My 2nd Vegas Experience: Just As Cool As The 1st

Last Update: February 24, 2020

Hello WA Warriors!

I'm finally back home from my long week in Las Vegas and what a week I had! It's long when you've been in Vegas for 7 days, I don't think I've ever been there that long at one time. Lol

I had 2 conferences to attend: 1) Wealthy Affiliate's Super Affiliate Conference & 2) 10X Growth Conference

I'm totally charged up from the two conferences and I have so many things I want to get done because of them!

Not only I learned so much from WA's conference, but that 10X Growth Conference was pretty inspiring to hear from so many successful people.

All I know is that there is A LOT OF MONEY TO BE MADE out there and I can't wait to make more of it in 2020!! LOL

And WA is going to help YOU.

There will be some major things happening here at WA and I KNOW you guys are going to love ithem!

Being there for the 2nd time, I was excited to see who the new Super Affiliates were and not have to be nervous about being the newbie. Lol

Unfortunately, there were no other FEMALE Super Affiliates AGAIN.

Come on, Ladies.... YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT THIS YEAR!!! ;)

There were 13 attending this year, and no, not everyone was in that picture cuz this was just an impromptu pic but I'm showing this one cuz I just really seem to stand out in this photo. Lol

All these Super Affiliates are great guys who show that determination and hard work can, not only, make you the money you want, but also, make you great friends and connections.

Although, only one Super Affiliate put down the seat for me in the powder room (Thanks Tim!). lol

This year I was able to have a little more fun and relaxed time there. It's always a fun time to talk shop with everyone and get into what their strategies are.

Kyle & Carson were as amazing as they usually are. Not to be a suck up or anything, but they truly care about you, no matter who you are, and always tries to make things "GOOD" for you.

Whether I need help with a referral, or making last minute changes, they are there for you and make sure they can do all they can to make your requests happen.

Every little detail is planned to show us the best time there and yes the FOOD did not disappoint!

If you see the header image, you'll see a black round thing with WA's logo on it, in front of the hot sauce bottle, can you tell what that is?

Some guys held it in one hand and tried to unscrew it up open with the other hand but they couldn't do it cuz it's a PUCK!


I'm Canadian, so I knew what that was right away.

The big event this year was going to the Las Vegas Golden Knights game and we had incredible 1st level seats!

It's been awhile since I've been at a hockey game but dang, Vegas does it 10X! Lol I've never seen cheerleaders at a hockey game before, so that's a new one. They definitely make a "show" out of the hockey games there which makes it fun to watch even if you're not into hockey.

My husband couldn't make it after we booked this trip, but WA was gracious enough to allow me to bring my sister-in-law instead.

Then of course there is steak night which I really look forward to and I had to get what I had last year, my Seafood Trio:

The last night there was about pigging out on 4 types of food stations (Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, and Canadian), drinking all you want, and beating all the guys at pool. ;)

On our last night, we finally took a group photo but missing that one Super Affiliate! What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas (for this one). LOL

It all started with these two guys, Kyle & Carson, the best people you can work with in this industry. (and yay! I finally got a pic with both of them in one photo this time!)

The opportunities that they are giving us this year will really raise our income opportunities and I believe with this implementation, I will easily hit my goals this year.

I'm looking forward to bring new heights in 2020 and giving more value to everyone than ever before.

To all of you who want to succeed with WA's training, whether you are promoting WA or promoting your own niche, one thing I know for sure: there is NO shortcut to success.

It takes consistent small efforts everyday to accumulate to big payouts in the future.

Every single success story I heard this weekend was about the same things:

1) Pick something you're passionate about

2) COMMIT to that passion 100%

3) Work HARD everyday towards your goals

4) Consistency is KEY

5) Get YOU out there (meaning your content in whatever form you feel comfortable in)

6) Success is right next door to Failure

Even the biggest super stars I saw this past weekend at the 10X Growth Conference all had their failures but none of them quit on their dreams because of them.

They all learn from their mistakes and failures and MOVE ON. Don't dwell in what doesn't work, just learn and move on.

Your blog website doesn't have to wait for Google or anyone, you can go out there and get your audience yourself.

Get on social media and spread your message, get heard, get seen.

You don't have to do it all guys, pick 1-3 platforms to concentrate and do it for a full year at full force. You will see a HUGE diference if you work on your online business every single day.

Stop staying comfortable!

Get UNCOMFORTABLE for that's the only way to GROW and EXCEL.

I hope this is helpful to you all and I hope to see many MORE new faces in Vegas 2021!


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Wdcope Premium
Congrats! Sometimes I feel the women concentrate on their specific niches and not the MMO niche. More are successful than we know I am sure in other affiliate programs hosting their blogs and websites here at WA.
I would love to make it some time, yet I will have to concentrate on the MMO niche more.
Perhaps more will be encouraged from the posts right now of those who achieved and enjoyed the fun.
littlemama Premium Plus
Thank you so much! Yeah you’re probably right but I do know some ladies who are gunning for this so you May see more ladies in Vegas 2021 (one was really close last year).

I’m looking forward to you making it too! Yeah lots of effort is needed in this niche so you’ll definitely need the focus.

Wish you mig success!
Zarina Premium Plus
Late to the party, but better late than never! lol

Thanks for sharing your experience and pics, Grace! February is my fav month at WA with all the super affiliates sharing their experience in Vegas lol.

1) Someone shared a puck on IG saying "guess what this is", instantly I thought it was a puck but was wondering why that person asked that question in the first place... 😄 Didn't realize some people might've not guessed it!

