My first Sales conversion and first couple of dollars earned

Last Update: December 14, 2017

So far I've been driving traffic to my site through a couple of niches that I'm running a campaign for. It is a paid campaign through Google AdWords that I am testing and utilizing to drive traffic and traction to my site.

It has been about a week since I started the campaign and had over 200+ visitors/sessions and one sales conversion.

The other interesting progress I have is that my Adsense ads started to also get CTR boost. Yesterday (Dec 5) was when I earned my first dollar and within just today I earned over $3 with 3 clicks.

Lastly, I've also built an email list and am starting to see people signing up to my list, which are basically assets that I'm building.

All in all I had progress in three different streams, which are first affiliate link sales conversion, first few dollars with Adsense and subscribers opting into my email list.

I know these are not crazy results but basically these are my first couple of bucks earnings since I've put up my website back in October so it is a definite progress indeed. It took roughly about a couple of months until I saw some results. Granted my paid advertising in Google AdWords still cost me more than my earnings here but it only proves money can still be made.

I will rinse and repeat from here until I lower my cost and increase my revenue eventually.

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ValerieJoy Premium Plus
Mark, those are encouraging results with such a young website. It usually takes longer than two months to see any income at all.

And well done to you for going with Google Adwords at such an early stage. I had experience with Adwords some years ago and I remember watching the expenditure as against earnings.

I'm pleased to know you are earning with Adsense. Although not the greatest earnings I think of Adsense as easy money.

All the best.
mac217 Premium
Thanks Valerie!
Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome, nice work. Over $1 per click can really start to add up to a sizeable income as you start to build out traffic on your website.

Keep up the great work Mark!
mac217 Premium
Thanks Kyle. The trainings and the community that you and Carson have built here at WA is truly encouraging and inspiring.