Jay's ALIVE-versary: Year 4

Last Update: January 01, 2019

Hi Folks,

Today (Jan. 1st, 2019) marks my 4 year ALIVE-versary which basically means my 2nd chance at life is 4 years old.

On Dec. 31, 2014 I ended up being admitted to the intensive care unit with pneumonia and invasive Strep-A in my bloodstream which was causing toxic shock to my organs.

I was pretty messed up as you can see by the image.
I was not expected to live.
I was told by the medical staff to ensure my affairs were in order.


But through the magic and wonderment of the universe - I ended up spending the next 28 days in the hospital healing and was able to walk away from the darkness that was before me.

Who cares.. why am I tell you this?

As 2019 sets in, I am reminding myself to enjoy the simplicities of life and rejoice.


I am also reminding you to cherish what you have right now, and to celebrate your accomplishments in life AND business.

There are certainly roadblocks that will occur as you build your online business. But what about all the amazing achievements you’ve done since starting WA?

  • Decided on a niche?
  • Bought a domain?
  • Built a website?
  • Wrote an article?
  • Learned some SEO?
  • Ranked your website?
  • Made a single sale?

As small as these may seem, they are amazing accomplishments as I am assuming you had little (or zero) knowledge of this prior to joining WA. It is these small victories that will keep you moving forward to whatever form of success you are working toward.


Circling back to my 28 days in the hospital, it was small accomplishments that kept driving me to success. Success in this case was walking out of the hospital alive.

  • I woke up the next day
  • I fed myself
  • I sat up
  • I breathed on my own
  • I walked 10 steps
  • I went to the bathroom on my own
  • It was these small milestones that pushed me to success.


So for 2019, I want you to celebrate small accomplishments in your online business as it can drive you forward to pave an amazing successful path.

Let’s start it off, comment below on what is YOUR most recent successful milestone!

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NnurseBecca Premium
I cry 2 big alligator tears to think of your suffering like this! Look at you bounce back! You look so well right now, that I was shocked to read this. I am so grateful to wonderment that you're alive. Just was overcome with gratefulness to see your live webinar tonight after what you went through. I hope you get some rest and no wonder Ive always felt a nursey get ready for CPR because I'd try to save you! Unless you're a DNR. Jay, you are a king on teaching me. I thank you kindly for your help.
Nurse Becca
PS I almost forgot to comment what you requested. I finally got my site health to awesome. So, we are making great progress.
If you ever need a backup, I would host an event for you no matter the nervousness I would make like Nike and just do that for you.
mbouteiller Premium
Hi Jay,

OMG… I had no idea! I’m very grateful, the good Lord decided to keep you here with us. Not just because you’re here to do amazing webinars teaching and coaching us but you’re a wonderful person to know as a friend!

28 days in the hospital … that’s an incredible journey!

Even though you described your small baby step successes, they are still HUGE successes to be proud of.

I know you appreciate life a whole lot more.

I’m somewhat miffed at myself… how did I not know? Ahhh I didn’t start til Dec 2015.

Thank you for your reminder… yes life is short. I didn’t realize how short that was until my husband was killed in a vehicle accident (a passenger).

Thank you for sharing your story here. Live, Laugh and Love!!!

My most recent successful milestone:

• I finally have a great product review template that works for my way of thinking.. scary!
• I am more confident in writing product reviews on my Bootcamp site
• I actually ‘love’ to write now on my Bootcamp site

What’s yours Jay?

terri2018 Premium
Thank you for sharing your story Jay even the dark times. All the best of health from here on and beyond.

Your weekly webinars is always on my calendar since I started 3 months ago (I missed a couple of them due to travel, but it's great that we could always go back and watch it again).

For me, there's so much to be thankful for. Although I am not where I projected to be here at WA (regular writing schedule on my niche site, no sale yet, etc..), but I have gained so much knowledge since I started. Having a website setup is a huge milestone. Learning every day!

Most importantly, I thank God for my life - health, family, friends and countless blessings everyday.
Suzay Premium
I kind of look like that every night now, with the BIPAP
Adapto Servo Ventilation thingy I now wear every night.
I'm thankful for my new sleep buddy, air tube on the top of my head, "Dream Wear" for sleep apnea that damaged 1/2 my heart is my new Best Friend.

Yes it is the little accomplishments, and an attitude of gratitude that helps us come back to life.
Thanks for sharing Teacher Jay.
Benjamin89 Premium
Very unfortunate circumstance Jay. I couldn't imagine Wealthy Affiliate without you as the live training coach.

