Do I Have What It Takes To Succeed?

Last Update: Aug 15, 2022

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This is the question we all ask ourselves at some stage of our online business adventures. Many of us even ask it over and over again. What Is this question then? "Do I have what it takes to succeed?"

Side note: If you haven't asked yourself this question, may I humbly suggest that you start asking now?

What Brought This On?

Allow me to start out with a confession:

"My name is Louise and I am a Facebook addict"

I say those words with humility. Anyone who can admit to their addiction/s or faults is way up there in my book. No knocking AA or NA happening here, I pinky promise.

So I have given away my source of information - yes, the one and only Facebook! (I do try to make my time on Fb count for something more than the mindless scroll - but the fact remains that I am addicted and need to change that).

Did You Know?

Did you know that there is more than one "Q" to consider? The "Q" I am referring to is the one in IQ and EQ.

Most of us learn about IQ somewhere in our schooling years - I don't know if the school system still does it but way back when I was in the schooling system, IQ was often referred to and even revered or scorned.

A high IQ was revered and a lower IQ scorned. How sad for both. We all smell bad if we don't wash.

So, IQ stands for intelligence quotient.

I became aware of EQ as an adult, younger would probably have been better, but that's how it was. EQ speaks about our Emotional Quotient.

I can identify people in my world who score highly on EQ, just as I can with those who score lower points. I am pretty sure you can too.

The article I am about to share with you came as no surprise when it referred to IQ and EQ. But there are another two "Q's" to factor in ... I invite you to read on for more

The Four Different "Q's"

I have copied and pasted the text from the Facebook post into a Canva template - one of the last things I want to be guilty of is plagiarism: besides, the template is pretty don't you think?

As you can see, the post was written as guidance to parents. I believe we can apply this to our lives as online entrepreneurs too.

How so?

1, Intelligence Quotient - I think it goes without saying that creating any business, on or offline, requires at least a modicum of intelligence. Thankfully we do not all need to be geniuses, we do have access to many of those within the WA platform though.

2. Emotional Quotient - We have all encountered people with high and low EQs and I'm sure we can agree that those with high EQ are more favourably received by others.

The best part is that EQ is an area where we can learn and develop ourselves, unlike IQ - my understanding is that some are born more intelligent than others and no matter how much the less intelligent try to learn, they simply aren't at the same level (I include myself in this group)

3. Social Quotient - The last few years have made quite a dent in this aspect of many people around the world. Lockdown has not allowed many opportunities for us to develop socially. For introverts and anxious personalities, lockdown has created considerable challenges.

Again, we are fortunate to be able to develop our SQ skills. This is an area I am focusing on, becoming a recluse has seemed tempting at times.

4. The Adversity Quotient - we have all faced adversity since 2019 not because of Voldemort but by another who may not be named.

There has been an expression bandied around "We may all be in the same storm but definitely not in the same boat. Some are in cruise liners, some in luxury yachts and then there are some in rubber dingies." Never a truer word spoken.

Fact is that adversity is common to us all and we all need to work our way through greater or lesser degrees of it in our lifetimes.

My Main Area Of Focus

The different Q's came to my attention at the perfect time - some call this coincidence, others synchronicity, I like to think of it as Godincidence.

My online business has suffered considerably this year in particular. My half-day employer, boss, and a man I was very fond of (4 years plus of being his PA fostered a good relationship - I was his "work wife" as some would say) was diagnosed with aggressive cancer in February this year.

After considerable suffering, he sadly succumbed and passed on 24 May 2022.

On top of everything thrown at us since 2019, his passing almost sunk me. The grief has been intense and very challenging to manage.

From fending off the media on the day he passed (he was a highly admired South African economist, dearly loved and very sought after by the media) to assisting with memorial arrangements, to managing clients, contracts, and his business, it has been a hard slog!

It's awful to wind down the business and look the end square in the face every single day for months. Missing him every step of the way.

Putting one foot ahead of the other on an average day has been a journey in facing adversity.

Then illness took hold, nothing as serious as cancer but debilitating nonetheless.

In the same week my dearest auntie, my close confidant and spiritual matriarch of my family passed away. She was my Mum's oldest sister and my support since my Mum passed when I was 21 years old.

My auntie was in excellent health, losing her was a total blindside.

"And when I turned to face grief, I saw that it was just love in a heavy coat." Shannon Barry

Shannon forgot to mention just how heavy that coat is!

Please don't misunderstand me, if it were possible to give us marks for the different "Q's" I would not be Cum Laud on any one of them. It's just that AQ is my area of focus out of necessity for now.

Never a more humbling time than these.

I am also not writing this article looking for your sympathies or condolences, I'm just a girl standing in front of you sharing my experiences in the hope that they will help you too.

The World Health Organization has published its findings that the pandemic has triggered an increase of 25% worldwide in depression and anxiety.

For this reason alone, it is worth me baring my soul a bit and sharing my angst and challenges.

