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Last Update: September 01, 2017

Just wanted to take a few minutes to share my experience thus far with Wealthy Affiliate. I joined some weeks ago not knowing what really to expect. Like many of us, I have tried other affiliate programs only to be discouraged and learning little from the process.

Wealthy Affiliate is different. Although I still have not made a dime through affiliate marketing, I do believe that I am beginning to lay a solid foundation in order to do so. the training modules have been awesome, and I try to get through at least a couple of lessons each day.

The one area that I do struggle, is in the area of technology. My biggest frustrations, thus far, have dealt with aspects of technology. Setting up my Wordpress blog, posting to Google +, etc. have caused some stressful moments. Fortunately, with some helpful information from members here at WA, I was able to complete the task at hand.

Hopefully, I will be able to supplement my retirement income within a year, making things a little easier for myself. Being a huge animal lover, I decided to focus on a niche relating to dogs, and providing insight on the food we feed our beloved pets. Time to move forward!

I wish all of you the best in your endeavors,


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RSmutz Premium
Hi Luke, I enjoyed your post. I also have chosen a niche having to do with dogs! I haven't gotten very far with it yet but I will soon be able to share it with you and maybe get your feedback.
Best wishes for great success!
CraigW315 Premium
I am glad that you found the help you needed to get started and I wish you all the best going forward.I know there are times when things can be pretty frustrating or overwhelming, but taking everything one step at a time and asking for help as needed certainly does make the road easier.
@RICH. Premium
Congrats. on your progress, here's wishing you every success! :)
doug631 Premium
Great niche and congrat's on your progress so far.
I'm not a techie either, sometimes it does get frustrating. Yesterday I had an update for my theme and processed it. All my page tabs were gone, my side bar was gone with all the ad's pages etc.
I was crazy for a little while since I have facebook promoting my site in an ad campaign.
But we will all get through it over time and build a good passive income.
All my best to your success,
luke61 Premium
Thanks Doug, and so sorry for the frustrations you had to occur yesterday. Sounds like a mess! You are so right about moving forward, even though we all will have some 'downs' along the way. I wish you all the best as well, and hope you reach all of your goals!