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Last Update: May 14, 2016


I decided to continue my little journey after yesterday post "KNOW THYSELF ".

So if you know yourself by now how about loving yourself?

Another difficult task ahead, right?

Do you ever wondered why ancient cultures never used coaches, gurus, psychotherapists ?

Do they possessed a magical secret? Or they just understood life and the fact that what we are looking for we already posses. .

Years ago I went to HAWAII, Kauai Island called the Garden Isle. ..I stumbled by mistake (they are no mistakes - maybe I will write about this subject soon ) upon beautiful Huna Tradition .I am sure lots of you are familiar with it.

Huna originally called Ho' omana- to make Mana, Life Force energy, Chi Energy, Spirit, whoever your spiritual views might see it.

What I learnt then and there, not from an American New Age guru, but from Mama Lulla ( native Hawaiian, twice my size and very happy with her inner self) was a simple healing technique, called Ho'oponopono.

They are many people teaching this technique now in USA, Australia and Europe and I am very pleased to see that knowledge is spread around the World.

What I dislike is the amount some people charge for something was giving to me for free. .

I forgive them for that!

So for the ones unfamiliar with this healing ,here it is in a nutshell.

Ho'oponopono means to make it right, to forgive.

To make it right with yourself first, then with your family, friends, strangers too. ANCIENT HO ' OPONOPONO teaches Forgiveness.

You only need to follow 4 steps and repeat this words at least 1 time a day to yourself first, to your own Body.





Very think...

Loving yourself is the best way to improve and then help others improve as well.

( how can you improve if you have body image issues?

You feel like your are short, bold, old, overweight )

So Love your Body the way it is , and you may learn to correct it. Offer your body repetance, forgiveness, love.

Are you overweight? Do you love your fatty foods too much and you've been neglected your beautiful body?

Do you have any addictions, you drink a bottle of wine all by yourself?

Tell your body:


Then ask your Body to forgive you for all the damage you've done, for all the pain you've caused over the years..

Go ahead, do not think this is silly...


Now you can say thank you ,offer Gratitude to your own Body, to the house you live in, to your partner, children and pets ,to your teachers, friends, to the air you breathe, the flowers you smell, to your new WA followers...


And now you can say


Say I love you to your body ,to your hands, eyes, legs, to all your organs for helping you , caring you day after day, with no complains.

Most of us I believe we pray. .We pray and ask the Divine Creator to help us. I've seen atheist people pray when in trouble. We always ASK, but seldom offer Gratitude for what we already have . We forgot to repent , to look inside ourselves and clean our own sins, negative energy.

If you are familiar with this healing technique but you thought it's silly, maybe you should give it another chance.

Clean your body of negative thoughts, emotions, deeds, bad words, and you will live longer, happy and healthy!

Healthy Body, Healthy creative Mind to achieve Success !

I am sorry if I hurt anyone 's feelings or beliefs here.

Please forgive me for bringing up unresolved issues.

I love all of you.. I love your creativity, your sense of humor, your bubbling personality, your wild and witty spirit, your analytical mind, your flirty tongue, your abilities to speak your Mind.

To all my followers I LOVE YOU all!

And I love myself too with all my faults and virtues.

THANK YOU for taking the time to read my long posts.


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Si, certamento!

Thank you for sharing! Forgiveness should always be for FREE. Ciao!


You are welcome Dorina!

Hava a nice weekend!Monica, dear!

Thank you Monica....very good message.

You are more then welcome!

Love this. I guess you're right. I shouldn't be mad at my body. It was MY fault for eating junk. Looking for a cute yet over 60 man to cook for me. :-) I do love this technique. Thanks!

No, never be mad..Just love it , and if you want you can treat it more junk food snd sugar. ., go for a walk, or short hike..I meet lots of good guys on my hikes (no that I need one).
Food fairs are great for meeting a good chef too.
I have few friends here ,single, chefs too...Hei, maybe I change my niche. ..Have fun, forgive and love!

This is wonderful. So many days I don't like myself because of the constant pain I deal with, but perchance I should thank it for making it through one more day. It takes a valiant effort.

You can do it Liz... !

Do you know what a wise man said once? "If you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father Will forgive you. But if you do not forgive men, your will not forgive you, your trespasses". What a wise statement. And sometimes ordinary man thinks it wad his idea. Can you imagine that?

Matthew 6: 14-15 ..Yes indeed Jesus left much wisdom for all of us....His wisdom is alive today and travels in different forms in many cultures all around the World. Some might not be a Bible reader, still he /she can gain wisdom ! I deeply thank you for your thoughts.

My pleasure

Thanks Monica. Nice topic!

I hope it helps you ! Blessings!

Yes Monica. But I do think people in difficult situation can't love themselves much. :-)

I also like your posts... will return here tomorow to better read and respond.great topic...:)

Thank you Vera. .I left you a bath remedy message on Rick may need a map to navigate there now to find it! Thank you love!

Oh yes dearest.. A good GPS or a map would be handy for a page of 150+ I think yours will get a lot of them too.. have a great day! .

Yes ,lots of them, I sent you the bubble bath and Rick got very defensive, thinking that the message was for him:)..he's got something coming for him lol

oh... he shouldn't have...

I like your exotic posts, Monica. You bring a wealth of world experience to us here. Thank you. :)

No, thank you, and thank you :)

No, Thank You! :)

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