Milestone before the new year: I've given up the alcohol. Last toxic addiction in my life. Been about 3/4 weeks now.

Main reason for giving up the witch, it's simple. To focus more on my e-business as this is what I want to be doing as my full-time career eventually.

Sick and tired of feeling and thinking erratic caused from excessive consumption over the weekend periods.

Already my thought processing and focus has improved marginally!
kiliwia62 Premium
I remember, Jay, I was just a newbie, 2 months into WA when everyone was talking and asking about where you were.

I can confirm your point of view about life and appreciate the little things. I survived two car accidents myself, laying in a hospital for 3 months, each time, and had to go through multiple operations and had to learn to walk again.

All that remembers me on these dark times are some deep scars on my leg and, of course, the memories.

I am more alive and determined than ever before but, I am also less impressed or impacted by the life's does and donts.

You really can see the bigger picture more often and little things you have once ignored becoming more important. Just saying.

Happy Alive-versary to you :)
dpanic63 Premium
WOW, Brother, That's Just crazy......

Am SO Glad you were able to make it through to the other side (and it was on the side of the Present)

Thanks so much for all you do weekly and all you are doing for the WA Members and for sharing as well as Inspiring ME daily

Cheers Brother


God Bless you for Many more years forward

Fellow Canuker....Dino
scottyb2good Premium
I Know somewhat What Hospital stays are like. In your case it was more involved than my few times. For your journey took you through a Heightened array of very scary tragic ordeals. I am So Glad You made it through. We all are. I hallucinated with purple lightning shooting through the air and clocks actually breathing in and out. Anesthesia was the culprit. Luckily I had my 4 sisters to take watch each nite for a week. I feel ya Jay. And I Give you a similar emotional bond of how it was in there. Yours being more Horrendous than mine. Thank God you made it...........Scotty B ♫
altheone Premium
I heard your story during one of your video tutorial recently and this is remarquable. A true inspiration. All victories are remarquable actually, big or small ones. If it can light you up to the good path, it is job done. You are a great teacher. Thank you for be there. All the best. Al
JohnnyA Premium
I finally made it back to WA! That's my New Years Resolution! Get back here and follow thru this time and quit getting sidetracked. Although I have to admit I'm still having problems with depression due to the loss of my son, I have promised myself that nothing will stop me this year. The shocker was when I looked into how much money I have spent here and did absolutely nothing with it. This will not happen again. So if anyone in this wonderful family of WA members wants to kick me in the right direction when I get lost please feel free to do so. Also, thank You in Advance...
N33 Premium
Johnny, this is the best news, love to read your resolution, you can count on me, I'll be there for the kick, hé!
I wish you a happy and healthy New Year,

Freedomseekr Premium
So glad you're still here with us Jay! Going through an experience like this certainly puts things in perspective...

I went through a somewhat similar time back in 2009 when a "simple" gallbladder surgery went all wrong and a week later I was knocking on death's door. I couldn't eat, couldn't even drink water, by the end of the week I could barely sit up...everything slowly shutting down...turns out the surgeon made mistakes that could've ended me, but here I still am.

This certainly brings back the feeling of being so grateful to just be alive, and able to do the things we so often take for granted...those little things can be huge things when it comes down to it.

Anyways, as for my most recent successful milestone, that would have to be becoming an illustrator on two books so far, and more on the way, since it's a series...something I never thought I'd achieve, and although it's not affiliate marketing, it's something I've always wanted to do, and it's all thanks to WA and it's training, and the things we learn from it's awesome community.

Thanks for sharing your ALIVE-versary, Jay! Such a great reminder to us all to be thankful for what we do have each day!

Best wishes to a healthy and happy 2019 :) ~Sherry
magistudios Premium
Wow Sherry!
Congrats on becoming an illustrator!
That is awesome.
randallpaul Premium
Probably not as severe as your situation but in and out of the hospital a few times not knowing whats going on wreaks havoc on your motivation to get things done. And by the Grace of God I do believe 2019 will be an anticipated better step for me. Great to hear you are doing better Jay and great analogy! Thanks for sharing.
cookins25 Premium
I had no idea that this happened to you Jay.

I’m sorry that you had to go through this, but also am very glad that you pulled through and made it out all right. :)

Also thank you for reminding us that life is short and that we need to treat every single day like it may be our last and enjoy life to it’s fullest.

