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Just wanted to quickly share this speech by 8 division world boxing champ Senator Manny Pacquiao at Cambridge University.Be inspired and be an inspiration.For most of us majority here at WA who are trying to build a successful online business, always get back up when you get knocked down and never give up.Have a wonderful day everyone.Here's the link to Sen. Manny Pacquiao's speech.
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First year anniversaryI've officially passed my one year anniversary here at WA. I can say, I've learned a great deal my website up and runningbeen blogging consistently in the first half of my one year but it kinda slowed down latelyI would say my writing has improved and it's become easier to write blogs that are in the thousands of wordsmost of my content are getting indexed by Google though I'm yet to hit first page in any of themhave been seeing some organic traffic flow to my w
So far I've been driving traffic to my site through a couple of niches that I'm running a campaign for. It is a paid campaign through Google AdWords that I am testing and utilizing to drive traffic and traction to my site.It has been about a week since I started the campaign and had over 200+ visitors/sessions and one sales conversion.The other interesting progress I have is that my Adsense ads started to also get CTR boost. Yesterday (Dec 5) was when I earned my first dollar and within just to
This Black Friday special by WA is indeed a very good deal. I took advantage of it quickly as soon as it became available.I do see myself staying around here for quite some time and this investment is definitely a good one.I am still working in adding more content to my website more consistently and regularly but I do believe with hard work this will eventually pay off.Thanks WA for all the support!
It is quite an interesting journey learning a ton of things here in WA so far. I am fairly new here, about less than two months, but I feel I've already learned a lot. The certification courses are insightful and has helped me in so many ways.I've completed establishing my own website. And that included registering for my own domain name, building my website, publishing several pages and posts. My writing stats is pretty good thus far as it is at 5/5 rating. I intend to keep the trend going and