What Am I Doing To Bring About The Change I Need To Develop My AQ?

I am a praying lass, this is always my first port of call when facing adversity.

Secondly, attending two courses has really helped me refocus, both given by Madz Deyzel, the first called "Wholeness Course" and the second "Coffee Conversations".

Thirdly, by reaching out to those in my inner circle, I have created "safe spaces" where I can share and benefit from the support of those I love and trust.

Lastly, I have taken steps towards the future I desire (including landing a great consulting role on a very exciting project whilst still closing down the business which has been my place of employment for 4+ years).

Three Questions For You

1. Which Q is your Achilles?

2. What are you doing to ensure you grow in your weakest Q as much as you possibly can?

3. Would you agree that understanding and developing the four Q's will help you to answer the question "Do I have what it takes to succeed" with a resounding YES?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Blessings always

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Recent Comments


Louise, this is a compelling post. Thank you for sharing all this. Firstly, so sorry to hear of what you've been dealing with. Secondly, much appreciated for sharing the 4Qs. I had heard about this a few years back, but the refresher is welcomed.

That's one of the best parts of WA...being able to share with each other and be that ear anywhere in the world that it might be needed. Take care of yourself. :-)


Hi Susan

Thank you for taking the time read and comment on this post.

Quite right, we are able to share within WA and that is part of the gift we enjoy here. I think I am quite "grief fatigued" so wanted this post to be focused more on the Q's that the emotional challenges. It's tiring to live in grief day in and day out - my aim is to create a "safe space" here without condolences being the focus.

I do appreciate your support though. 🤍


Hi Louise…yes, grief is exhausting to live with and I empathize with you. I’m sure many others do as well. Your post was wonderful. Stay strong and write to your heart’s content. Sending support and hugs.

Susan 🤍

I must admit I was unaware of the 4 Qs. I knew about IQ and EQ, but SQ and AQ were not in my repertoire.

Not that I have not seen them in action, I was just not aware that they had been quantified and explained.

My biggest hurdle would be SQ - I have always been happy to sit on the edges and watch others do the social butterfly dance. Don't get me wrong, I can and do converse and I am a good conversationalist, but I do not seek out social interaction.

As far as AQ goes, I have been lucky. My previous career set me up for a while and while I am actively looking for a way to keep what I have, in comparison to many I was not in a dinghy over the past few years. More of a rowboat, with someone at the helm.

So, compared to what I have now, versus what I had when I "retired early", I think I have faced adversity. Compared to many I have been incredibly lucky. It is all in how we look at things. Is the glass half full, or half empty? For me, it has always been half full, even when there was more than one straw sucking out of my half-empty glass.

Life goes on and in reality, mine is a drop in the ocean of many. But it is everything to me.


Hi Alex

Your last sentence really touched me - thank you.

Like you, my SQ could probably do with some work. I am happy to be on the fringes too - that said, when I am comfortable in the company, SQ becomes stronger for me. I'm an observer at first.

As far as the glass half full or half empty goes, I am grateful to have a glass 😊

Blessings to you

Hang tough Louise.


Hey Michael

That's the plan 😊


We are indeed, both "wonderful and fearfully made" in the image of our Creator.

Success or to succeed means different things to different people; hence I believe each and everyone can be a winner in his or her own right.

Just as there are different vocations calling for different personalities and capabilities, some individuals, out of necessity, need to "score" higher in some Q-regions than most others.

In practice we can look at the optimist vs the pessimist, or compare an introvert to an extrovert, and bar the IQ, there will be clear differences in the rest of the Q-profiles. Same holds true for a person excelling in sales and marketing vs someone doing scientific research.

Truth be told, know yourself, know the requirements of the "position" you are aspiring to.

Finally, getting to your questions I have to admit, EQ, particularly keeping the peace with others, is not my virtue, as certain T's and C's would need to apply, like can we agree to disagree?

Biggest area in need of improvement would be SG. I have very few friends, but emotionally we are closer than a brother or a sister, though we live on different continents. The sun literally does not set upon our friendship.

AS for the online business, I agree, think of the 4 Q's as necessary pillars to steady the roof over your niche.

And when adversity strikes, remember why you started!

Best Wishes

Hi Johan
I always welcome the reminder of "wonderfully and fearfully made" - thank you.

I agree with you regarding the other aspects of introvert/extrovert etc. We all operate within the "confines" of who we are at our core. My bestie is an introvert of note, you would never say that in a social setting though. She (and I) both just refuel alone which means more time alone than with groups of people.

Keeping the peace is something we receive blessings for, well worth working on. Wish I could say I get it right 100% of the time. Thank goodness for grace.


Great rebound. Keep growing. Keep posting.

Thank you, Warren.

Rebound is becoming my second name, haha! Actually, I am keen to buy a "rebounder" - those mini trampolines for exercise, they are very cool and great for aging bones like mine.

Blessings always

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