I pray you have a healthy and successful year in 2019 — and I can’t wait to watch more of your webinars. :)

All the best,

TarasiaGaye Premium
Thank You for sharing this very personal and encouraging story with us. It is a reminder that every accomplishment that you achieve is one step closer to your goal. That every goal reached is a reason for celebration and reaching out to the next goal, no matter how insignificant it may seem it is a small step to greater things. Life as you have shown is success in itself.
NeptuneSiver Premium
Wow, I am glad you are here, with your Positive thinking got you thru. I was told I had 3 months to live, I thought that's not a long time. What was I am going to do, so I fight to say live. 9 years running. also had two more times I was not to be here. But I am, So this New Year I wish you all the best, you will make it for a lifetime.
cld111 Premium
Wow, what an experience! I'm sure you have a different perspective on life now. I'm glad you were able to pull through and walk away from the hospital.

I'm glad it wasn't your time yet because you are an important part of this world, and especially of this WA community!

I hope 2019 is your best year yet.

Happy New Year!

- Christina
Bibian2 Premium
Hi, Jay, it is amazing that God kept you alive. Many people achieve success online through your teaching. He didn't allow your death may be because of this assignment. I am sure you are enjoying what you are doing. Keep it up you will receive an awesome reward from your maker. Happy survival and more prosperous years for you
JKulk1 Premium
All I could think about when I read your blog was how amazing you are. You have created so much useful training at WA. That training has helped many people to become successful. On a personal note, one of my goals for 2019 is to go through much of that training and use it to grow my own websites. We are all so fortunate that you made it through those terrible times. Happy New Year Jay and all the best for 2019. Jim
JohnGreg08 Premium
Happy Alive-ersary.

Mine was Nov 5, got into a serious car accident which is why I constantly remind myself not to take any opportunities for granted even though sometimes it seems impossible to achieve.

Like what you said we can do small steps at a time to finish a great journey.

marchanna Premium
small steps to big success, in this case, survival, wow!!

I guess the best step and milestone for me is becoming a premium member here at the end of November 2018.

So I expect major advances in my online presence in 2019.

cheers and Happy / Prosperous New Year to you and yours! Marc
Freisia Premium
Thank you for sharing your story. My husband had a very similar one where he suffered multiple organ failure, heart, lungs and kidneys all failed. He too came through after 3 weeks in and induced coma and then months of rehab. But it does go to show we can overcome some huge obstacles and still win.
You are right in saying it changes how you look at life.
You reevaluate all the things you thought were important and work out what really is important.
I hope you go on to achieve great things with your life.
Sending Many blessings Your Way
Marley2016 Premium
Thank you for sharing and Happy 4-Alive Anniversary
it is amazing how we feel when we get a second chance
at life!!

And I am so glad you are here with us - your training is
moving me along in the right direction much faster now
than when I started and I so appreciate this from the
bottom of my heart!

For 2019 - my goal is high I want to make Vegas in 2020
and considering where I am now it is a long hard road but
I refuse to give up.

Happy New Year
Susan (Marley2016)
christinebso Premium
Thank you for sharing your personal story and happy 4 years.

You are right. We all have big or small successes with WA. I know nothing about online business when I join WA. I have learn so much along the way.

Thank you for your training!

All the best to you in 2019!
Easy-Moneys Premium
Dear Jay,

Thank you so very much for sharing your very personal life-threatening Illness and your hard-earned journey back to health!

We never know our Wealthy Affiliate Colleagues’ amazing life histories unless they are willing enough to be vulnerable and trust us enough to share their truths!

You have shown a side of you that I and many others have not known...

I for one am honoured and glad you are with us to guide us!

Blessings to You & Yours Jay!

Dr Barb
AlexEvans Premium
Happy New Year , Jay,

That episode will stay with you, thank you for the inspiration you shared, we can all get so busy being busy, and forget to celebrate the small steps and progress we are making.

Not sure why, but 2019 seems to have a real buzz about it and I think we will see so many folks succeed.

As for breakthroughs, over the last couple of months the realization that if a project seems out of our reach, by breaking it down to small bite size chunks and leveraging off of the knowledge base here in side of WA we can all achieve.

