Watching out for each other!

Last Update: September 21, 2017

It is heartbreaking to see the devastation happening in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and so many other places. But seeing so many people helping each other is remarkable and I hope no one misses the compassion and heroism of everyday folks. God bless them all and may the hurting find relief. It just always reminds me to be thankful for everything everyday, as we never know when our lives could be turned upside down.

Let's look around to see how we can help those in need in whatever way we can. Next time, it may be us.

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JulietAA Premium
Lots of prayers to them all.
lynnsam61 Premium
I echo your thoughts. We made a small donation recently and every little bit helps.
AlejandraB Premium
My prayers with all of them,
spurway Premium Plus
I feel the same, it is so nice that people start to grow over themselves and helping each other. It is such a warm feeling and it feels good to know we still do care.
ShuiHyen Premium
My prayer to them!