My Google Plus Milestone - a Blessing or a Curse?

Last Update: December 17, 2016

Last week I hit the Google Plus limit of 5,000 followed profiles on my personal Google+ account. I've had my account for many years, this didn't come overnight. Up to this point I've always followed those that have followed me, but now I'm having to make choices.

Since joining Wealthy Affiliate just over six months ago, I've made it my daily habit to follow all of our members that entered their G+ account on Kyle's post at as they went through their initial training. My hope was to provide exposure of the new accounts to a broad audience and give their fledgling websites a jumpstart. I also use this as a gauge to show how many of our new members are taking their new business seriously and actually going through and executing on the Wealthy Affiliate training.

Now that my account is maxed out, I'm having to cut some in order to keep adding our new members. The method I've chosen to cut profiles is by their recent activity. I'm sorting all the profiles by recent activity and then cutting from the bottom. I really wish that I could keep everyone, but I can't.

I really hope that this adds value to our new members and their Wealthy Affiliate experience. Please join me in sharing the great content that our members are creating. No one gains anything from great content if it's not seen.

If I've inadvertently missed following your Google+ account, please let me know. There's a link to my Google+ account on my profile page.

To your massive success, Kevin

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shashe Premium
Terrific attitude, Kevin. Also very true. I try to follow as many members as I can. It is hard to view all the great stuff though so kudos to you! May God Smile on you in 2017. shary
jtaienao Premium
Thanks Kevin for you useful post. Your method makes total sense and I understand your reasoning.

DonFranks Premium
The two lessons I have gleaned from this post is, make the tough decisions and manage time wisely. Thanks Lundquik for this piece.
Paul1916 Premium
Thanks Kevin, I will try to keep the activity level high enough for you!
MPollock Premium
Nice work and thin out the ones that do not comment back or help etc.