(Canadian citizen with Russian roots here... I think it'd be embarrassing for me not to know it was a puck lol)

I remember you saying you live in the states, but didn't know you're Canadian!! EH!?

2) I have a feeling next year there will be at least 3 ladies next year 😁

But it's kinda cool you're the only Super Affiliate haha. I feel the same when I'm in the poker circles, being the only chick who can play poker 😂

3) This part "Work HARD everyday towards your goals" got me giggling like a maniac. Every time, woman!!! 😂 #InsideJoke

I hope to get started with MMO on YouTube, so who knows I might see you next year. It'd be awesome to meet you in person, Grace!
littlemama Premium Plus
Hi Zarina,

Indeed better late than never. :) There's been so many posts so, it's hard to catch everyone.

Yeah so I'm both Canadian and American. :) So are our kids, just my husband is the odd ball being only American. Boooooo lol

Yeah people were trying to unscrew the puck at the meeting so that's why the IG post.

It would be amazing if you can also get Vegas for 2021!! I would love to meet you in person!!

Get to it woman! Work HARD everyday towards your goals!!
Zarina Premium Plus
Yeah, I'm not keeping up with you guys lol. Still trying to get used to YouTube schedule and between that and the Brazil trip, I'm running around like crazy to get all things sorted at home haha.

But yeah, this year I'm itching more than ever to make it to Vegas and meet you all. It's that sort of conference that I would love to be a part of for sure!

See you at the top, Grace!!
littlemama Premium Plus
Awesome Zarina, just get it all done. :)

J-KWest Premium Plus
We'll need to find more time to hang out next year Grace, Vegas goes by so fast and it's over before you know it. Like you, I can't wait for all the new stuff coming (and the income opportunities as too 😃)

Also, I know I've said it before but thanks again for all your help, your Vegas training, for leading by example... you were a big reason why Karen and I were able to join you guys this year.
littlemama Premium Plus
Thanks so much Jay! You have no idea who rewarding it is to see someone I've helped get to VEGAS! Thanks for trusting me and learning from me.

It was indeed SO NICE to meet you in Vegas! Yes we must spend more time next year together. :)

This year is going to be next level! To more $$$$$$!
Natalia777 Premium
Hi, Grace, thank you for this update, it is no doubt great time for all Super Affiliates in Vegas.

I agree with you that, that group of handsome guys needs to be diluted with ladies urgently :)

I will do my best to meet you in Vegas in a couple of years.

Could you please advise what I can do "wake up" my Starter referrals?

I have 50+ and the majority of them didn't even set up their profiles, although I have sent them follow-up messages explaining in detail what and how to do.

I appreciate your feedback.

Best Wishes,
Sie3 Premium
I totally agree with you, Natalie. There is something missing in that group of awesome super affiliates; women :)
I would love to hear what Littlemama has to say about the things that can help us in.
littlemama Premium Plus
Hi Natalia,

Thanks for your comment here! :)

I don't do much more other than doing the Tasks and sending them auto messages.

To solve that problem, I just get more referrals.

I never ask why they don't upgrade or try to talk to them. The platform converts them when they are ready.

You need to worry about before they get here. Something is not connecting from your website to WA, the messaging may not be right and that's why they don't convert when they get here.

I don't just do a "WA Review" - I give them the whole business they'll be building here which is an affiliate marketing business. They need to understand what they'll be doing here and why it would be beneficial for them to upgrade.

So I would revisit your landing page that people are going to and see where the disconnect is, sometimes you also need to test different pages to see what messaging converts the best.

You can PM me if you want me to look at anything.

Natalia777 Premium
I don't have a landing page yet and it seems like I need one.

Is that covered in Bootcamp training (I am currently at the Third Level)?

I only have a WA review where I send all my traffic.

To be honest, the Starter referrals that I have today came as a result of me talking to people on Facebook.

I can see myself now that even if I tried to explain what they will be doing here at WA, it's not quite enough.

I remember how I have been coming to your website, reading your posts and it took me nearly 6 months to sign up to WA as a paid member because I had enough time before to learn what I will be doing here.

The same has to happen to my referrals I guess.
littlemama Premium Plus
Your WA Review is your landing page, any page on your site could be called a landing page. A landing page is just a page people land on either from search or where you want to direct your visitors to. So, no, there isn't a "landing page" training per se in Affiliate Bootcamp, but what you do need in that review is more explanation on what affiliate marketing is and more about the business they will be building.

WA review is great after they know about the business model and that's why on my landing page, I first explain about the business they'll be building what that's all about it, how it works.

Then tell them they can learn how to do all that at WA, then go into the benefits and features of WA.

The other aspect I find is that I need follow up emails - if you don't use an email autoresponder, then you need to at least set up the messages here in WA that goes out automatically. This is where you can build your relationship with your referrals.

I hope this helps,
Kiranoppa Premium
Wow, looks like you had a lot of fun. Well, of course, it's Vegas. I've been to Vegas twice, even got married there. I haven't made it to WA conference, though.

I didn't know only 13 people made it to the Super Affiliate conference! I thought there would be many more people. Like hundreds of people. :D

Well, I would try to join you and bring more female power there, but I'm not in the MMO niche (at least not yet).
littlemama Premium Plus
Yeah we wonder the same thing. There should be hundreds of people but not everyone wants to be in this niche cuz it's super competitive but also, there are more Super Affiliates that didn't attend the conference, but still I don't think there are more than 25 Super Affiliates in total.

I wish you all the best in your online business and have a great year with it in 2020!