What A Year Can Do: 2017 $374 vs 2018 $3,870 Black Friday Results

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Hello WA Warriors!

I hope this is a much brighter and motivating post today!

I wanted to show you what my Black Friday results are this year compared to last year so you can see what a year's worth of work can do.

Of course, my results are definitely not to boast about compared to other Super Affiliates but from where I'm sitting it's a pretty good increase from last year, even though I hoped I had more. Lol

Don't we always want more? :)

In 2017, my Black Friday results could be counted on ONE hand, I had 3 sales, totaling $374.

In 2018, my Black Friday results needed more hands and feet than I have to count them all, I have 31 sales, totaling $3,870 (updated final number).

So, my income for this event increased almost 10x from one year's worth of work!

Why Did My Black Friday Sales Increased So Much From Last Year?

If you have gone through my "Littlemama's Road To Vegas Training Series", you'll know that last year was when I started putting in a lot of work in the beginning of my 2nd year here.

All that work, writing all those hundreds of reviews, resulted in crazy results in 2018, all the referrals I got this year can't even compare to last, it's like 5400 referrals vs 300 referrals, respectively.

People always wonder how I got all my traffic and results, and it's because of writing TONS of product reviews. This is exactly what is taught in the Affiliate Bootcamp and what I show you how to do in detail in my training series.

So, even though in my last post I pointed out my numbers weren't doing as well, I was not worried about this Black Friday because majority of the work has already been done.

What I was worrying about was my future because this is how this online business works, you don't get paid for the work you do today but for the work you did building up to it (however long that may be).

This year, not as worried about Black Friday because I already have over 5,000 referrals inside WA and I already know WA has a great sales funnel for Black Friday, and I already have a large email list so all I had to do was do some email marketing and write about it on my site.

One Email Really Caught People's Attention

Instead of continuously emailing people about the same Black Friday offer, one of my emails was actually TEACHING people how to earn $130 per sale.

The open rate was better than all the other Black Friday emails and the "clicked" rate was huge:

This goes to show if you are HELPFUL and provide VALUE, results happen.

Is It Worth Going Yearly?

Ummmm, YES!

You have absolutely everything to gain by going Yearly because it takes that annoying recurring payment off your mind so you can full focus on what's important, which is to learn this stuff and do the work.

You still have a little over 24 hours as of this post to take the plunge, so are you going to do it?

For those of you who have gone Yearly, don't let it sit there. Make the BEST year ever and the results will show.

Small actions each day make big, huge results in the future. This goes for anything in life. The trick is making the right small actions like working on your online business that moves you towards your big goals, instead of wasting time on other things or binging on Netflix.

Success can be reached by each of you!



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Grace, great job! I took advantage of the Black Friday, and I won’t have to make a payment until May 2020! YEAH!
I’m so e cited for your success!

I’m right behind you!


Hi Cora, yes I saw that, that's so awesome you locked into the lowest rate possible! Now you can really concentrate on your online business for the next year and half.

Very cool and I wish you much success!

Grace, thank you so much! I just wondered which email responder do you use?

You are amazing!

Go head gf!!! I affectionaly call you Lilmama lolll. I was talking to my wife as I was opening up WA and saw your post. I had introduced her to your work before. I paused her and said take a look at this...

I told her I was glad I was sitting down. But then I had to get up and move around. I told her that I don 't know what to do with myself for the rest of the night lolll.

Great job my friend!!! Many continued blessings to you . Thanks for the update. I am shooting for the stars!!!!

Hi Cedric! Your message was so funny to me because of your excitement! I love it! Thanks for sharing that with me. Keep that feeling and feel that excitement everyday as you work on your online business.

I wish you much luck and much success!

Hey Grace,
I will go yearly just as soon as I can!!! I was hoping for the Black Friday deal but funds aren't there. But as soon as they are then I will. I'm starting my 2nd year now so watch out!!

Tried and True


That's great to hear Elaine! You will do well in your 2nd year I'm sure! Wish you much success. :)


You ROCK!!! Awesome! Such an inspiration!!!

Hi Beth, thank you so much! Grateful to inspire! :)

Congrats Grace!! After reading your post, I went to check my stats. Damn, I got 55 BF sales so far!! I’m surprised also😲

Nice!!! Bang bang!!!!

Yeah I knew you would have more, your conversion rate is always better than anyone I’ve seen!! Congrats Jerry!!! Enjoy it!!

Haha thanks!

Wow! ... hey that's super build-up! ... thanks kindly for your usual generous sharing & posting, all the best, cheerio ...🎈

Thanks Keisha! Appreciate your kind words! :)

Hello Grace, i am really inspired as always... you are indeed my greatest motivation. I wanted to upgrade for the black Friday Offer but i am unstable to do that so i will have to go yearly again in march.

I'm so happy to share with you and motivate you this way. Yeah, you're already Yearly, so it's cool. $60 in the big scheme of things is not that much when you are already saving a lot with the $359 price. It's really a steal! :)

I wish you so much success in 2019!

Congrats Grace, you did it!

Thanks so much Tom, really appreciate you stopping by! :)

You're very welcome Grace Littlemama!


People really like to call me Littlemama, I'm branding that in my stuff next year.

Congratulations on your Black Friday sales that is great.
I am so happy that you have shared this with us letting us
know what is possible if only you are willing to work for it.
I knew this year things were not going to be easy for me
but I did throw it out there on my Social Media links.
No Premiums yet but had two people sign up as free members
one on the 24th and one on the 25th so keeping my fingers
crossed maybe one will see the light :)
Thank you as always for such inspiration and yes I am going
to work hard all of 2019 to make it for Black Friday next year :)

Hi Susan,

First of all thank you so much!

That is great to hear about your new referrals. It is about getting out there and being in front of people at times like this if you don't have organic traffic working for you yet.

I had my first sale in my 2nd month here from Twitter because I was chatting with people on there, so social media works but it's a lot of getting in front of people.

Try also Facebook Groups, go in there with the intention of helping and people will then follow you or ask you questions, etc which you can lead them here to WA.

I hope to do more of that in 2019 as well to get more reach. There are a few avenues I need to try in the next year to really kick it up a notch but this is how it's done. You do one thing first (like I did SEO), then you can try other stuff and master other traffic sources.

It's a long learning process and there is SO MUCH to learn out there. Learning SEO is one of the big ones to master and one of the most lucrative so having this in your back pocket is always a good thing.

Best to you!

Thank you for this extra tip I am working SEO as
much as possible if I notice a post has not been
indexed at the end of a week I redo the meta
description and keywords because sometimes I
mix the keywords up a do not use the right one first
amazing that a little thing like that can affect things.

Hi Susan, you're welcome! :)

If it's not indexed? Do you use Fetch as Google in Search Console? I use this for every new post I publish.

If not, you should check how to do that, just search it in the WA search bar. :)

Thank you for your inspiring post. Congratulations on your success!

You're so welcome and thank you for your support!

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