The 500-Words-a-day Challenge

Last Update: December 03, 2015

Back in the day, I had what I can call a "regular" blog.
Some days I would go and publish a new post, some days I wouldn't.

A very fine day I saw...
I needed to push things further.
I needed more content frequency.
I needed more visitors, more engagement, more of everything.

Even though I was working in a 9-5 job, I decided to publish a new blog post every day for a year.

And I did.

As a result, more and more visitors started coming, more and more loyal readers started staying around. Lots of comments, lots of interaction and my blog begun to grow in the blogosphere. (And, most importantly, I even produced much more than just my daily goal.)

I can say my strategy and efforts worked.

Today, I'm taking on a different challenge.

I run several websites and sometimes I get lazy and don't produce content quite so regularly as I (wanted) MUST.

I'm building a niche website publicly at the same time here (and on my WA Affiliate Bootcamp blog here and it really needs a reasonable amount of quality posts as soon as possible.

So here's my promise:

I'll write 500 words per day over the next 6 months and see what results I will get on my online projects.

I'm not saying those daily 500 words will be a blog post since my blog posts are usually over 2,000-word long (or more). (They might just be a section or a smaller portion of a blog post.)

But, if in four days I write 500 words a day, I'll have a blog post in about that amount of days, which is more than what I'm doing now.

Let's see how this works.

Anybody else out there interested in taking on my 500-word challenge too?

Your Niche Friend,

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LLiu Premium
Well done Louie. Like the positive attitude and all the inspiration you are putting out there too.
When my site is up and running, I also will do as you have said.
Thank you so much for this.
Linda :)
LouieLuc Premium
Much appreciated Linda. :) When you're ready, let's go! ;)
geraldkew Premium
Awesome ideas, I will try that too. Btw, love your site! What theme are you using Louie? Cheers!
LouieLuc Premium
Thanks Gerald! And thanks for your compliments too.
I'm using the "Iconic One" free theme but I made some customizations on it myself (I'm a web developer) and I'll be doing some more in the future.
2Al Premium
Louie, it like your plan. I'll try doing it too.
LouieLuc Premium
Thanks Alma, let's go! :)
ClareG Premium
Great plan and now that you've put it out there, you know you'll get it done! I need a plan like this... :)
LouieLuc Premium
Hi Clare! Just take this challenge too. You'll see your productivity increase in a matter of weeks.
DarleneB Premium Plus
I love your plan. I think I'm going to set one up for myself.
LouieLuc Premium
That's it Darlene! Well done!