One Year In quit my day job!

Last Update: March 03, 2017

Well, just got my notification from WA that I have been here for one year. What a year it has been!

The last 5 months has been profitable for me to the point I actually quit my part time job and am now pretty much full time online apart from a few private students which I actually want to hang onto because they get me away from my computer which I think is healthy. This has been really fantastic and I just love being my own boss.

But, I am far from being 'wealthy' from my website, and in some ways I actually feel this is just the beginning of much bigger things. For example, there are new websites I want to make in new niches, as well as my own products that are information based that I want to create. I am in the process of creating one now actually and it feels exciting.

Although everyone who starts an online business is striving for that 'laptop lifestyle' due to the perceived 'easiness' of working from home, it is actually not as easy as it seems. You've got to have real discipline and routine when approaching your website and I will admit that staying consistent is still one of my biggest challenges.

It also feels as if the work is never done and can be hard to let go and spend some quality time with family and friends. This is crazy because the whole idea of living the laptop lifestyle is to get some time back- not to be less present to those around you. I am constantly assaulted by new inspiring ideas and I find it hard to relax sometimes because I just want to go and execute what I am thinking about.

It is also hard to avoid 'shiny new object syndrome' in that once your radar is set on having a successful online business, suddenly you see new tools and webinars and courses that you want to take because you think it will get you that little bit more ahead. But the truth is, if you keep taking course after course and looking at shiny new digital toy after shiny new digital toy it can be very distracting and you end up not actually doing much with the time that you have. So once again, balance is key.

There is also a certain anxiety that comes with fluctuating income where one month thousands of dollars come in, and the next maybe only $900 comes in. So, I will say, that if I did not already have assets behind me and a partner who works full time, I would not have so readily quit my day job. But I will also say, that I am in a pretty obscure niche which has quite a select audience. Sometimes being in a competitive niche is better because there are more opportunities to make money. But my first niche is just the niche I had to get out of my system haha!

But, apart from all this, I still LOVE that I am in this online biz and I cannot imagine going back to another job or even starting a brick and mortar business ever again. I love the creative freedom of working from my laptop and there really is no looking back now.

I know I don't check into he community much, but just wanted to update anyone who was interested-especially those who are new the WA. I know when I started I was really wanting to read blog posts of those who were further ahead than me and see if they were having success and whether or not all the work I was putting in at the beginning was really worth it.

But I can tell you, the work really is worth it and I think the most important thing is just consistency and following the training that WA offers and trust that this is the best platform to learn from in terms of having a blog that google likes which means more $$ for you. :)

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NWTDennis Premium
Congratulations on making the big leap. It probably created some anxious moments at first. Is your online business success to date sustainable enough that you no longer experience the anxiety created by making the leap?

Hopefully you are there so you can spend some quality time with family and friends. I hope you are enjoying being the boss.
LizHennessy Premium
Thanks Dennis-I can tell you I still have anxious moments on a weekly basis! But I am starting to realise that is just the nature of business and I have to find a way to manage my doubts and fears and ride the wave and keep having faith-and keep showing up!
Laraby Premium
Liz, thanks for the motivation. I just finished reading all your posts, from your initial excitement wearing off in your first post up to today. You've gotten it started...which is what we're all after.
I'm curious about how your online work formula worked out. Were you able to stay with it for a while? For myself, I know the shiny new things you talked about in one of your posts - it's easy to get distracted.
Keep on keeping on.
LizHennessy Premium
Hey Laraby. Thanks for your comment. Haha yes the online work formula worked for a while, but then I got off course and distracted again, but now I find myself gravitating back to it. Whatever your online work formula is-I think it is mostly about finding some kind of rhythm and then sticking to it for a while and then evaluating the results and if it seems to be producing good things for you, keep doing that! But if not, change it. I think each 'formula' probably needs to be given 3 months of time to test whether the results are positive. :)
DaveSw Premium
It sounds to me that things are progressing nicely for you...Your experiences are not that dissimilar to mine, so I can really relate to your advice...

Hang in there and I am quite sure that you will reach the sky when it comes to this online marketing world. You are already well on your way!

Dave : )
LizHennessy Premium
Thanks Dave! You too! :)
ridesisapis Premium
Nice to read a success story. Quitting your job in under a year is impressive, as are the monthly earnings you refer to.

As your site's obviously working, I'd be intrigued to take a look at it, see if there's anything I can implement on my own. I had a quick look at a couple of other blog posts of yours, but couldn't find a link - would you be able to provide one?
LizHennessy Premium
Hi ridesisapis, I don't think we are allowed to post our website links in the blog, but if you go to my profile page, you can click on the website that I have listed there. Or, if you can't find it, feel free to PM and I will send you the link. However I will say, that most of what you will see on my site is not actually making me money. The money is for the most part coming from the review blog posts and my email list. Thanks for reading!
tonlip1 Premium
Congratulations on being able to leave your job! It's certainly a balance working online as you stated the whole idea is to spend more time with your family, not less. I still have a day job and usually work on my online business at night after everyone goes to bed. I'd rather sacrifice a few hours of sleep than time with my family. My goal is to eventually be online full-time so I will be able to spend even more time with them. I know it can happen with hard work and dedication.
LizHennessy Premium
Thanks tonlip1. Looks like you have your priorities right! Family needs to come first but it is also a delicate balancing act isn't it! Stay focused. :)