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It's been a while since I have blogged and the truth of the reason behind that is becasue I have been going in way too many directions at once. I have started new websites only to realise there is no way I can run all of them at once with the time that I have. I have the typical entrepreneurial disease-too many ideas and passions and shiny object syndrome. On top of that-I have a feeling of financial pressure which is also part of the problem of being focused. I keep looking for a 'better' opti
So, I want to keep updating people on my progress, because I keep getting congrats on the whole quitting my day job thing and giving people hope. But, I want people to also understand it is not all smooth sailing. I just went 30 days straight without making a sale..I logged in today to find I finally made another two sales over night to my relief. I am glad I am into the info products because the commissions are much higher. But the last 30 days have felt pretty rough with a lot of self doubt a
Well, just got my notification from WA that I have been here for one year. What a year it has been!The last 5 months has been profitable for me to the point I actually quit my part time job and am now pretty much full time online apart from a few private students which I actually want to hang onto because they get me away from my computer which I think is healthy. This has been really fantastic and I just love being my own boss.But, I am far from being 'wealthy' from my website, and in some way
Thought it was about time I update my blog! I have noticed my rankings have dropped quite a bit because I have not been as active in the WA community-but that is because I have been so focused on my site and getting an email list happening.This is what I have been doing lately:Creating lead magnets for list building.Learning how to work out Lead Pages for my optin tool.Took some further affiliate marketing training from another site to deepen my knowledge. I probably could have gotten the extr
June 27, 2016
Quick update-made my second sale today-this one was from clickbank for $21. I made it through the email list that I have begun to build in the last couple of weeks. Starting to feel a little momentum build and I am excited. Finally some confirmation that what I am doing is starting to work! I have barely scratched the surface of all the things I want to do with this website.Just wanted to provide another small success story for anyone who is wondering if they will ever make money doing this. I
Hi all! Thought I should check in and update my progress. My rankings have been slipping i have noticed, and it is actually because I have been so busy on my site mostly with building an email list. Yes! I have begun the list building process by offering a free thing in return for people's email address.So far it has been working a treat and I have been getting one sign up a day through free advertising in social media. Google Plus has bought me the most traffic for this whenever I post in a pa
I really wanted to tell you guys this yesterday but I had already put out a blog post on WA and as I have not been a premium member for longer than 3 months I am only allowed to blog once per day. Soooooo, anyway!!! First financial milestone achieved! Yesterday was a good day in that I also found out one of my other posts is in postion 1 page 1 in google for its keywords. Feeling pretty stoked right now.
Just wanted to share that the first blog post I ever wrote on my website 2 and a half months ago has just hit page 1 in position 1 in google for its keywords! I checked it in Jaaxy and checked it incognito and there it was! Finally something encouraging for all my efforts. Now, how do I keep it there??
April 25, 2016
I have just finished the initial training here at WA (the online entrepreneur certification), and I am feeling pretty relieved! Obviously this is really only the beginning, but what a great start. 3 of my keywords are ranking-not on the first page, but within the first 5-9 pages. Not amazing but at least they are there. Alexa Ranking.My Alexa ranking was at 16,243,052 initially and has now jumped to 11,595,871. One of the top sites in my niche sits at around 60,000. So obviously a big gap, but
April 15, 2016
Well, I am amazed it has only been one month since I have joined wealthy affiliate-it actually feels like at least two. I think this is because I have pretty much not missed a day where I didn't do something for my blog, or do some training or write comments for other people's websites, or just read other people's blog here. I am a little over half way through the initial 6 part course.I have done a fair bit I think, but thought I would have at least finished the 6 part course by now. This is