2 Months at Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: August 24, 2015

Here is my update for 2 months at Wealthy Affiliate. I set such high goals for myself to achieve between 1 month and 2 months here... and I have only achieved one: to get in the Top 200. I didn't know why I set that goal but I am so glad I did or I would not have achieved any of my goals for 2 months!

The reason I have not gotten much done is quite simple. What I have been through in the last 6 weeks:

1) Had tonsils removed

2) Landed up in ER vomiting blood and guts 2 days later

3) Got thrush in my mouth and couldn't eat or drink anything at all for 4 days!

4) Got stomach bug

5) My 20 month old son got stomach bug too!

6) Recovered from stomach bug, got flu

7) While I had flu I got another stomach bug

8) Recovered from all above and got bladder infection, was so bad I was peeing my pants

9) Recovered from all above, started eating and had no energy, nothing, nada

During all of the above I moved my office premises back home, painted old premises, retrenched my personal assistant, found a dumped puppy and nursed back to health...

I am now physically well but struggling with my energy levels which is quite frankly no surprise!

My goals for the next month are to just take it slow and make sure I get healthy again, get my energy levels back and start picking up with new pages and posts on my 4 websites. I have not added any new content for 6 weeks!

Wishing everyone a great month ahead!

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RonCramer Premium
Good luck on your return to health! At least you can sit down and blog while you rest!
LynneHuy Premium
OL Good point. Nothing like blogging in bed :)
VitaliyG Premium
Sucks to hear you had to go through all this Lynne :(, but I'm glad you're getting better (and your son too!). Hoping this is all permanently behind you.
LynneHuy Premium
Thanks Vitaliy :) Health is much better, just don't want to overdo it and get ill again!
FrancinaM Premium
Rest is what you need. Even if you didn't add pages you did achieve something. The painting, moving, taking care of the puppy and firing your PA...lol. hope you listen to your body and rest
LynneHuy Premium
Thanks Francina :) I had to force myself not to put goals down for the month! Otherwise I will be pushing myself to achieve them. I hate being physically ill, it just doesn't suit my personality!
PIOFJR Premium
Wishing you full recovery to achieve your next goal. Take care!
LynneHuy Premium
Thank you!
Thischick Premium
Take care of yourself and your health Lynne. You are more important than posts and pages right now.
LynneHuy Premium
Yes! That is why I have NO goals for this month. It is so hard because I struggle to do nothing and rest.