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Last Update: August 07, 2018

On another post, a member (Pinkthistle) mentioned she wished there was a way to do her on line shopping through links here, to help out and support WA members. I think Pinkthistle's idea is a good one. I have been struggling to get enough traffic so that I can get Amazon sales.

I have had Amazon close my probationary amazon associate accounts 2x, and a third is looming. I think it would be great if WA had a platform where members could post a short description (for a product) with an affiliate link in a kind of on line WA store. All of these little posts would be in categories of course, respective of the niches.

If I needed to shop on Amazon for instance (which I do a lot, especially at Christmas), I would rather help out another WA member here than order something to give a commission to a non member. I could simply go to the WA 'product link store', and order what I need through their link, whether it be the product that they are advertising or simply use their amazon link.

There would probably have to be a limit per week or month of how many products with links that a member could post into this 'WA product link store' or it could get crazy but..... I love the idea

Something to think about?

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firstlearn Premium
Sounds like an excellent Idea to me.

joe12345 Premium
I think that would be a great idea.
nsilva2270 Premium
excellent idea. maybe the powers that be will give it a consider.
Memorylaneuk Premium
While it is not allowed, I am sure Kyle and Carson are listening and maybe if they can find a way to do it fairly then they will add something a bit like site comments for example
With Grace and Gratitude
Chris2005 Premium Plus
Not allowed per WA policy. I use website I comment on or look under profiles if I want to help a specific person.
Maddy55 Premium
I know it's not allowed now. My point is that I think it could be a great idea to build a platform like I described for the benefit of everyone.
LennyBianc Premium
where do I find the Associates store id