Being True to Me

Last Update: June 17, 2016

I just have to share this with you all!

So the longer I work online and the more I write the more I am coming into my own. The more I am being true to myself.

Maybe I can explain it better like this. When I first started writing online I was so worried about what people would think, so worried about being "professional" and what do people want to read... how would they like me to write...

I did ok like this, yes... but the more I write the less I care about how I should be doing it and do it the way I like doing it. I care less about whether people like me or not. I care about being me and not being afraid to be me.

And the results have been incredible!

For starters I find it so much easier just writing what feels great to me. It goes so much quicker and I don't have to think so much.

And the other result is that I am getting real engagement on my websites, on my youtube videos and on social media.

Um so not all of this engagement is happy stuff though, some people really hate me.

And you know what?

That is GREAT too. Not everyone will like me, some people will just take a look at my face and despise me. This is not my problem.

It gets people into a frothy on my website, my supporters get worked up and my haters well, they do what they do and spew out hate speech in my comments... but it means my readers are doing a lot of my work for me. I can just sit back and watch the discussions.

What I have found out is that this is great for my website rankings and people are coming back to watch the show!

I would rather have loads of people that really love my work and another huge bunch of people that really despise me.... than have everyone not know who the hell I am or care who I am.

I am being noticed and I am making an impact.

Happy Friday to you all, whether you love me or hate me... have a blast!

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Ecowarrior Premium
Great blog and I love your work and reading all your blogs! Keep it up!
paulgoodwin Premium
Exactly - stay true to yourself as that is the way forward!!!
dorina62 Premium
Nice!I do not have any reason to hate you or other WA member!Cheers!
Dreamer56 Premium
Great to hear from you Lynne you know where I stand
JudeP Premium
You are so right Lynne, they say all publicity is good publicity. The haters have their own problems lol. Keep on doing what you're doing :)