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Last Update: April 22, 2019

Every morning I wake up, I am thinking Wealthy Affiliate. Every evening before my head hits the pillow, I am thinking Wealthy Affiliate. Every day, all day long, I am thinking Wealty Affiliate!

It is both exciting and exhausting!.


Actually, my family has been asking me lately, why I am pushing so hard with Wealthy Affiliate. My best answer is "It's my business. I want to lay a good foundation before I put up the walls and roof. " I can see their concern.

I have tried so many things in the past that they just don't see this new interest as anything different. They expect me to move on in a short time. This time it is DIFFERENT though.

Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect platform for me to succeed. So I think about it all the time and I push hard to build my foundation.


Am I worn down from all this pushing. You bet! I am exhausted. When you live and breathe something, you really need to remember to rest and recharge. So, that is what I did this weekend. I have been going 7 days per week and that may be a bid of an overdo in most people's minds. For me, it seems normal. I give everything I can to my dreams.

Here at Wealthy Affiliate there is a common thought I hear all the time for most everyone in my community. Take it Slow and Easy. Definitely, I am learning patience. However, when I start to feel the burn, I realize my patience is thinning. Time to take it slow and easy girl!


After my first four months with Wealthy Affiliate, I have accomplished an incredible amount of success already. Have I seen huge amounts of financial gains? No, not yet, but I have received some compensation in AdSense.

The carrot has been dangled and I am chasing it for sure. How did this happen? What did I do in order to gain these $$$$? Wealthy Affiliate taught me.

When I first found Wealthy Affiliate, I focused on the FREE training it provided. No one has given me the tools to succeed like Wealthy Affiliate and here they are not asking for my credit card right off the bat. I knew I was going to get something but I had no idea how much.

Within just a few lessons, I had built a professional website around a niche that I am passionate about and began choosing my keywords, set up my SEO, installed plug-ins, and began writing content for my first blog. All hosted free by Wealthy Affiliate.

Even if I decided to stop after the 7 days of free training, I was in business and my time was well spent on this endeavor. I lost nothing and gained a great deal, all for FREE.


The Free training and introduction to the Wealthy Affiliate community made it very easy for me to make the best decision of my life. I jumped right in to a yearly plan called Premium. From there my destiny was set.

There are different ways to move into Premium. I like to make my commitments with intent and so the year program fit me best. However, I was happy to note that I could have taken the monthly or the 6-month option if my finances had been different.

Right away, the community embraced me and welcomed me into the fold. Greetings and offers to help me with my questions came from all directions.

Wealthy Affiliate is a world renowned platform for people seeking success in Affiliate Marketing. I have met some very wonderful new friends from places like Australia, New Zealand, London, France, and the US. They are all available to me for conversation on the Chat feature within Wealthy Affiliate.

Yes, at 4 months I am worn down, but I am also excited and exhilarated with the prospects of where I am headed and how quickly I am getting there. I made the right decision.


I knew it was time to recharge. A few days sitting in the RV and a barbecue or two with family and friends put my mind in a different place. Although, working on my Super Affiliate Challenge was racing through my mind while I was kicking back in the RV.

Just those few moments in the fresh air, laughing and playing got my energy back and flowing; so today, I am ready to "kick butt" and move on down the road again.


What have I learned outside of the Wealthy Affiliate course training? From my community, I have learned that we all hit the wall from time to time. I have also learned the Slow and Steady concept though I can't always keep that pace. Focus is my top priority since I am one of those who are always chasing the shiny object on the other side of the fence.

Most of all, I have learned that I am on the road to success and financial gain simply by being here with Wealthy Affiliate and my new community. I expect to be talking about my milestones along the way. I know I will be sharing my success stories as they come. I also know that I have greater self-confidence and a stronger belief in who I am and what I can accomplish.

There are some lessons I learned in the past that I have been called out on. What we think is what we get - good or bad. Positive thoughts bring positive results. So today, I am Happy. Today I am Grateful. Today I am Having the Best Day Ever. Thanks to my community and Wealthy Affiliate, I am creating the world I dream of and making it a reality.

If any of you reading this today are feeling overwhelmed right now in your journey, just take a short break and recharge. You deserve it. You can do this. How do I know? Because I am doing it and if I can do it, so can you!


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CandP Premium
Re-charge your batteries, Linda and we will see you over the rainbow!
All the best,
C & P
LKick Premium
And I have so many rainbows here in Kansas! Thanks for the good wishes. Linda
Pastordna Premium
Thanks for that Linda.
I think we all needed this recharging one way or the other each day.
LKick Premium
What ever you need to do, it makes such a difference in my attitude. Don't cheat yourself out of your time either. We all need it, just like you said. Linda
LLettau1 Premium
Linda good advice as we all need to recharge from tine to time. May your week ahead be prosperous.
LKick Premium
Larry, I have found that my little break made a huge difference in my thought process. This morning I took time to plant some dill seeds and get it all watered. That is the most refreshing thing I can do is grow things in the dirt!. Thanks for the good wishes. You too, ok! Linda
WMarshall1 Premium
Hi Linda. What a great inspirational post. You are right we all need breaks. Like u I fall asleep thinking of WA and wake the same way. I have a note bad by the bed so I can write out quick thoughts I know I will forget. Can't wait to hear more of your journey.
LKick Premium
You are awesome. I don't have a note pad by the bed, but think that is a great idea. Hang with me and we will support each other. Thanks for the great idea. Linda
WMarshall1 Premium
Linda I am right here, we will grow together! All the best!
EOPolini Premium
Hi Linda, great post, I could fill your energy. Definitely strive for a steady pace you can handle, stay focused, and allow yourself to recharge at least once every week. God bless!
LKick Premium
I've set myself a schedule now and will take some time each morning to enjoy this beautiful sunshine and dig a bit in the dirt. Thanks!
EOPolini Premium