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Last Update: May 31, 2018

Today I was phoned by a courier company saying they had a delivery for me and would I be home in the afternoon... it wasn't a very good line so I didn't know what it was about and said yes I would be home.

I went to fetch my kids and forgot about it. We had lunch and then my phone rang - the delivery was here and would I open the gate.

It was a surprise hamper from one of our local bread suppliers - a huge bag filled to the brim with sweets and easy mix muffins, pancakes and scones.

The driver told me he was with a marketing company and can he take some photos so I posed with my daughter in the wind outside trying to avoid letting him into my untidy home LOL.

He had driven all the way from Cape Town (150km each way) to deliver this hamper in person.

I'm starting to feel important LOL. And of course my kids are happy as can be and were on a sugar rush of note all afternoon!

What an awesome Thursday afternoon surprise.

And sorry I've been so quiet - I have been so busy with work the last few weeks!

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SachiKashi Premium
Wow - how awesome! You're getting some returns on your efforts.
JillAlexaVA Premium
What fun. Going through to see what is inside the hamper.
LynnB1 Premium
They look so happy that's great and a big surprise for all of you.
Hollshope Premium
What a wonderful surprise. It's so nice to feel important!
wendyg53 Premium
That's wonderful! Your kids are adorable!
kimgwinter Premium
What a lovely surprise!
Stella2 Premium
That's awesome, Lynne!
Your kids are adorable. What sweeties.
Being busy with work sounds like a good reason to be quiet. lol ;-)
IanHarvey Premium
Looks like you may need a hamper from the dentist after that lot [just kidding!]
laurenjean Premium
Hahahaha... that's cool, Lynne! I also wouldn't have wanted to let the courier into my messy house. Enjoy all those sweeties. Just loving how things keep coming to you - big and small.
davehayes Premium
Wow what a great Inspiring post, thanks for sharing and well done
RikaSF Premium
Great gift. You must also feel like a kid Lynn. Being rewarded with sweeties because you were good:))

If you start blogging about everything you have on your shopping list every month you might just get all your groceries for free.:))
Genelda Premium
Wow, that's freaking awesome! I bet they are going to enjoy those nice treats. Nice going, Lynne. :D
dbriley Premium
That would be a surprise, I am happy that you are make great progress it really shows that this works.
CarolMeador Premium
Wow! That was a surprise! What was the occasion? Were they just wanting advertising photos? Carol
LynneHuy Premium
I guess they were after free promotion and they got it because of course I shared some posts on my social media accounts and tagged them!
CarolMeador Premium
That's amazing! A win-win for both of you!
heljam404A Premium
shelley8492 Premium
That was really nice if them!
EKaye1 Premium
A nice surprise for you all.
JackieSmith Premium
What a lovely surprise!
Kerjackie Premium
A nice surprise for you and for your beautiful children, they must feel in the heaven!
ValerieJoy Premium
What a wonderful surprise, Lynne. And, such happy and beautiful children :)
marmar463 Premium
Wow, that was a nice surprise for you and your kids. That is great no bad for a Thursday afternoon. Your children are cute.
PatsyC Premium
Hi Lynne, nice surprise and very thoughtful.

You have beautiful children, they look so happy :)
LouisaB Premium
Awesome Surprise!
AlanJE Premium
Fantastic surprise, Best Alan
beachwood Premium
Pretty awesome!
ElaineSmith1 Premium
Awesome!!! A welcome surprise!!! Bet you and your kids just loved it!!!

Tried and True

manne13666 Premium
That's awesome! Don't you love little surprise gifts like that? I'm happy things are going well for you.

Take care,