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Syncronicity, meaningful coincidences., a spiritual process moving us into a great destiny..

How many times you ask a question in your mind and you put on some music and the song you hear is the answer to your question?

My girlfriend keep asking what training, education she should get..I advise her to pay attention, focus to little details happening in her, one day, she comes to me and says: I got flowers falling into my lap, my windshield and on my doorsteps.. all in one day. What do you think?

I say cosmetology classes.. She owns her own Spa(and I get all the pampering for half price :).

I was scratching my head today not knowing what I want to write about ...So , I go to feed my dogs, and my 80 pounds "boy" knocks down a book. .I pick it up is a book by Carl Jung : "Syncronicity"..

Psychologist Carl Jung studied his patients for 20 years till he wrote this book. ( read the story about the woman patient dream and the golden scarab, please).

Carl Jung explained that events are " meaningful coincidences " if they occur with no casual relationship, but seem to be meaningful related..

A flow of Syncronicity will bring solutions, opportunity, a new path, a new career, a new business or even a life partner. .

You just have to learn to tune in, to focus on all your " coincidental" experiences.

When you center your attention within your own syncronistic Path you become wiser, you know, feel , click as though your Mind download a higher intelligence .

If you think that your presence here, our journey, our interaction with each other is just a coincidence, think again!

I just learned that one of our beautiful lady here got a life partner by connecting with a WA member.. Is it you?

Even you might never make it to front page on Google or " Forbes" magazine, you might gain tips on how to improve your website, you might discover that you have other hidden tallents, like a writer, a comedian, a gardner, a chef ( Hi, Debbie, I hope you can connect with a Master chef).

You might decide to change your niche, or who knows find your match...(I would love to hear more successful stories after WA).

Don't forget to send me an invite, please , to a wedding, a book signing event, launching a new business ..I will go even to Siberia for a successful story if I shall get an invite...I am not kidding ( plus I never traveled there yet..Moscow and Alaska is the closest I've got to Siberia).

So ,if you feel lost, you don't know if this is the right place for you, just ask , and ask again, then pay attention to the events around you...even a picture in the Sky...

I love all the " Syncronicity " events in my Life...They lead me here today and I know why!

PLEASE write to me about your syncronistic events...



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I am glad you like yt, I know you can see the signs!

I had so many coincidences in my life, very interesting your blog!The angels guard us for sure!Thanks,Monica!

Yesterday I was driving home. A song came on the radio that was about bluebirds. The next thing I knew I saw a bluebird fly right in front of my car. I never see bluebirds fly around my house or from my cars. Quite an amazing coincidence or was this synchronicity. Dave it

Actually the bluebird is a symbol of joy, so I believe the message for you is to enjoy the time with your family and friends. , bring joy around is a beautiful symbol and syncronicity
Be joyful!

Of note, I was feeling very joyful at the time. DavId

I believe coincidences are often much more than they appear to be. We need to be open and tuned in to the Universe and everything around us. Lovely post, Monica! :)

Spoken as a true Zen Master..yes, You just need to tune in and connect.. Thank you! Have a blessed night, and a nice camomile tea, helps with the insomnia. .:)

I fell asleep for about an hour after hosting a charity event this afternoon. This morning I mowed, so I guess I was a little tired. Notice I'm going backwards? If I keep on, I'll be back in the crib like Benjamin Buttons. But, I digress. Maybe I will have that tea, ditch the Aliens on the Moon show, and work on something interesting! Good Night, Monica. :)

Well, My Dear Muse, I suppose you have gone off to Dreamland, but you can Wake to this: I went to the Tea Drawer, where I seem to seldom go these days, and there was No Chamomile. As I selected another tea, I noticed a Crumpled Tea packet Hidden amongst the others. Upon Inspection I Discovered (Of Course) it was Chamomile! I Sipped my "Prescribed Potion" and worked on this most recent Post. Thank you-Your Humble Servant :)

You do have to take care of your Health! My motto in life is "HEALTH before WEALTH". Your mind and body do need a break from the virtual world..Be like NEO.. unplug from the Matrix so you can connect with what matter most..your inner mind, your subconscious.."Night is the best advisor"..use it wisely as she will wisper wonderful insights!
Blessings my friend!
Stay connected !

Blessings to you, too, Dear. You are an Inspiration! :)

You see. ..if you look close enough , what you are looking for its right in front of you:) , no dreamland for LoreDonna. ..She is working at night ( do not confuse this with something else :).

I was active last night too. Tonight I may Zonk out to catch up a little. :)

Yes. Paul, you are right ..Carl Jung of course, my misspelling mistake.
"Erarre humanum est. "Thank you for correcting me.. yes, Jung is the master mind ! I adore his work , special dream introspection,..Freud ' s work as well.

Cheers, my dear.