Thanks for the motivating post.
RachaelChr Premium
Happy ALIVE-versary Jay and thanks for sharing your story. I have a similar story. My ALIVE-versary is the 19 April. On that day in 2005 I was admitted to hospital after an ulcer I had ruptured. I was sent by Ambulance to the emergency room of the hospital where they opened my tummy and found that the rupture had spread and caused Septicemia. I crashed twice. Once on the way in the ambulance where they had difficulty finding my pulse. The second time was when I arrived in the emergency area where they had to use paddles to restart my heart because I went into cardiac arrest and they lost me for a total of 2 minutes and 20 seconds. I ended up with Peritonitis as well as the Septicemia so my blood was very poisoned and I had to have several blood transfusions. I was placed in an induced coma. I was lucky that I was only 27 at the time so quite young and physically healthy so I was able to fight. There was no damage to my brain which was a concern at first and I walked out of hospital 4 and a half months later after a month in ICU and 3 and a half months in a rehab ward with a completely clean bill of health. So I know how much it means to get a second chance and I am so grateful to still be here. I thank my lucky stars every day that I pulled through without any long-term effects on my health. It has certainly made me think about what I do to my body. I don't drink (other than the occasional glass of wine or scotch, hey I'm still human), smoke or do drugs. I eat healthily and exercise every day. I take care of my body and feel great for it. But it's something that is always in the back of my mind and makes me appreciate life so much more as I'm sure you do too. Well done to you for reaching your 4 years. Cheers, Rachael
MKearns Premium
Thank goodness for ICU's!
RachaelChr Premium
Yup that seems to be the theme here. Hope I never need to stay in one ever again but I wouldn't be here without 'em so I'm pretty glad they were there when I needed them the most. I didn't want to leave the ICU actually the staff were awesome. I had the best conversations with the nurses, they have some interesting stories!
MKearns Premium
Glad you survived it, Rachel. One way is prevention. Fleeky gives some good exercise tips this morning!
clayharrison Premium
I am so thankful for you, Jay, and for your recovery. I am glad you are celebrating your 4 Year Alive versary! I, too, have experienced the desire to accomplish all I can, one step at a time, until I get there. I appreciate your encouragement to make those small goals happen.

I had neck surgery on January 22, 2016 for herniated disc replacements at C4, C5, and C6, with my 3 Year Alive versary, as you have so well described, coming up soon. I had an eight week recovery before I could go back to work, but only six days in the hospital. I have more energy and stamina than before.

I feel I have made a lot of progress being with Wealthy Affiliate since September the 5th, 2017. I am working on revisions of my blog site, and I have yet to make a sale. I am one to finish what I start and I hope to accomplish establishing my website on line in full production within the next six months.

I normally work three 12 hour nights a week. This Christmas season has been extremely busy with three weeks of five 12 hour nights. Your encouragement gives me the strength to carry on. Thanks for all you do for us... Clay Harrison
HeidiY Premium
Oh Jay that looks and sounds horrendous! So glad you are still here to share your ALIVE-versary.

My greatest success so far is to have a blog that is actually selling the product I reviewed and recommended (a whole 4 units sold so far, but hey who’s counting).

It is success because it proves to me that I can do this. It’s not just other people who have the skills and talent to make this work for them.

Looking forward to a smashing 2019. My milestones are set, my plan is in place, and this IS MY TIME to shine (with your help lol).
keishalina9 Premium
Happy New Year, Jay!

Best wishes for continued perfect health, success & wealth and for everything good in life & biz...

Enjoy it All! ... 😊

.... appreciate very much all of your fabulous on-line training sessions! ... thank you!

Cheerio ... ⭐️🎈⭐️
Cazza12 Premium
Happy New Year Jay!

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing story. It was not your time to leave, the Universe definitely had your back, it knew you had more to share and accomplish in your life and hey, WA would not be the same without you.

My most recent milestone was receiving my first Amazon commission, not much, but a start, so extremely grateful to WA and yourself for the training, wonderful WAbinars and support.

All the best in 2019!

Cheers Caz :)
Jadatherapy Premium

Yes those small steps brought you here. AMAZING

Food for thought

Don't Count the Days
Let the days count.

Thank you for sharing

To be honest I am finding it hard to write this comment. That picture is, well it touched me because right now there is someone I know that is in intensive care.

My family and I were just saying today that life is too short to treat it as a dress rehearsal.

