Jay's ALIVE-versary: Year 4

Last Update: January 01, 2019

Hi Folks,

Today (Jan. 1st, 2019) marks my 4 year ALIVE-versary which basically means my 2nd chance at life is 4 years old.

On Dec. 31, 2014 I ended up being admitted to the intensive care unit with pneumonia and invasive Strep-A in my bloodstream which was causing toxic shock to my organs.

I was pretty messed up as you can see by the image.
I was not expected to live.
I was told by the medical staff to ensure my affairs were in order.


But through the magic and wonderment of the universe - I ended up spending the next 28 days in the hospital healing and was able to walk away from the darkness that was before me.

Who cares.. why am I tell you this?

As 2019 sets in, I am reminding myself to enjoy the simplicities of life and rejoice.


I am also reminding you to cherish what you have right now, and to celebrate your accomplishments in life AND business.

There are certainly roadblocks that will occur as you build your online business. But what about all the amazing achievements you’ve done since starting WA?

  • Decided on a niche?
  • Bought a domain?
  • Built a website?
  • Wrote an article?
  • Learned some SEO?
  • Ranked your website?
  • Made a single sale?

As small as these may seem, they are amazing accomplishments as I am assuming you had little (or zero) knowledge of this prior to joining WA. It is these small victories that will keep you moving forward to whatever form of success you are working toward.


Circling back to my 28 days in the hospital, it was small accomplishments that kept driving me to success. Success in this case was walking out of the hospital alive.

  • I woke up the next day
  • I fed myself
  • I sat up
  • I breathed on my own
  • I walked 10 steps
  • I went to the bathroom on my own
  • It was these small milestones that pushed me to success.


So for 2019, I want you to celebrate small accomplishments in your online business as it can drive you forward to pave an amazing successful path.

Let’s start it off, comment below on what is YOUR most recent successful milestone!

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martin45040 Premium
Jay, congratulations on the fourth anniversary of your "re-birth"! I can't imagine what it was like, but I count myself blessed that I have the opportunity of you being my coach.

On my end of the "boat" I have a seven day old brand new grandson. Someone that I can can coach through his life.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

HalimNajm Premium
Glad to see you made it through that horrible situation and hope you are not feeling any discomfort
CandP Premium
Wow, Jay, thanks for sharing this incredible story. It goes to show how we should treasure each day and enjoy doing business and being with people we love because it is all hanging on a gossamer thread.

Your friends in Ecuador,

Colette and Philip
Reymott Premium
Hi Jay, we are all glad you made it. This community would not have been the same without you.
chief14nj Premium
Thank you, very inspirational. Must have been scary