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As a newbie to this whole affiliate marketing thing, I have on a number of occasions thought about just quitting after facing one hurdle after another. I didn't understand this, couldn't make this work, overwhelmed with this, etc. Hurdle after roadblock!Frustrated to a point of just giving up. Been there! I haven't made a penny since joining this program (only been a few months) but I am not overly concerned with that at this point of my journey. What I have gained from WA is to stay focused, b
Ran across this today, and just wanted to inform those not familiar with the Amazon Affiliate Commission Structure. Here is the link:
Just wanted to give a brief update on my progress here at Wealthy Affiliate and to share a few thoughts. I have created a website that centers around the benefits of serving our pets with a healthy, nutritional diet. As an avid animal lover, this topic has always had great importance to me, and something I am passionate about.I have followed the training step by step, because I know there is really no shortcut to success. I have learned from past experiences, that there will always be obstacles
September 01, 2017
Just wanted to take a few minutes to share my experience thus far with Wealthy Affiliate. I joined some weeks ago not knowing what really to expect. Like many of us, I have tried other affiliate programs only to be discouraged and learning little from the process.Wealthy Affiliate is different. Although I still have not made a dime through affiliate marketing, I do believe that I am beginning to lay a solid foundation in order to do so. the training modules have been awesome, and I try to get t