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Last Update: March 17, 2016

It feels like I have not been on WA for ages but it has been less than a week since I was here.

On the weekend my parents came to stay as it was sports day at my kids playschool on Saturday.... it was awesome! My 2 year old won his race so I am very proud.

Then on Monday night hubby and I woke up because my son was coughing a lot and then he was struggling to breath. It was so terrifying I can't even come close to explaining how I panicked.

We had the pediatrician on the phone and I was getting ready to take him into ER when he started settling down a bit and breathing ok. So we didn't go to the hospital but I couldn't sleep at all after that. I stayed awake listening to him breathing all night.

Tuesday morning we took him to the pediatrician and he has caught a virus which has gone to his chest. I have had him home all week and I am nebulising him every 2 hours.

Considering that each time I nebulise him it takes 20 - 30 minutes and then all the other meds I am also giving him takes time to administer. Giving loads of meds to a 2 year old is not fun and it takes time and skill!

So this means I do a round of nebulising and meds which can take up to 1 hour to get done. Then we have a little rest, I have a cup of coffee, perhaps a snack and then it feels like we just do the next round. Day 3 and I am exhausted.

But if I can just keep this up for another day or so it means we can manage this at home. I've done a week in hospital with my daughter when she was 6 months old and it was one of the most unpleasant and worrying experiences of my life.

There is just no time or energy for anything but looking after my poor boy!

Then it is school holidays coming up next week... we can send our kids during the holidays but I only recently took them out of aftercare and started picking them up at 12 instead of 5pm. I also promised my daughter that she would be spending time at home during holidays and also going away.

So not sure where this leaves me now with my work because this week was going to be my work my ass off week so I have extra content saved, so I can just push publish and then spend time with my kids.

I must just remember that this too shall pass and I will come out the other side just fine! And I must be grateful I am able to look after my children when they are ill, that I am able to take all this time to be there for them when they need me most.

So sorry but I won't manage to be around much for a while, my family comes first.

Catch you all on the other side! Have a wonderful Easter :)

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JudeP Premium
Hey Lynne, I hope little man gets better very quickly. I know how scary that can be - I remember when we thought my daughter had meningitis, one of the most frightening times of my life. Take care of yourself too and rest when you can. See you when you are ready :)
LynneHuy Premium
Oh that must have been terrible! I am a panic mom when it comes to my kids getting ill.
JudeP Premium
It was, fortunately it turned out not to be that but the ride in the ambulance to the ER was one of the longest journeys of my life!
Maggie2016 Premium
Hi Lynne. Sorry to hear about your son. Glad he's on the road to recovery. Our children needs can often derail best laid plans! But time does pass so fast and when they need us, they need us! My daughter has been ill this week, so I've had to postpone some goals I'd set myself this week. But we'll get there. Have a wonderful Easter too. Best, Maggie
LynneHuy Premium
Hi Maggie

Yes my kids derail most of my plans hahaha... but I love them so much and it is all worth it.
iainclarke Premium
So glad to hear that your boy is over the worst. Life is all about priorities and I'm sure family comes top of everyone's list.
SadieChan Premium
Hi Lynne, Glad to hear from you. Yes, can be a hard for the Mum when the children get sick. Hope the boy is ok now and do take care. Regards Sadie.
LynneHuy Premium
He seems fine now, the breathing at night is fine... just the odd cough. But she said when night comes the change from warm to cold is not good for him and that is when he has a problem.
marianetlife Premium
Hi Lynne!
I definitely understand what are you saying and it can feel frustrating sometimes not being able to work as much as you should/wanted, but as you said it passes and we should be grateful for the time we can spend with our children. Take care and have strength to carry on with wa even if it seems difficult sometimes.
I hope your baby gets well soon!
LynneHuy Premium
Thanks Maria :)