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Hello everyone! Last year when a good friend suggested I check out WA, I was a little hesitant as I thought a website was over my head, out of my reach, and just plain scary. But she gave me encouragement and I have been plugging along on my site. Now I am jumping right in to really understand the system, take all the classes and learn all I can from WA members.

I have worked for Economic Consultants, been in Banking Operations and recently ran a Security Company. Life is full of surprises! And I just love that.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ and have a Christian website open to all. My hope is to create a pathway where people can hear the Gospel no matter where they live and no matter what country they live in. Where all people can have access to the Bible. A pathway where people can pray for persecuted Christians around the world. Where people can hear the truth of Christ and no matter what their circumstances in life, know there is always hope in Christ. This is a place where all can share their thoughts and views in a respectful manner. A place where we can encourage and support each other.

I have a passion to make all Christian products and materials available to people anywhere in the world. I know there are many people who cannot get out and shop or simply have no access to buy things that interest them. I hope to help fill that void and make Christian products easily available to all who are interested. Thank you Kyle and Carson! And many thanks to my good friend who suggested this to begin with.

I am blessed,
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LeonilaT Premium
Lyn thank you, nice to meet you and thanks for the follow, I appreciate it very much. WA I'm loving it, I'm exited to know you are there as well, stand up for our Almighty God, Jesus Christ the author and the finisher of our faith. Spread the Word. God bless you. May you prosper in this endeavor.
lynndrew Premium
Hi Leonila,
I just love your profile and so enjoy meeting other sisters in Christ. Let's stay in touch and I will be visiting your website in a few mintues. Thanks so much for the followback and to God be the glory!

The Lord is my rock,
VinceOKeefe Premium
Hi Lynn - you asked me for feedback in another string - I love the profile a really good start! I'm going to check out the web site, and, as believers, we can certainly hope and pray that your site reaches the lost, and win them to the Kingdom!

Blessings & Success,

happyjo689 Premium
Dear Lynn
thanks for the follow, means so much to newbie like me. I visited ur great site and perfect for those believers, so much inspiration. When I look at the websites of members here who have been here and had success, then I know I am on the right path.

more blessings to you and your work Lynn!
lynndrew Premium
Thank you Jo for the very kind and sweet words!
You have many interests and talents so you are on the right path here. It is such a great opportunity that Kyle and Carson have given us. Please feel free to ask any questions. If I don't have the answer, others will!! :)) You are surrounded by people who want to help and want to see you succeed. Take those "baby steps" and enjoy the adventure!

Continued blessings to you and your family,
NWTDennis Premium
Hello Lynn ... thank you for the follow. By now you know this is not going to be easy, and it definitely will take some time. The learning curve is steep and the task will be digitally challenging.

But here's the good news. If you'll apply PPD and just keep moving forward you will soon realize you are getting it. Your best resource (besides Kyle's Training) will be the WA search bar where you will find discussion and member training on almost anything you get stuck on. Oh ... PPD = patience, persistence, determination.

Don't be afraid to ask questions in either blog form or on your Questions Tab at the top of your profile page.

I wish you the best on your WA journey.
lynndrew Premium
Thank you so much! You are very kind and I so appreciate your encouragement. :)

FlorenceKi Premium
Thanks for the follow Lynn. Do stay connected. I too joined WA last year and never regret since then. My blog was build from nothing to almost completing and now I focus on getting subscribers. Well, blogging to success is indeed a journey that need lots of persistent, hard work and time. Do pm me if there's anything you need or want to share. Cheers!

Florence Ki from Malaysia
The Blogger who Loves Marketing Tools
lynndrew Premium
Thank you so very much Florence! I just love the way you think and your awesome creativity. And thank you for the invite to pm, as I will do so.