they only care about solving their own problems and pain.

Most weight loss sites and affiliate sites are not run by nutritionists or experts in their niche they are run by marketers who have just used content curation to get as much information in one place and then promote weight loss products
Amazon makes about 100 billion dollars a year, do you think there is an expert sitting in an office somewhere on every physical product they sell
You don't need to be passionate or an expert about your niche what you need to do is understand your audience, how do they feel, how do they think, what do they want, what problems have they got, how do you solve their problems
I am a male but I have two sites on infertility, I don't have the first clue about infertility, I have a candy crush site but I do not play the game, I have an iPhone site but I do not have a iPhone

Marketing is the art of influencing buyer behaviour and no one is influenced by your expertise or qualifications they are influenced in by what's in it for them

To prove my point I will ask you this question

When you last purchased something, did you want to find out about the expertise of the person selling you the item, or was it just the price that made you buy the product

Stop concentrating on you and start learning about your audience because that is how successfully business sell things

All Google thinks about is the end user, they want to know how we think and how we feel, and armed with this information they have created a multi billion dollar organisation

Maksim Premium
Hi Barry, thanks for you opinion. If that work for you then perfect, look like you are more passioned about selling stuff, thus you have this drive. I personally do not have it so best thing for me will be to concentrate on my passion
MasterEd Premium
Good Advice Sir!
Maksim Premium
hope will help you in long run
sunshineP Premium
It should be support, mistypo lol
sunshineP Premium
I agree and thanks for the suport
Maksim Premium
No worries, happy to help
gmegs Premium
Good post Maksim!

My sites (I have 4 different sites) are focused on things I do have an interest in - I could not imagine me putting all this time and effort into an area I don't really care about - would not work for me!
Maksim Premium
Thanks for comment)