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I’m in process of learning WordPress and bit of coding. I’m looking to get some experience and offering to help you to do adjustments to your site. Change of colors, Spacing or positions of objects. How It Work: I will help one person per post. First come, First Served. If you want your site to be adjusted make a comment below : “Please Do it for me”, Then post more details including: Theme Name, any relative screen shots (shared over dropbox) and description of changes you would like t
Now and then I see WA members especially new ones ask If that niche is good and so on. This is really important question, but it is always asked wrong way. Instead of asking "Is ... niche good?" you should ask "Is .... niche good for ME" and you should ask this question yourself! To be successful in your Niche you will need: Expertize Obvious one, you can't convince any one to click a link or make a purchase of item or service you suggest if you wont be able to proof that you know what you are
Hi Premium WA members. Finally I made up my mind to stick to more or less narrow niche - Wordpress. I want to create a Suggested list of MUST have plugins for Wordpress, based on your replies. Please leave a comment bellow with Theme name, list of plugins you use and if you do not mind with website URL so I could check performance of your site. I will do chart of most common used and test each of them individually, their features and performance. Based on this research I will provide Suggested
WARNING: Those instructions involve editing style.css file, changes to this file can brake your entire site and all changes can be lost when you do update the Theme. IMPORTANT: DO back up before editingstyle.css file. NOTE: All changes done to style.css file will affect all site not just single page. Some of the themes come with small font size making it difficult to read, now and then I see people are advised to make it bigger but they do not know how, so there are instruction on how to do it.
July 22, 2014
There are couple for "Firts Step" motivational quotes and could be handy to use in WA boot camps, feel free to share yours. “The distance is nothing; it is only the first step that is difficult.” by Madame Marie du Deffand quotes "The elevator to success is out of order. You'll have to use the stairs... one step at a time." . by Joe Girard "In actual life every great enterprise begins with and takes its first forward step in faith" by Friedrich Schlegel "The journey of a thousand miles must
Would like to share with you on how to track data for individual or set of pages based on URL in Google Analytics So lets go ahaed and create New Dashboard. I selected ready template and called it Page Tracking To Edit a Widget, hover mouse over it and click on pencil icon On Widget menu select Add Filter Click on Add Dimension In Search field type "PAGE" and find entry with just "page". You can click on question mar to make sure that this is correct entry. Info text should say: "The pag
Don't Quit SO many people quit just as they're ready to break through. Imagine mining deep into a mountainside, then walking away mere inches away from striking gold. Don't be that person. Worse is the person who does this over and over again. If they had just kept digging instead of moving on to the "next great thing" every few months, they'd already have their gold–and they would have reached it so much sooner! And, yes, sometimes it will seem that your efforts are not accomplishing
Was looking for Good Images for my website and after some research I came across who was offering 2 types of Free Trial runs. One for 1 month and allows you 1 Image a day and another one for 7 Days and was giving 5 pictures a day. You are allowed to use those images on your blog but they have to be less than 1200 x 800 pixels. They did asked for My credit card details and told I can be charged $1, but my Visa card was never charged. I had no issues canceling my
Hi, Have my site running for some time, and was really surprised to see it on 4th page. But was even more surprised to see my images for particular keyword on the second line. Is you do search "dog swallowed a sock" and check images you will see 3 of them there pointing to Make sure you select those images to open Article they are attached to. People are visual, and do search by images so it is extremely important to have Nice image
Stage of Doubt. How many of us, putting work in to the websites, blogs and waiting for this Magic First Sale. The ONE which will prove us, that all this effort is not for nothing, confirmation that we move in the right direction. I personally have extremely high expectation of WA and this concept all together. I dream of earning considerable amounts of money, but everyone who starts probably in the same place as me. I do want to believe, I do want to trust, I am being told that it will happen, b