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Last Update: October 20, 2014

It was Hemingway who said "There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed".

Writing is an important part of being a member at Wealthy Affiliate. It is obvious that writing for our blogs and websites helps give us visibility, thus increases the possibility of getting visitors to whatever we are promoting.

Then we have those days when we scratch our heads about what to write that might interest others. They even have a name for it 'writer's block".

I love writing and I do my fair share of it daily trying to keep up with my blogs and website. Though I thoroughly enjoy it, it gets tiring sometimes.

I am certain that it is the same for some of you. What do we do then?

There are some simple tricks that I found useful at times like these.

  • Reading other people's writing - Reading other people's blogs and Press Releases opens up a vault of ideas from which there are many topics that we can choose.
  • Rereading your journal - If you keep a journal going through it and rereading some of your own thoughts and ideas will reveal topics that you can write about..
  • Your notes - I keep lots of notes from training webinars and other things that I learn while working on my business. Hidden in those notes are many topics that can be used for a blog post or Press Release.
  • Daily Experiences - Every day we have new experiences and many of these experiences are worth sharing. Many people enjoy reading about little anecdotes from other people's lives so share these stories.
  • News items - Watching or reading the news is another great place to get ideas to write about.

There are a multitude of sources that we can use to trigger ideas so that we have a steady flow of topics to write about. The above five are just a few I thought I would share.

Now all that is left for us to do is get busy and go to press.

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Sui_generis Premium
Great list of tips and you laid it out so well.
tmmom Premium
Thank you, Lylette! Great info.
mlshands Premium
I needed to read this today because I've been struggling with my writing. Thank you for the encouragement and tips.
Lylette Premium
You are very welcome Melanie. I wrote this for myself as much as to encourage others. Sometimes my brain just freezes up and I have no idea what to write then I realized that ideas and topics are all around me. Glad it helped you. Have a blessed Monday
CarlaIves Premium
Great tips on finding things to write about, Lylette! It's not so hard if you keep your eyes open.
Lylette Premium
Thanks Carla. Yep it is not so hard indeed but sometimes we lose focus so this is my way of reminging myself and others. Smile.
davyrobot Premium
Hi Lylette! -

How are you today?

You know - you have got this - all worked out!

Keep on - keeping on! :)
Lylette Premium
Hi David I'm great and I do wish I had it all worked out, but thank you anyway. I must humbly say I am learning as I go along and as I learn I share. Have a blessed Monday.