Thank you :)

Hi Monica,
are you referencing 'Carl Young' or 'Carl Jung?'

Huge difference. Here is a reference to Carl Jung:

and here is a reference to Carl Young:

If you mean Carl Jung, then here you go...

Synchronicity...source wikipedia.

Synchronicity is a concept, first explained by psychiatrist Carl Jung, which holds that events are "meaningful coincidences" if they occur with no causal relationship, yet seem to be meaningfully related.[1] During his career, Jung furnished several slightly different definitions of it.[2]

Jung variously defined synchronicity as an "acausal connecting (togetherness) principle," "meaningful coincidence", and "acausal parallelism." He introduced the concept as early as the 1920s but gave a full statement of it only in 1951 in an Eranos lecture.[3]

In 1952, he published a paper Synchronizität als ein Prinzip akausaler Zusammenhänge (Synchronicity – An Acausal Connecting Principle)[4] in a volume which also contained a related study by the physicist and Nobel laureate Wolfgang Pauli.[5]

Jung's belief was that, just as events may be connected by causality, they may also be connected by meaning. Events connected by meaning need not have an explanation in terms of causality. This contradicts the Axiom of Causality in specific cases but not generally.

Jung used the concept to try to justify the paranormal.[6]

To learn more, you can go here:

Kindest always, Monica,
Keep up the great work.

Regards, Paul.

Wonderful article Monica....let's see, the other day I read about paying it forward by helping someone else. And suddenly, the way appeared for me to do that. Definitely a synchronistic event. And now today you write about synchronicity. Is that a synchronistic event in, and of, itself?

You tell me Wayne..Thank you my friend!

Seems that way.....definitely.

Excellent post. It made me think that I really have never paid attention to the answers placed before me. Thank you, Monica

You are welcome! Take a look..The answers are in front of you! See them?

I will now, Monica :)

A very interesting topic... You think of something and another person brings up this very idea. It's like you and and the idea of a cruise... or you are sitting in the room and a kind of hummimg a song and there enters your friend, or not a friend, hummimg the same song...)

Ha..ha... love you Vera! YES, the humming friend, with the rattle, or a guitar ( I am just kidding, or not)..I can see in my crystal ball an invite to a special event in your life...!Don't forget to write! Blessings my dear, keep writing and laughing! You've got what it takes to go further! Just follow the syncronistic Path! It will lead you there!

go to our famous post read my poem...Don't know how I did's Rick... hahaha...Love you too... You are so very special...

I did read your poem, that's what I wrote the above reply! I love it too! I just don't want to comment on that post, it is too hard to follow and I don't want to end up on the chopping board by mistake :).. you are special and your bond is special as well..Did you hear me Rick? Or just pretend not too..:)...If the circumstances occur maybe you should give it a deeper thought.....Let me know if it's anything I can help you with!
Syncronicity is shouting ! SEE ME, SEE ME, I AM HERE!

hahaha.. you do love strong words, dear..."chopping board", "end up"...OK...humour and laughter can be shaped and coloured differently...
have a beautiful Sunday!

You to my dear! Have fun, write and stay healthy!

I heard all the SHOUTING, and thought I'd pop in and see What's Up. Now, What Are You Two Cooking Up? No Coincidences, Right? :)

Nothing too hot, ok.maybe a little spicy. ..just the beautiful flow of energy ! Follow the wisdom of Syncronicity, you might find up what's for supper :).

Shouting? I might appear the most peaceful gal on the block...
No coincidences, sure... just Syncronicity...:)

beautifully said...))

OK: I am a little hungry. :)

I could offer you a nice dinner but unfortunately can't send it across the ocean...:)

Just the thought is enough. Thank you. :)

Not at all...When we fly on our hot air balloon, i will cook some nice things on the open fire... hahaha...

That might just work! :)

I would put, it "should"... hahaha

So, what will you cook in the Flames of this hot air balloon?

I am afraid , i will have to give up an idea of baked things... though baked salmon is above everything... hhaha...some roasted chicken, or a turkey for a big company.. I might as well throw a bunch of potatoes there...

and for dessert?

It's more complicated... I am at a loss...some prunes or raisins and nuts..aaaaaa... we will take a mini- freezer with us... ice-cream! with strawberries...:)

Vera...Toss the cooler. How about Strawberries dipped in Milk Chocolate?

cut it out... strawberries are not in yet....just one more month...)))

Chocolate is always in. :)

oh yes... and coffee..right now am doing exactly this... having coffee and chocolate.. and preparing for my Advanced English classes... without these two components my brain is not safe with it... hahaha...

I love the " sparkles" I see flying over the Ocean! :)
From LoreDonna to my favorite friends, cosmicvera...

