Social Media Marketing Strategy Example

Last Update: April 09, 2017

5 Examples for Social Media Marketing Strategy

1) More visitors on your website with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great platform for getting visitors to your website. Just some examples:

1. On your profile page you can place multiple links, for example, to your website and any weblog on your website. I have attached 7 of my websites and placed in the location area my Custom Signup link.

2. Create a status update of a new message on your website with the direct link and if possible, post the message as news in related groups

3. Respond to group discussions in depth so that people get curious about you and want to know more about you

4. Give your professional opinion on LinkedIn Q&A

2) Subscribe on Youtube

Find niche related YouTube channels and subscribe to those channels, with a bit of luck, they do the same to you.

Add subscription button to all your YouTubes at once

3) Welcome your Twitter followers with a special offer

I welcome every new Twitter follower with a personal message, create a irresistible message of your own!

I click the tweet button and add a picture and my message.

Can you imagine how many people you reach when "Trauerkraut" decides to ReTweet? 44.944 people!

4) User-friendliness

Pay attention to the user-friendliness of your website. Be sure, people who come from Social Media interactions will stay and click through to other pages.

How can you test your user-friendliness? Ask a friend to surf your website and watch where he/she gets stuck. Improve those parts.

Sometimes, I know I wrote something about a subject, and I can't even find the article, then there is truly something wrong!

GPS for Google and your customers

5) Engage

Every time you share a post, start the habit of sharing, liking or commenting on posts of others. It's more likely they are going to share your postings as well if you do so.

You don't have a website yet?

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ThomasPye Premium
Thank you for sharing. When I'm up and running, I will look into all social media, to expand my business!
Loes Premium
Success doing so, Thomas:)
AlejandraB Premium
Thanks Loes, lots of work to work on for Social Media, but I think it will be good for my business.
Loes Premium
It is, I hope you find your way in this, Alejandra:)
Osteo Premium
Useful thanks. I keep avoiding linkedin.
Loes Premium
Thanks, Trevor, I have avoided every Social Media, although I know, they can be very helpful. It is a boundary I have to take, every time again
drcmaint Premium
Loes Premium
You're welcome John:)
WTucker1 Premium
such helpful info. THANKS
Loes Premium
Thank you William:)