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First things first, I hate to brag about anything!Second, I had to learn we should brag once in a while for several reasons: a) to celebrate our wins; b) so that people can learn what we did that's noteworthy (sometimes if we don't tell them they'll never know); c) we are marketers, right(?) -- we sure need to promote ourselves too.Third, guess who got featured on Pat Flynn's (he’s "just" my biggest digital marketing idol ever) blog post here:
Whooohoo!Just got a notification from Wealthy Affiliate stating that I've completed two years since I became a member here in May of 2015. :)I have always read lots of posts from people that claimed that joining WA was the best business decision they've ever made and wondered if that was really really true.Now I know it can totally be true. :)Wealthy Affiliate taught me the most important lessons: TAKE ACTION, commit yourself to your projects, focus on your daily tasks rather than on the overal
In this -- many times -- sad little World we live in there are more than enough sad things as it is.For that very same reason it's of great importance to celebrate every little victory along our journey in life!That being said, I'm happy and honored to announce that I just got featured on Zac Johnson's BloggingTips website!!For those of you who don't know Zac, he is a very well-known blogger and online entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience! So it's really an important win for me an
I don't like we people tell me "you can't do it".Eeck, I don't like it either when people say "I can't do it".I don't believe that.You see... I'm partial to that "Back to the Future I" quote."If You Put Your Mind To It, You Can Accomplish Anything."I'm pretty sure that we can do anything we put our minds into.If we don't know how, we just have to try and learn, practice and repeat until we get the hang of it.I also see many people signing up to Wealthy Affiliate (or not signing up and simply ju
I JUST RECEIVED AWESOME NEWS!!!Amazon has APPROVED my new niche website!!I went to check my inbox a few minutes ago only to receive awesome news from Amazon!!The niche website I'm publicly building here and on my blog ( was approved by the Amazon Associates program.Which means my new niche site is already earning commissions!I immediately logged in and YEAP(!!) I've already made my FIRST sales fr
WOW, I've just got featured on a article!!They quoted me about display advertising that converts.Here's the link in case you're interested: expertise and trying to be everywhere by networking with a ton of people is actually working out as a strategy to have my website referenced on other sites and blogs.Happy days! I'm happy and honored!Feels like... Xmas... wait a minute, it is Christmas!Happy h
December 02, 2015
Back in the day, I had what I can call a "regular" blog.Some days I would go and publish a new post, some days I wouldn't.A very fine day I saw...I needed to push things further.I needed more content frequency.I needed more visitors, more engagement, more of everything.Even though I was working in a 9-5 job, I decided to publish a new blog post every day for a year.And I did.As a result, more and more visitors started coming, more and more loyal readers started staying around. Lots of comments,
November 26, 2015
Hi everybody!Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!If you're traveling to be with your family, friends, pets or loved ones for this holiday may it be a pleasant and safe trip.Enjoy every bit you spend with those you love and love you because those are the times that matter the most.Those emotions, that happiness, that companionship, those opportunities, that human warmth are, simply put, priceless.In this time and age, with all we see happening in the World and just around us, we nee
So... what if I'd SHOW (not just tell you) you how to build a niche website from scratch and make it profitable in only 6 months?It would be your opportunity to get an over-the-shoulder view over all this process.Wouldn't it be GREAT?Introducing my Public Niche Website Project.I will share with you EVERYTHING!Every little step and secret so that you actually see it and be able to build one for yourself. Plus, I'll be following Wealthy Affiliate training lessons so any doubts you might have abou
July 01, 2015
Let's be honest about ourselves.All of us are here to find a way to make money online, right?That's my dream too.Everybody's wanting to find fast ways to make money on the Internet.Maybe you're a stay-at-home-mom, maybe you want to make money from your blog, maybe you want an extra income, maybe you're unemployed and looking for a quick solution to pay your debts or maybe you just want to make enough money so you can finally quit your awful 9-5 job and fire your boss.There's nothing wrong about