Just Got Featured On An Important Website

Last Update: Dec 28, 2015


WOW, I've just got featured on a Relevance.com article!!

They quoted me about display advertising that converts.
Here's the link in case you're interested: http://relevance.com/getting-more-clicks-and-conversions-with-display-advertising/

My expertise and trying to be everywhere by networking with a ton of people is actually working out as a strategy to have my website referenced on other sites and blogs.

Happy days! I'm happy and honored!
Feels like... Xmas... wait a minute, it is Christmas!

Happy holidays WA members!

Recent Comments


This are awesome news. Congratulations Louie! You totally deserve it! :)

Obrigado my friend :)

Congrats Louie.

Thanks Geoff.

Congratulations on a great accomplishment!

Thanks a lot. :)

Congratulations! Great holiday gift for you and such a boost for your site and traffic! Great job!

Right on! Thanks Rosie!

Congrats! Great and informative article too. You have earned it!
"a very targeted freebie concerning their interests." That's right, 'very targeted' is key.

Yeah, "targeted" is key. Thanks!

That's awesome Louie!
... going to check it out.

Thanks a lot :))

Well deserved Louie congratulations way to go

Thanks Katie!

Very Well done Louie and have just looked at your site and I can see why - you have done a great job

Thank you for your compliments, Paul :)

you are welcome mate

Great news Louie! Congratulations and let us know how when you get featured on another influential website.

Thanks MudreM! :)

You're welcome!

Congrats on such an achievement. All the best to you. Geoff.

Thank you so much Geoff!

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