Gratitude a genuine sense of appreciation

Last Update: December 01, 2014

Because whether you celebrate the Holidays or not, the most fundamental practice to quickly transform your life — any time of year — is gratitude.

Gratitude is simply a deep and genuine sense of appreciation for what you have in your life. For things big and small. For the air you breathe; the unconditional love of your pet; for blessing of someone who loves you.

And this shouldn’t just be an intellectual or mental exercise, it should touch you and fill you up emotionally.

Because when you genuinely fill yourself up with the emotion of appreciation, it changes how you feel and it completely alters the actions you take and, therefore, the results you’ll create.

So if you’d like a simple yet highly effective and science-backed way to take your gratitude practice to the next level, you’re going to love this blog.

I was so impressed with this subtle trick that I wanted to do it on the spot with you — so you’ll see just how effective it really is.

Now it’s your turn. Give this new gratitude strategy a test drive in the comments below. I promise — a few short minutes actually practicing this way can change your whole day and when you do it tomorrow it will change your tomorrow also.

No half-stepping, alright? Really get into it. Emotionally vs. intellectually. Because how you do something is just as important as what you’re doing.

OK, Here we go:

Gratitude” The Most Powerful Practice you’re Not Doing

If you do not feel raised up for being grateful. You are doing it wrong.

Journaling: on the regular basis brings instant changes.

Gratitude trick –

Wrong way:

Dear journal. I am grateful for my mother, I am grateful for my children, I am grateful for WA, I am grateful for my husband. I am grateful in general.

This is way to General. Research shows you have got to get specific. Way more depth far less breathe.

The right way:

Check this out. The University of Southern California did a 10 week study on gratitude journaling with 3 groups.

    ·The first group were generalist writing down 5 things a day they were grateful for. The

    ·Second group got specific they wrote about 1 thing they were grateful for and wrote 5 sentences about it.

    ·The third group wrote about how they were better off than other people.

It turns out the group that wrote 5 sentences about one thing were more elated, excited and alert than the other groups and less tired, sad and lethargic.

Bottom line details equal dividends. I have to tell you, this really really works.I tried it. I wrote.I am so grateful for my mother.

Instead of me writing down. I am grateful for my mother.

    ·I wrote down. I am grateful for my mother that no matter how much I fail my mother has an encouraging word.

    ·I am so grateful for my mother, no matter what I wanted to try in my life, my mother was there to support me even when I failed.

    ·I am so grateful for my mother for always being there to wipe my tears even as an adult.

    ·I am so grateful that my mother will come across the world to make sure I was doing OK.

    ·I am so grateful my mother is such a great presence in the world. When she walks in a room, the room stops to see what great presence entered the room.

    Remember: When it comes to gratitude, the dividends are in the details.

As always, thank you so much for sharing your heart, your thoughts and your love with this community. Have a beautiful holiday for those of you who celebrate and have a beautiful week to those of you don’t.

With so much love and appreciation,

Linda McCoy

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Maxiam59 Premium
thank you for suggesting this I am sure it will help all the best
lmccoy17 Premium
Maxiam59, I know it is a wake-up plan. You will see.
AllynBeekman Premium
Fantastic idea, Linda. I'll have to give this a try.
lmccoy17 Premium
AllynBeekman, People say "This will change your life". "This is GOING to change your life". Just be ready to go to emotional places you probably have never, ever been.
lmccoy17 Premium
AllynBeekman, you will not be wasting your time.
Sui_generis Premium
I have a gratitude journal but never went into detail as you suggested. Just thinking about that detail makes me feel excited. Thanks!
lmccoy17 Premium
I know it is awesome isn't it. Just Powerful.
lmccoy17 Premium
I was floored when I found it. I mean literally, physically floored.
Loes Premium
That's it! One of the missing puzzle pieces! Thank you! Loes
lmccoy17 Premium
Thank you Loes, Isn't journaling 5 sentences about 1 thing powerful? It just raises you up. right? Did you do one?
Loes Premium
I did 5x5 :)
lmccoy17 Premium
Loes, I am trembling just thinking what you must be feeling. I bet you are in tears in the presents of that glory. Powerful stuff. Just Powerful.
Christabelle Premium
Linda this is a beautiful blog! I have read these types of studies and I am always excited when studies and science prove once again the fundamental truths of the Love all was created in! With Love, Christa
lmccoy17 Premium
Awesome stuff Christabelle.