Very nice! I'll have to send my song, "Diamonds on the Water." It is about the same thing..."Diamonds on the Water, Stars in the Sky, Baby, What a Sight, The Way You Look Tonight, It's Like Diamonds on the Water" Of course, it's better with the music. :)

I never cultivated a taste for coffee, but I do like hot chocolate and herbal tea. Ever had Bailey's Irish Cream? Mmmm! :)

It is a perfect combo : A delicious dinner in a hot air balloon, strawberry covered chocolate, "sparkling "(Diamonds), stargazing, a guitar player.
Not sure how "safe" Vera will feel crossing the Ocean all the way to Tampa. ..She's got a strong spirit and the Wind is on her side! No worries!
I am waiting for you 2 to visit me one day and tell me all about your " Journey "
Your Fortune Teller, :))
LoreDonna. .

i haven't cultivated either...It happened by itself...No, I haven't tried your mmmm! Anyway,it's not the best idea to talk about food deep at night...(God help me not to think about the chocolate bar which is ... oh gosh... where is it?)

Come on! Aren't you on board?))))

how very romantic...:)

Only as a Guardian! Not as a Rider Vera! This trip has strict capacity load! ATTENTION to all passengers! Must embark soon, 2 on board only! Have a fun and exciting trip!

Now I want Chocolate! :)

Find it first... hahaha..I sometimes feel as if I am Copperfield(famous magician.) I have something in my hands, then turn around and the thing is already not there...)

Searching... :)

Do you have Tarot cards in front of you ? Is there a woman in a balloon? :))

No Tarot cards needed! And yes , a beautiful, funny, talented, sensitive women ready to approach the arrival terminal! :)

oh I have had recently some silly funny little would-be psychological Tarot test( Monica gives this a more beautiful name, can't remember...)...Well, the result was really funny and unexpected- to be kept to myself, though...

You've got my attention Vera..I believe someone else will take a "peek" later on...:)))

Have a great day! Yesterday I "took a peek" at your blog....really proud of you..The main things are already there..and looks beautiful too...really love roses but have never eaten them... lol

Thank you Vera! I will change the look ( I found a new theme)...I got few good suggestions from one gentlemen, I will follow his advise..Next , I need to install the Grammer Wizard, then keep writing receipes..I've got many useful informations for men and women..menapuse, hot flashes, increase testosterone level :), beauty remedies, cancer prevention. Is going to take me a while. Summer time I take lots of time off and travel ,relax.. I don't plug to the Internet in my vacation. I disconnect from the Matrix...:)
I plan to finish my website by 2017.You can check it out then..!
And please try some fresh, clean rose petals! They are delicious!
Tell me about your plans for the future, if not here on my private message.
Have a sunny day!

Beautiful thoughts Monica - But I hope you do not need to travel to Siberia! It is frigid there....I have been one time, and that was once too often!

Seriously, a great post. My life has been one synchronistic event after another so I could give you 67 years worth if you run short of examples! But I should let some of my fellow WA colleagues go first!

All the best, Steve

I would love to hear your syncronistic events in a nutshelll..I love a good story...ok, I go to Bora Bora then...:) Wow...I just finished reading your profile...yes, I guess will take a book to write your story! I still want to learn more! Monica.

Bora Bora - YES. NOW THAT is a great place to think about going! Did you ever look at some of the advertisements for places to stay in Bora Bora? WOW, I even applied for a position as a Pastry Chef at one of the resorts.............but I think I need to be able to bake things to be considered. My bad!

Darn - Grammarly said I have another "squinting modifier" in this post. Those little devils are killing me! Guess I need to work on that !

I got lots of great tips here for my travels. ..I work with the best team of hosts, planners, even masters chefs! I am truly blessed with all the great advise, the only con is the smoking around some areas...

Great story and advice! I never knew that Carl Young was the creator of the word synchronicity! I knew Buckminster Fuller termed the word synergy.

Read " Syncronicity " if you have a is full of informations, to deep for a blog...Thank you for stopping by.

I barely leave this site to look after myself at the moment! lol ! But I will file this for later, I'm hoping that I will ease off a little bit here but I see no signs of doing !

You are the most important Gift! If you feel overwhelmed by all the informations, comments, replies, take some time off, work on your beautiful projects, forget about us for a day ...Even God created the world in 6 days, then he relaxed in the 7th...
Do you know what my Secret is not too get angry, frustrated, envious ,or greedy, impatient? I disconnect from all my gadgets , every Tuesdays till Thursday .No phone, no Internet, no TV.. .I go in the mountains and recharge my Soul, learn to connect , relax. .
All my vacations are spent without a peek on my social media accounts.Try it, you might find it soothing. .Health before Wealth!

That's a great idea! Thanks LoreDonna. By the way is this your name or do you like to be called by another name?


Thanks Monica!

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