Jun'18 Results - $2.9K Woohoo!

Last Update: July 02, 2018

I almost can't believe that number! I've waited so long to see this number!

I had set a goal to hit $2K in 6 months when I started here, so I'm a little late in the game but I made it!!! I have reached that goal!

Here are some quick stats:

* 470+ posts

* 1,968 users/day (new record)

* 37,578 users for June

* 44,290 sessions for June

* email subscribers just under 7,000

June Tip: Niche Related News

Blog about your industry's news, it works for bringing in high traffic. I did that when MOBE got shut down by FTC and I blogged about it even while I was on vacation in Mexico in June.

I had to do it so I can capture that traffic, and it worked! That's how it got my new record of almost 2K users that first day and getting over 30 referrals a day for it.

I've also done this at least a couple of times and each time I did that, my traffic kept higher than before I blogged about the news so it's worth doing this as well as giving you something to blog about.

My Results Don't Dictate YOURS

I sure hope not, I hope you get way faster results and much more than me.

I have said time and time again that there are plenty of members here who make this kind of money way faster (like make $4K in 7 months or $1-2K by 11-12 months) and it all depends on your niche, what keywords you use, and how much you grow your site (how much hard work you put in).

The best advice I can offer you is use keywords with AVG (searches) > 50 and QSR < 50, this makes your posts way easier to rank and the key to getting traffic.

No, you do NOT need 470+ posts to make $2K, I've seen plenty of people making this much with way less posts like in the 60's or 70's so don't freak out and feel that this is any indication that you will have to work sooooo long to hit your goals, but I do.

No, you do NOT need 470+ posts to make it to Vegas in my niche, but I do.

I could only do me, I can't do anyone else, so if it has to take me this long to make this much money, I'm cool with it.

My Last Update

Before I go, I just want to mention that this is my journey that I'm documenting, it's not to show off but to let you know what's possible even for a slow one like me.

It's no secret I don't have the best conversion rate and no I didn't earn a lot in my first year and a half here, but why I still blog about it here is to show members who are still struggling that it's still possible to make a good amount of money if you just keep at it and keep at it hard.

I was notified that maybe I shouldn't share so much of my slow stats but I feel this is the best way for me to give back to the community that provided me with so much inspiration and motivation to keep chugging along until I'm able to blog about my milestones and successes.

Taking a year and a half (back in March for me) to hit 4 digits is reasonable I feel, but that's just me.

This is just ONE case of many successes here and you can gage when you'll be able to do the same.

Everyone's situation is different but if a slow one like me can make it to $2K/month, you can too and gives hope to others.

But anyway, I had earlier decided that this would be my last monthly update until I hit bigger milestones. :)

To those who can benefit from my posts here, I thank you for coming to read them, and I hope it's beneficial to you.

Hopefully I will have bigger news in my next update sometime in the near future.


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PeterJBarban Premium
littlemama Premium Plus
Thank you Peter!
KMcCoy2 Premium
That's awesome Grace! All of your hard work has paid off and you will continue on your journey with new exuberance because of your successes.

Waiting for the next one.

littlemama Premium Plus
Aww, thanks so much Karen! :) Your kind wards warm my heart which was much needed.

You're the best! Can't wait to see your progress & milestones too!
newlive Premium
congrats little mama...I am very happy for you..wishing you well and keep it up!!...
littlemama Premium Plus
Thanks Gus, appreciate your support!!
JerryHuang Premium Plus
Once again, congratulations Grace! You almost hit $2k in May and June almost $3k. Now, this month will be $4k!!
littlemama Premium Plus
Thanks Jerry, we shall see. :) I hope I can do that, would be nice!

Congrats to you too! I wrote on your post too.
StPaul Premium
Wow, Amazing sister really happy for you and waited for your June month stats It's motivating me a lot and I am learning a lot from you. Thanks a lot for sharing ... GOD bless... Wishing you all the very best for VEGAS!
littlemama Premium Plus
Thanks so much Paul! I'm glad you can learn from me, I'm grateful for that. :)

Wish you much success too!