Here's to making it happen in 2019 Jay

Happy and successful New Year

Cav1966 Premium
So many little accomplishments this past year but also a lot of roadblocks that I have had to overcome. From starting with Wealthy Affiliate to a car crash with a drunk driver that thankfully I walked away from with only 2 broken bones. Roadblocks didnt stop there either,ended up losing a job do to that accident (hard to do job with broken hand) LOL roadblock - ended up losing my trailer evicted roadblock to relocating to oregon (didnt work out) to living in my car (major roadblock) to almost losing my websites I say almost because I had 3 days before deletion (whew)
HOWEVER through ALL of it my milestones have been way numerous than the roadblocks most here at Wealthy Affiliate!! I have seen my sites grow in spite of everything above I managed to keep writing articles, some even got ranked! I managed to make a few commissions outside of WA because of Wa training and today Jan 1 thanks to the site comments 2.0 I managed to get a commission of 57.00 from Wealthy Affiliate!!
Plus a ton of other milestones including inspiration and motivation from our wonderful members here at times when I needed it most.
I will be forever grateful.
If you think you can do it you can!!!!!
Calh60 Premium
Wow, first off, we're all glad you made it through your ordeal. Today, my most successful milestone is living to see another year starting. We take far too much for granted. It doesn't take a rocket scientist much to figure out that health is of the utmost importance. Everything we do after that is an accomplishment.

Happy New Year!
scottyb2good Premium
I simply do a daily responding to a feedback for someones sight and I creep my W.A. rank a little at a time upward to the 200 mark. It's a goal that takes a little time away from site work but a goal non-the-less. Still pushing to making my first sale though I've been here awhile........................Scotty B ♫
SCash Premium
Wow really puts things in perspective. I have always been with companies where there was no individuality everyone promoted the same products and had the same replicated website so I can’t believe just over a year ago I set up my own beautiful website.

I now know that I won’t break it so I am now comfortable adding different plugins to increase functionality and appearance. Most of my articles rank within a week or two. Thanks to WA I have learned much and I am sure I will get the desired traffic in 2019!
magistudios Premium
WOW Sheryl!!!

So many amazing accomplishments you have achieved.
Simply awesome - congratulations!!
Lazyblogger Premium
Looking back I have so many things to thankful for and I am certain that there is a higher power that is in control and that he cares.

I really believe that 2019 is going to play a major part in my life and I will accomplish all that I had set out when I first started my online business over 10 years now. Happy to be here and thank you for posting.
AlenkaV Premium
Wow, very glad you pulled through and are here to tell this particular tale, inspiring and encouraging us all here at WA.

I really like your webinars and even my 3yr old twins recognize you now and say: "Hi, Jay!" when they see you on the computer screen (I often listen to your webinars while ironing or cooking).

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!
magistudios Premium
Hi Alenka,

That is totally awesome!
Be sure to let me know their names and will say Hi back! :)
AlenkaV Premium
That is so nice of you! Their names are Marija and Aleksandar :)

Thank you :)
SondraM Premium
Jay, you have been such an integral part to the WA experience, that I can not imagine what things would have been like without you.

Happy 4th ALIVE-versary. I will do my best to try to heed your advise each and every day this year.

Happy New Year!!! I hope that it is YOUR best year yet. I know it is going to be mine.
waawaawaa4 Premium
I am glad you were able to survive and recover from a life-threatening sepsis. I cared for a loved one who underwent a life-threatening medical emergency. I am also reminded how precious and fragile life is, to be grateful for the simple things in life, and to look at the bigger picture and make time for things that matter.

My most recent successful milestone? setting up my website....Many more milestones to come as I go through the training at Wealthy Affiliate!

Wishing you all the best for 2019!
phollett Premium
A great reminder Jay and glad you are doing well and having much success now.There has been so many milestones here, especially since all I knew to do was email and go into a website, and now I have just finished my 37th blog post. I wish you all the best for 2019.

NatNiches Premium
Great Jay - so good to hear your story and so pleased you made that recovery.
I think my progress has been relatively slow, but the main thing is, I never gave up :). I have broke a decent four-figures a month since late 2018 and I'm excited about what 2019 will bring :)
halinphilly Premium
Geeez! I am so sorry to hear you went through such an ordeal, Jay, but ecstatic for you for surviving. I was in the hospital that same year recovering from Stage 3 Colorectal Cancer, so I, too, am a 2014 surviver.

This year, I am starting a podcast. My debut episode will be in the third week of this month, so - I'm kicking off the New Year with something truly new for me. I built the website for my podcast right here in WA, so it's all connected. All I ask is a few positive vibes in return. Come on you guys... We Got This!

HAPPY ALIVE-versary, Jay! Happy New Year, Everyone!!

