Last Update: October 21, 2014

I had let my Jaaxy lapse a few months ago and I was really missing it so I finally re-instated it today. I was nice to see I still have 3 posts ranked on page 1, a ranking on pages 2 and 3 for and a few other posts ranked farther back. So at least I know I am still getting traffic. Now I just have to perfect the marketing so I can get the money coming in. I think I am going to have to try to find just a few favorite products and focus on writing the content like crazy. Sometimes I feel like when I first started the blogging I was more focused on just posting affiliate links without really focusing on the content and the relevance. Live and learn!

As for my new niche, keeping fit after 50, I am hoping withing the next few weeks to have enough content to start looking for a couple of affiliate programs for that site.

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Christabelle Premium
Sounds like an excellent plan. So glad you are able to enjoy Jaaxy! And that you are ranking well! Christa :)
kholmes Premium
I know what you mean, I am focusing more on that myself. Good luck!
tmmom Premium
It is a great tool, especially since you can check your rankings!
CarlaIves Premium
Jaaxy rocks! I like your subject. I'm a """wee""" bit past 50. LOL Hubs and I are going to join the new gym in town and get fit together. They open in two weeks and we intend to be there. Good luck with the new posts!!!
danbarth87 Premium
thanks for sharing about your journey!
Very encouraging :)