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Last Update: May 16, 2018

Reading the book How To Write What You Love and Make a Living at It by Dennis E. Hensley, PH. D.

I found this on my bookshelf while I was cleaning out my closet. it never surprises what books i buy from thrift stores. While I was sitting on the floor I wondered if I should read it since I have so many books I have open for research.

I'm glad I did, because there was a section on Freelancer Traits with questions to ask yourself to know if you have that trait.


Do you have the tenacity to see an assignment through to the end?


Can you cover hard news, write features, conduct interviews, report on meetings, do legwork research, and take photographs, too?


Are you a self-starter who needs a minimum amount of direct supervision?


Do you have tact and patience in order to deal with people effectively?


Can you present all sides?


Have you learned to get the complete story?


Do you have a good balance between formal education and school of hard knocks training?


Are you innovative? Do you take a unique approach to your work?


Can you meet or beat a deadline?


Do you have the enthusiasm it takes?

As you review this list of traits, test yourself against them. Do you lack some of these qualities? Perhaps you have some, but not to the degree of professionalism you would like.

The solution is to concentrate on one trait at a time and to enhance your ability in that area.

Hope this exercise helps. I need to do some work building my freelancer traits.

All the best,


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Wealth2018 Premium
Thanks for sharing Louisa.
Steven-A Premium
Good food for thought. Thanks.
SeasideFunk Premium
Good list to review.
Fleeky Premium Plus
Great share and tips
Thank you.
louisaparson Premium
Thanks for the compliment.

I'm finding the book helpful in setting my priorities to freelance as a blogger. I have my website setup as an online magazine.

"If you want to be a writer, write." Greek philosopher, Epictetus

Thanks for reaching out to a newcomer.

All the Best,

Fleeky Premium Plus
Awesome Louisa
Sounds like a PRO

To you
davehayes Premium
Good, well thought out post, I enjoyed reading it, because I can relate to many of the points as I am sure most others will
louisaparson Premium

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I found the title of the book interesting. It caught my eye on my bookshelf. Of course, it's been there for awhile but now that I'm writing blogs it gave me a perspective of what I need to ask of myself to improve.
davehayes Premium
Its amazing what we have in our own libraries
louisaparson Premium
Yes, Dave.

One marketer posted about "Who Moved My Cheese" and I had listed 3 copies on eBay right before her post. I bought the books to start a reading group but my friends couldn't make a commitment even though talked about the fear of change all the time.

It takes effort to be enlightened. Can't spoon feed that to anyone.