OMG what a ride. woohoooo

Last Update: May 11, 2016

So this is it for me, I am sure of it!

This year has been great for me, but I'll be honest here... not without its struggles.

I have 3 websites and I spent most of last year from end of June (when I found WA) working on my WA online marketing website.

I ignored my online baby store for many reasons and at the beginning of this year decided to close my online store and change it to a mommy blog. It has been so much work making that change I won't even try go into it.

I did do some posts on my WA online marketing website, but I was trapped sorting out other things.

I have now finalized almost all of those changes and started looking at my WA website last week, doing some planning and some thinking.

Anyway this is the result! My organic traffic was kinda hanging around the same mark all year until Monday. Check this out!

And you know what? Since I joined WA last year June I have become a different person. The way I see things and the way I do things has completely changed.

It has been an amazing and beautiful journey for me. I love the fact I have finally found the perfect place to help me reach my dreams.

Not only my website is flying, I check my Youtube channel and almost every video is ranking on the first page of Youtube...

All I can say is... bring on the money!

Because I have bills to pay, I have debt to pay off, I have school fees to pay, a house to buy, a new car to buy, a new laptop to buy and some new equipment for doing better Youtube videos... oh and while I'm at it, I'll throw in a full time maid because damn I hate cleaning!

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JudeP Premium
I'm with oyu on the maid lol! Great progress, I'm so pleased for you :)
LynneHuy Premium
And a cook... and a full time au pair...hell lets throw in a masseuse hahaha
paulgoodwin Premium
Great to see this and lets hope the views come on strong!!!
LynneHuy Premium
Paul it is increasing by the minute... it is a rollercoaster.. I am so excited.
paulgoodwin Premium
well this is what happens after abut a year I am told - Jovo gave some excellent examples of people who nearly gave up but then at the last minute the views started to climb very quickly so I am hoping that it is your turn
Jeg12 Premium
Such an amazing story. Well done, and cheers to great success ahead.

Rmaisey Premium
Wow very inspiring, what was is that you did to get such an increase in traffic?!
LynneHuy Premium
Haha.. if I told you I would have to kill you! I'll inbox you.
tansa Premium
Whoa nice! Keep up the good work! :)