Hal Aaron
kezsam-Sam-F Premium
Glad to hear you chose to think positively about your situation and further more chose to reflect on life afterwards. Being gratiful for life and appreciating what you have and have done is awesome.

I recently watched a youtube speech, in the speech, we were reminded to spend just 17 seconds each day to practise graititude. With a side comment if you can't spare 17 seconds on yourself a day then you don't deserve to be happy in the first place.

Keep up the great work Jay
Rod4Hire Premium
Well I had caught up on my E-mails, might not sound like much but I was away for a week.

Tomorrow I will post a page about my in-laws, is it natural to like your in-laws? and then post daily through the week on the experiences.

PS; thank you for sharing, I will be hoping and waiting for your next blog.
magistudios Premium
Great to hear Rod that you're caught up on your E-mails!
hugh9905 Premium
Thank you for sharing your ALIVE-versary story, Jay. I'm so glad that you made it though. It would be a lot less fun without you in WA, Jay. I've always enjoyed your live training sessions.

After following your live training sessions for over a year, I finally made up my mind to go into the local SEO niche. Just registered my LLC at the end of November. I cannot go full-time in the business right now as I need my job to pay for the bills. But I do know that I don't have a future in the corporate world. I am looking forward to learning local SEO in depth and other code ninja tricks in 2019.

Happy new year and see you live on Friday. :)

magistudios Premium
Congrats Hugh on your move into the local SEO business!
denkweise Premium
I'm glad that you have decided to make the most out of life instead of just 'getting through the day'. Too many people wait to do something they want to do, be it write a book, record a song, or start a site.

You've decided to live life to the fullest and use it not just for yourself but to help inspire others, and that is very special!
1signbanner Premium
WhoAA, nice to hear you recovered my brother. Things I personally took for granted could've been gone.

We want you to get well Jay. I will pray a strong recovery.

Waldmann Premium
Thanks for the post, Jay. One thing is it does put everything in perspective. I like how you take the time to smell the roses (small victories) on your way to what you would consider big wins! (Like staying alive)

May the universe continue to bless you. I thank you for all the hard work you put in to help each of us be that more successful.
FKelso Premium
So glad you made it through your hospital confinement okay. We need you around for a while!

Most recent successful milestone -- finally got that dratted GDPR compliance thing settled. Took me 3 weeks, because I kept making little mistakes during set-up. Ignorance slowed my progress. However, it's all okay now.
magistudios Premium
Congrats Fran on your recent successful milestone!!
sminman7 Premium
Wow! Thank you for sharing your story. We are so glad you are here to tell us about it! Thank you for the message, and thank you for the training webinars! Have a great new year!
Michael Inman
TheCatherine Premium
it seems like only yesterday. What happened to those four years. Enjoy your anniversary
gartnerf Premium
Wow, Jay, I had no idea how close you came to not being with us anymore! I think sometimes it takes coming close to leaving this world that helps you really truly appreciate the little things in life. We all tend to become complacent with our lives, taking for granted the small things that bring us happiness and joy each day. We always want more and rarely look and acknowledge how far we have come in our life's journey. I appreciate you sharing this life altering story with us and reminding us to reflect on our successes and the small things that bring us joy, happiness and peace.

Hopefully, you have no lasting effects of the sickness and only the continued reflection of appreciating what's important in life! Happy New Year my friend!!!
LCEndahl Premium
We both have a lot to be grateful. Was in a similar situation in May '15. I had MRSR, pneumonia, and a collapsed left long. I was put in a medically induced coma, and they told my husband it was touch and go.

But here I am, and there you are. Thank you, Jay, for reminding me just how blessed I really am.

I'm glad that you got well. Getting this sick puts everything in perspective, It was behind me, and I forgot about it.

Happy New Year Jay!!
=) Laura
martin45040 Premium
Jay, congratulations on the fourth anniversary of your "re-birth"! I can't imagine what it was like, but I count myself blessed that I have the opportunity of you being my coach.

On my end of the "boat" I have a seven day old brand new grandson. Someone that I can can coach through his life.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

HalimNajm Premium
Glad to see you made it through that horrible situation and hope you are not feeling any discomfort
CandP Premium
Wow, Jay, thanks for sharing this incredible story. It goes to show how we should treasure each day and enjoy doing business and being with people we love because it is all hanging on a gossamer thread.

Your friends in Ecuador,

Colette and Philip
Reymott Premium
Hi Jay, we are all glad you made it. This community would not have been the same without you.
chief14nj Premium
Thank you, very inspirational. Must have been scary